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[color=blue][I]In the deep resesses of space, far away from our known galaxy, there is a planet. A planet like one has never seen. A place where technology is the key to finding eternal happiness. There is no green on this planet know only as "M". Factories which are run by machines. Machines which transport people. The people have only one job, and that is to happy, carefree, with nothing to worry about.

But not all is happy on "M". A cruel dictator runs the lives of the people. And an undiscovered plot to turn all humans into machines to to his bidding.

In the forgoten city of Reknown, lives a teen age girl, Karen. A girl who is bent on finding out the truth. She hears the whispers on the streets of some foul play in the goverenment. And with her friends, she will try to undue the hellish dictator, and restore her family to the throne.[/I]

[b] Requirements[/b]
Side: (either the side of the government or Karen's...and i need someone to be the dictator please!)
Weapons: (advanced technology please)

My character:
Name: Karen
Age: 18
Appearence: long brown hair, and blue eyes. She wears a short pair of blue shorts, and a white tankish-like top. She wears shoes that are equipped with skates, and small rockets.
Bio: Karen's parents where once the King and Queen of "M", until a fierce revolution forced them from the throne. The cruelish dictator forced them to the edge of the planet. All of this happend before Karen was born. Now the family lives in poverty, and as her parents are too weak to fight, Karen takes up the challenge herself. Sitting in the slums she has hear rumors of the dictator wanted to turn all humans into machines to do his bidding. She uses this chance to try to gain back her kindgom, and to protect the people she care so much for.
Weapons: a sword made out of fire steel, which can shoot a blaze of fire from 2 miles away. And a gun, with bullets that can trap a person inside an empty void for eternity.[/color]

Thanks for your help!!!
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Name: Trindibab Drego

Age: 40

Appearence: A man of average build who has grown very attached to his dictator type moustache. When in public Trindibab is seen wearing his military uniform which is in urban camoflauge to blend in with his surroundings. He also has a monicale which is worn on his left eye.

Bio: Born into poverty Trindibab Drego had thoughts in his head from an early age of hatred and disgust for the Royal Family. he spent the rest of his childhood training with the military. At the age of twenty the chancecame to take over the planet (becoming a tyranical dictator in the process).

Since his takeover of the planet "M" Trindibab has come up with many cruel and misleading schemes. His latest one involes getting rid of the people instead replacing them with robots as is the norm.

Position: Tyranical Dictator

Weapons: Walking stick that contains a gun to shot opponents with. Has bullets that hit people with the force of a lightning bolt and a SMG with flesh reaper bullets.

PS hope this is ok please PM me if you have any concerns.
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