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Art Help me tweak my "banners" ?


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[COLOR=firebrick]I can't get my head around how to fix this "banner" I'm making.



Is the green one better, or the "pinkish" one ?
What color do I have to use to get the text more visible ?
Should I lose the shadow ?
Do I include my name at the bottom ?
Is the "Poetryesque writings" slightly out of place, does it need shifting in some direction ?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=darkblue]I'm using it for MyOtaku, so don't worry about the size-limit.
Any and all help is appreciated !

- Mimmi[/COLOR]
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1.The pinky one. I think the pink shows up better.
2. for the text, I would suggest something like a dark blue or something dark.
3. I would loose teh text shadow. Not the shadow/transparency of the actual picture.
4. No name
5. I think it would look cool kind of towards the bottom right.

I really like it! simple and classy. ^__^

P.S. you banner in your sig. . . . Do you know the name of that song???? I NEED to know. I've been tryin to download it for forever and a day.
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[COLOR=firebrick]Thankyou for the suggestions, they will help a lot : )

I figured I would have to lose the shadowing of the text *lol*
But you suggest that I move it [size=1](the text)[/size] ?.... hmm, must see what that looks like *shuffles away*

- Mimmi[/COLOR]

[size=1]PS: the song is [i]"I want you to want me"[/i][b] by Letters to Cleo[/b][/size]

Edit: well, I managed to lose the original one (without the text) and I have no idea how I ended up with the result I have.... if only I could figure out how to get the text out...help ?
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[size=1][color=chocolate]I like the pink one much better. (looks a little more purple to me) It looks in my opinion much more appealing then the green one. I would change the fnt color from black to, to a lighter color. But keep the black border. That looks very good.[/size][/color]
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:sweat: [COLOR=firebrick] How incredibly embarrassing... I didn't notice your post Inuluvr1
[color=darkblue][insert extensive apologetic bows here][/color]
Thankyou for the suggestions, I'm [i]still[/i] working on that particular banner. ^_^

Here are some others. I've posted them at MyO but I guess it won't hurt to put them up there.
Feel free to comment.[size=1] They're saved as jpg, so I guess they come off a bit grainy *grumbles*[/size][/COLOR]





Suggestions are welcomed [size=1](now that I've learned how to go back and fix things *wink*)[/size]

- Mimmi[/COLOR]
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