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Story recap first: [i]Many thousands of years ago, creatures such as dragons, phenoixes, etc. existed. Some were feared, some were ignored, and some were revered. But they all existed. Unfortunately, they soon ceased to exist. As time passed, memories of them became stories, and stories became legends. None today believe in them, except for a select few who know the truth.
These few, though human, are different from other humans. Each one has the essence of one of the creatures inside of him or her. The essences are a part of them. One with an essence is able to become the creature of that essence. These people must join forces and uncover the source of a recent disturbance that threatens all life on Earth[/i]

A list of users, the characters of those users, and the creature that each character can become:

Anyu WhiteWolf-Zemiah-Dragon
Anime Otaku-Tyros-Griffin
Rokas-Rokas-Iron Wolf

Oh, I forgot two things. One is that this story starts on December 21st, 2012. The other is that our characters all know each other.

And now, we begin.


(Seuneu sits at his computer. As a computer expert, there's really not much he can't do with a computer. Currently, he has hacked into the FBI's network, and is looking at highly classified reports of strange occurances, such as people seing an area seem to waver, or someone opening a door and winfing up in a different state)

Seuneu: (Thinking) Those idiots don't realize what's going on. They know something strange is happening, but they still don't think that these things are possible. But I think that they are. After all, they'd call me impossible. I'd better tell the others. (He exits the FBI network. He writes an e-mail message to the others, telling them to come to his house immedeatly) (still thinking) They'd better get here soon.


OOC: In your opening post, please have your character recieve the e-mail message from Seuneu.
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Tyros is in his room watching TV, when suddenly he hears a sound from his computer

"Whats this?, oh, an email from Seuneu, lets see what he wants now....."
Tyros reads the messege and frawns
"I swear that guy calls us over over every little pointless thing, probably another psyco sighting or something like that, *sigh*, better get going"

Tyros gets dressed and goes out heading towards Seune's house....
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Zemiah walked into her room. She couldn't stay out there, downstairs. Her step-father was once again yelling at her mother for a very little thing. She uploaded her computer and heard the little "ding, dingy, ding," noise that meant she had e-mail. Her user name was Kuriah_LoneWolf_Mihyotto. She clicked on her name and opened her e-mail. She read it. "Once again, this guy, What's his name? Oh Seuneu.*sighs* What now?"
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[color=sienna][font=comic sans ms][b][i] "How did the Aztec miths helped Christopher Columbus?" Rokas eyed the question on his sheet, then looked back at the screen, quite a fair bit of the essay done. Now just to say something about indians believing that some bearded white man is a white snake with an unpronauncible name, and the conquistador exploiting those believes. Then again there was a possibility that Columbus actualy was a white snake attracted by some magical force to travel across the ocean to his mithical home. Ofcourse writing that on an essay would probably mean a straightjacket for a mark. The boy minimized the window of word processor and turned on the internet browser. He'll have a look at someone elses work on some website or something.
A new e-mail message was waiting for him, he read it through, quit the browser and saved his essay work-it can wait. His parents were gone for some shoping for Christmas, he didn't go as he was doing his essay, there would be some explaining to do if they didn't find him when they got back. Oh well, at least he had somewhere to actualy be gone to.
Rokas had traveled, probably as much as that Columbus he was writing about, and if his lile hypothsis was right then they had more in common then that. From the town with Iron wolf's story, somewhere in center of the europe to this country and then to this place and this house. The memory of that time when the whole family sat down in front of a map with some spots marked black , showing the places where they can buy houses. Rokas then instinctively pointed to the spot which represented the house they were living in now. Maybe it was Seuneu somehow magicaly calling him and maybe Cristopher Columbus did turn into a white snake.
As he grabbed his jacket, he noticed the portable webcam "3 hours of storable video". Rokas grabbed the camera and placed in to his inside pocket not actualy knowing why. After locking the door from outside, he buttoned up his jacket. It was winter after all. [/b][/i][/color][/font]
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[b][size=1]Tsuni was laying on her bed. She had had one ruff day of school. Breaking up a fight and half way being blamed for it... Did those teachers actually believe what those bumbs said. She pushed herself up and sat cross-legged on the bed. She smiled to herself,, not suring why, like always. She glanced out the window and saw her Uncle's car pulling in. Her Uncle stepped out of the fore escape and took a large swig of some kind of beer.

Tsuni knew that when he was drunk, she was beat, but usually she escaped from the beatings... Tsuni smiled as she heard beeping on her computer screen.
"Step 1. Check mail. Step 2. Leave house." Tsuni said to herself as she opened up her email account. She skimmed the message from Seuneu. She smiled again and walked open to the open window as she heard the loud stomps of her drunk uncle marching up the stair.

"Heh... Catch me if ya' can..." She smirked and then she felt her body grow warm. Her bones started to reposition themselves and her skin started to change. Before long Tsuni had transformed into a medium sized griffin. She lept out the window and flew up into the clouds so that no one would see her. She flew for about 5 minuets before she peeked threw the clouds and spotted Seuneu's house and came in landing on a tree where she transformed back to her normal self.

His window was opened, it was on the first floor so she jumped in and saw Seuneu sitting at his computer like always.
"You call?" She asked with a cocky smile.[/b][/size]
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"Do you know what I had to do to get HERE!!!???" Zemiah yelled showing the wierd girl in the window and Seuneu the red mark fadding from her skin and the blood drenched cuts on her arm, "Funny thing though. It didn't hurt. It never really hurt me ever. Nothing has.". "Uh..." the girl began to say, "Save it!" Zemiah yelled, "I'm only here to hear whay Seuneu has to say then i'm outta here!". Zemiah walked over to the computer chair and sat down. She glared at Seuneu, giving him the cue to begin speaking. "When the others come." Was all Seuneu said. Zemiah grunted and said, "Baka..." under her breath.
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Tyros entered the room, he saw Seuneu sitting next to the computer, Zemiah next to him(who looked a bit pissed for some reason) and Tsuni standing next to the window

"Ok im here, whats the big situation, and it better not be another false call like those last 3.
Im starting to think youre being paranoid Seuneu...."

Seuneu smiled and turned to face Tyros
"Everything will be explained when the others get here, and no im not being "paranoid" as you think"

Tyros gave a slight frown and sat on the bed across the computer, stared around and asked
"So, whats up anyway?"
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[size=1][color=999999][i]Trina heard her uncle's stomping towards her young sister's room. She breathed in and out deeply as he walked towards there, but she knew Tsuni had left. She heard a door slam open and a louder stompings. She then heard him stomp back downstairs. She was in her room listening to music writing in her journal.

Suddenly, the stomping came to her door. Trina quickly hid her journal and sat relaxed reading a book. Her door was slammed open and her uncle stormed in. He placed his liqour on a table nearby and he tore the book from her hands. She looked up at him glaring eyes.[/i]

"Yes?" [i]Came the single word from her mouth.[/i]

"Where the hell is your sister? Don't lie to me. You know what happens when you do." [i]He threatened to Trina who disliked her uncle with a strong passion.[/i]

"What? You're going to smack me around and then rape me? Please. Been there, done that." [i]Trina mouthed off to him and took back her book.[/i]

"You better watch that mouth of yours." [i]Her uncle screamed at her.[/i]

"You'd better watch where you point that finger. You never know where it might end up."

[i]Her uncle straightened up and began to take off his belt.[/i] "Is that a threat from your mouth? That's it. Since your sister's not here, I'm taking my anger out on you." [i]He tried to grab her, but Trina smacked his hand away.[/i]

"Get up. I said, GET UP!" [i]He began to get hysterical.[/i]

"And if I don't? You'll rape me? I'd like to see you try. And I'm not going to let you touch my sister. You better back off." [i]Trina stood and looked into her uncle's eyes. He turned around and left.[/i] "Good, you'd better run."

[i]Trina sat at her computer and checked her mail. An e-mail from Seuneu had arrived. She smiled and was glad to hear from a friend. She looked at it and her expression was now ecstatic. She exited out from the internet and turned her computer off.

She grabbed a black and silver JanSport backpack and put in clothes. She then grabbed her dual fans as well, as well as her katana. She then left her room. She passed her uncle and left out the door.

As Trina left the house, she stepped into her car and drove to Seuneu's house. She soon came across it and parked. She walked up to the house and walked to the side of the house and climbed up the gate and pushed herself onto the ledge and she threw herself into Seuneu's room. There she found her sister and another. She looked to Tsuni.[/i]

"He was looking for you. Good thing I covered for you." [/size][/color]
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Arika [/i]
[B][size=1][color=999999][i]You'll rape me? [/i]

As Trina left the house, she stepped into her car and drove to Seuneu's house. [/size][/color] [/B][/QUOTE] [color=sienna][font=comic sans ms][b][i]OOC: o.O; hhmmmhhh.... adult[-ish] content

[center]* * *[/center]
He turned the corner and saw Seuneu's house. It took longer to get there than he expected. Everyone else was probably there. If they checked theyr e-mail boxes that is. Well there was only one way to find out.

"Hello? Anybody's home?" He wondered for a moment if he should take his shoes off inside the house, but then turned towards where he knew was Seuneu's room, with them on. He opened the door to see a group of familiar, anxcious faces. "sorry I'm late, heh. So, what's up? [/color][/font][/b][/i]
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Seuneu: There?s been a recent surge in strange sightings and occurrences.

Tyros: I knew it. What is it now? Aliens in the White House? The Eiffel Tower turned blue?

Seuneu: No, but someone entered the White House and found himself in the Eiffel Tower. There?ve been quite a few occurances like that, and also several people have seen the air in front of them seem to shimmer and ripple. A few even claim to have seen a landscape of some kind through the shimmering and rippling.

Zemiah: We?ve been through this before, Seuneu. We investigate, and we find nothing.

Seuneu: But this time, we know more that just where to look. We also know when. See, three days ago, at 4:30 p.m., there was a wave of sightings. Five minutes later, they stopped. The next day, the exact same number of sightings was reported. They were in the exact same plases, and at the exact same time. the same thing happened yesterday, and the same thing should happen today. (He looks at a clock) It?s 3:55 now. One of the areas is at the park, by the bathrooms. We can easily get there by 4:30. You can come with me if you want, or you can go home. I?m going to the park no matter what you think. So, who?s comming with me?
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[size=1][color=999999][i]Trina looked to her ister, Tsuni, and nodded. She and her sister were going. If there was adventure she was there. She stood with her sister and looked to the others.[/i]

"I'm going. Anything beats staying here with that drunk bastard." [i]Trina was about to speak when she heard a rustle in her car. She walked to the window and looked to it. It was her dog. He had stowed away in the car. She smiled and shook her ehad.[/i] "Looks like we have company. Diablo's going with us, as well."

[i]Tsuni began to alugh as did Trina. It was quite a laugh to know that Diablo had stowed away...yet again.[/size][/color]
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[color=sienna][font=comic sans ms][b][i] He considered it for a moment, it was not as if that trip could change his life, they would just hopefuly see something cool. the only problem was his parents, they should be back soon and he wanted to be there when they did. Not that anything would happen to him if his parents don't find him when they are back, he simply wanted to be the first to rummage through the stuff they bought. However this wierd stuff seemed to be a much better adventure than getting more chocolates than his sis.

"I'll go"[/color][/font][/b][/i]
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Seuneu: Then it's settled. We're all going. Let's go.

Rokas: How do we get there?

Seuneu: My parents are out. They aren't here to complain if we take the pickup, and I know where they hid the keys. Meet me in the garage. Zemiah, we'll see you at the park. Don't be late. (He goes into the bathroom and lifts the toilet seat. The keys are under it. He takes them and goes to the garage, where the others aare already in the back of the pickup. He gets in the driver's seat, turns the pickup on, pulls out of the garrage, and heads towards the park)
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