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Setting: Future. Space ships and hover cars are not yet in existance, but new cars that excell to 250 miles an hour on average. The world is somewhat like it is today, except slightly more tropical and technological. (kinda like a Final Fantasy setting) There are 2 suns and a moon that stays directly up, no matter what time it is or where you are.

It's been years since the world's electricity finally dissolved. About eighty years ago, the nations of the world launched a giant satelite with enourmus solar pannels, in an attempt to find another suitable power source. It worked, but Solar energy produced 25% less power than electricity did. Many devices that had once thrived on electricity have been sold for scrap metal. Electricity itself has been sapped of the Earth and has not been seen.

Just recently, a Coorpiration known as Milrad, has launched a solar satellite that covered almost a fith of the sun. There was a big celebration, and more sattelites than ever have been launched by Milrad. There is a sence of panic, though, for the sun that was said to be an unextinguishable source of energy, has gotten dimmer.

More meteorites have been crashing on earth than ever before, and ecological disasters are more and more frequent. Milrad has denied any possibility of the sun's influence on these things.

(I know it sounds boring, but bare with me, this one's gonna be good)

Spells (max 3)
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_Name: Thgil Sratseht
_Age: 18
_Gender: Female
_Bio: Thgil was as happier than any girl on earth. She had loving parents, and although her grandparents on her mom's side were dead and the ones on her dad's side moved away because they were ashamed their son married Thgil's mom, her great-grandma was always there. Even though Thgil lived in the projects in the city she would give Thgil toys and take her to the zoo, and everything. But then things went wrong. Thgil didn't know about the power crisis then, but later she found out why her dad had come home from the powerplant so sad, and later she learned what her dad said about being "fired" meant. After that, he acted angry and you could set him off faster than a firecracker, everynight he and Thgil's mom would fight and Thgil's mom would run to her room crying and lock the door. When Thgil made him mad, her dad would hit or kick her. And sometimes he would come home from a bar drunk and start shooting randomly upward as he chased Thgil and her mom around the house. But it kept getting worse. When Thgil was about four, her mother died of a terrible fever. Her dad became more and more angry and would hit Thgil more and more. When her dad was killed in a shoot out between him and the police (he was resisting arrest for child abuse), Thgil went to live with her great-grandma.

The night she arrived at her great-grandma's house, she went straight to her room, threw her bag down in the closet, and flopped onto the bed. Her dad had always told her that she was old enough not to cry, and she had done a pretty good job of that so far, but she couldn't hold it in this time. She cried herself to sleep. The next few years she kept herself locked in her room, only coming out in the middle of the night for meals. Her great-grandma was understandingand never forced Thgil from her room, even though she had a key. Finally, on a thundering Saturday night, the eight-year-old Thgil came down from her room and snuggled up close with her great-grandma. This was the night that her great-grandmother gave her two necklaces, one tan and one red, with ancient writing no one accept her family remembers. Her great-grandmother also taught her the spells that these necklaces' magic can do over the next few years.

When Thgil's great-grandmother died, the eleven-year-old was all but barely clinging to life. Something drove her on, but she never figured out what. Over the next eight years, Thgil spent her time in the country, practicing fighting with the two daggers she made at a blacksmith's shop, and practicing shooting with a handgun she found in her dad's room when he was fired. She moved to the city a few days ago, and has beaten up everyone who tried to mug her. She currently resides there in an appartment above a laundromat(sp?).
_Personality: She's a shadowy character who likes her solitude. She will do anything to protect her friends and loves fighting.
_Weapon(s): Two daggers and a handgun.
_Spells (max 3): [b]Lumos Hurem:[/b] Holding out her palm and reciting these words will cause a jet of blue light to stream from her palm, acting as a candle or flashlight. This was one of the first spells she was taught. She was taught this the night after she recieved the necklaces as she and her great-grandmother were telling ghost stories.
[b]Levitium:[/b] Holding her palm out and reciting this phrase will cause whatever item Thgil's palm is pointing at to levitate into the air. By simply moving her hand, Thgil is able to move the object wherever she wants. Her great-grandmother taught her this one rainy day when they had nothing to do.
[b]Ezaerf:[/b] By holding out both palms and exclaiming this spell, she is able to stop time. The length of time that time is stopped depends on whe Thgil is drained of her strength and falls unconcious. She only uses this one where there is no other opption as it is extremely dangerous. If she were to stop time too long, her necklaces would burst in a catastrophic meltdown that could destroy the planet. This was the last spell her great-grandmother was able to teach her. She taught her it in the hospital when she believed Thgil was old enough to handle it.
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Sounds like it'll be fun. I'm in.

Name: Vault kikimesh
age: 25
Gender: Male

Description: A tall, blue haired, steel eyed, quiet man. Wears steel toe boots, baggy, black jeans, black loose fitting t-shirt, tanned skin, a cross scar decorates his other wise bare chest. He feels a constant desire to help those that have suffered from the disasters in any way he can. He also seeks knowledge of what, or who is causing the disasters. He hides a darker side that he had gained over the years from most people he meets.

Bio: Vault lived a normal, happy life, like any other person on earth, even with the ecological disasters happening. Then a large metorite destroyed his hometown while his class was on a camping trip up in the mts. Rumors circulated that the Milrad corp. was responsible, he vowed to find the truth, then make those responsible pay. To do so, he sought training in the use of several weapons, and found the Black Wolf mercenary group. They reluctantly took him in and trained him up from a teen boy, to a professional machine, after 7 years of working with them, he struck out on his own.

Weapons: twin, custom design pistols-10mm, 20 rounds, built in laser sight. Sawed off 12-gauge, Razor combat dagger, collapsible M4 aussalt rifle. (If any of this is to much, pm me)

Spells: Energy blade-froms a blade of magic in his hands, can cut through the densest of materials, but he can't wield other weapons whil using it.
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Great signups! If only there was more of them.
Name: Kano Sarama
Age 17
Gender male
Description: [img]http://www.avalancheonline.com/images/LoD/lodpic26.jpg[/img]
minus the choker.

Bio: He doesn't remember his parents at all, even in his dreams. In his childhood, he was sent to a military academy, where he developed his acrobatic fighting style, and ranked top of his class for several years. It was odd, though, because all of his instructors treated him as if he were some sort of alien, never looking at him directly, or even talking directly to him.

His classmates treated him the same, never going near him, or fretting to spar with him, like he held some type of contageos disease. But, he learned not to mind it, and lived a life almost completely in solitude, which, as you could guess, made him very bad at conversations and politeness.

He finally left the academy at 15, and, having no knowledge of life outside of the academy, became a nomad almost immediately. He learned of Milrad, and the condition of the first sun (the second sun is too far away for satellite journey) and tried to stop Mirad from sending anymore Satellites in his own fashion.

He broke into the City Hall the president of Milrad was meeting in, and, being caught, was exiled to a prision in the far desert. The prision was brutal, a kill or be killed game thriving every day. Kano, of course, survived, but was forced to kill hundreds to do so. Finally, he snapped, and killed every person at the prision...

Personality Doesn't talk much, but tries to be kind when he does. He goes silent and stares into space from time to time.
Weapon(s): Two long katanas, with sleek silver blades and black handles. Worn on his double belt.
Spells: Shadow Image (Makes a duplicate image of himself.) Cannon (Ball of energy shoots out of hand) levitation
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