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Whoo Hoo! More ten-minute magic from the relative unknown known as Ben! In response to a request from a friend of mine, I?ve developed this RPG. It may not be the best I can do, but it is something for me and him to work on.

Okay, this will be fantasy, so there?s got to be a kingdom of some sort.....hmm.....

How about the kingdom of Dekimak? Yeah, that?s a good press-random-buttons-on-the-keyboard-until-you-get-a-good-name name. And we need a bad guy too, or some sort of conflict. Umm.....I got it! How about there is a band of evil wizards who are trying to take over the world? [I]That[/I] sounds pretty [B]stereotypical.[/B] *throws the idea away* Uh...

What if the kingdom was overrun? Not by mice or invaders or anything. What about.......toys? Meh, it?s as good an idea as any, I suppose.

So, the outlying towns of the Dekimak kingdom have been destroyed by the toys of the children that live in them. Your job is to stop them before the whole kingdom is overrun. The problem is, you don?t know how they?re coming alive, how many there actually [I]are[/I], or how to stop them. I?ll think of something to further develop the plot once I see the sign-ups.

So, make-up a medieval sort of character. Knight, wizard, warrior, barbarian, archer. Whatever; use your imaginations, they?re good things.

Oh, right. A sign-up....

[B]Name:[/B] (duh)
[B]Age:[/B] (yeah, you?d better know how to fill this one out)
[B]Sex:[/B] (male and female should be the only words I see in this space)
[B]Description:[/B] (pictures are nice, if you can get them)
[B]Weapon/s:[/B] (you don?t have to have them, but they help when dealing with possessed toys trying to kill you)
[B]Spells:[/B] (Wizards and sorcerer-like people can have multiple spells or just the general control over elements and mystic stuff that you guys think of; anybody else should have something basic if they?re using it)
[B]Bio:[/B] (Make up the name of some town that you grew up in and piece together something)

Above all, [B]be imaginative[/B], please. If you can think of anything to add to the sign-up, by all means add it.
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[COLOR=green]*Rides off into the sunset*

I'll stick with this all the way Ben.

[B]Name[/B]: Jedgar Nieta

[B]Age[/B]: 59

[B]Sex[/B]: Judging by Ben's earlier comment, I guess "Yes please" isn't the answer that's welcome here. Male will have to do...





[B]Spells[/B]: None


Born in the city of Dekimak, in the kingdom of the same name, Jedgar was an average child. He was a mediocre student, a fair athlete and has slightly above average intelligence.

Where he really excelled was combat. He took up the pike at the age of ten, and has become a master of its intricacies. He has served in the royal guard for several years now, and stood by the king?s side during several coup attempts by various insidious rogue factions. Recently he was promoted to chief of the royal guard, and he has taken great pride in his new posting. The toy rebellion has been troubling the king, and as a result he has dispatched Jedgar to gather a small militia force to uncover the source of this mysterious uprising?
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Mmm. Time to take a break from writing my term paper, and to sign up for an RPG that sounds as though it'll be very fun indeed.

Name: Raleigh Aurelius.

Age: 19.

Sex: Female.

Description: See attachment (the image quality isn't exactly stellar, but oh well).

Weapon/s: An ancient katana. Nice and simple, except for the fact that it's enchanted, and tends to backfire upon the user at the most inconvenient moments possible.

Spells: She can use her sword to cast numerous types of magic, ranging from a simple spell of concealment to the creation of gigantic fireballs. She still can't figure out how to make the fireballs actually do something besides lie around and look nifty, but they're fantastic for purposes of intimidation.

Bio: Raleigh was born in Kupersville (population: 300), a tiny town located somewhere near Dekimak city. Outgoing, stubborn, and nosy, she couldn't stand to be cooped up in a place where cow-tipping was the primary form of entertainment. Shortly after her fifteenth birthday, she ran away to the city, found herself a number of odd jobs, and slowly began to rise in the world. Though not incredibly intellectual, she was smart enough to make a living without falling into any of the usual traps.

Raleigh eventually grew bored, and decided to go on a quest. This might not have been the best idea, but what's done is done. Three broken ribs and two damsels in distress later, she trudged back to Dekimak. She hadn't accomplished anything besides getting her bones cracked, but an old man whom she encountered on the road home offered to give her a sword, free of charge. She didn't realize why he'd wanted to wash his hands of it until much later, when the darned thing had already dragged her into several rather nasty messes. It had a mind of its own, and a tendency to get her into trouble--but its magic also made her into a rather exceptional fighter.

She decided to capitalize on this, and promptly declared herself a mercenary. Half a year later, she's attained a moderate degree of success, and has been following the toy rebellion with no small degree of interest, hoping that it'll yield her a new job.

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I can see this going nowehere... but I've always wanted to visit nowehere, so it's all good....

Name: Ruben Thorne

Age: 33

Weapon: Sabre. About 80cm long, sharp and pointed. Think a Moorish blade.

Sex: Any time you wan.... male.

Description: Unruly black hair, a pockmarked face and big arm muscles. He is quite short for a grown adult, only 1.54m tall. He wears a checkered green and black shirt, with tan pants and calf-length leather boots.

Bio: He and his son were playing with 'War' with teddy one day, getting him to attack the toy soldiers, when teddy began beating his son and him over the head with a chairleg. Teddy then ran away, so, in the manner of all good, enterprising children, Ruben grabbed a rolling-pin and a saucepan and set out to find what had happened to his toys. Very soon his little legs got tired though, so he layed down to sleep.......Ruben found him, and took him home. As a big wave of pity rose in him, so too did a vast well of rage. His little boy was miserable and upset about his toys all leaving. So what did he do? He took his father's sabre off the wall, and headed off into the night, determined to find the perpetrator of this crime.

All edited and changed. Hope this is better. I'm in the mood to stab and mangle a few toys. lol
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Oh come on! Are you telling me that only three people want to help save the Dekimak kingdom from the toy revolt? Sheesh...heartless people in the Christmas season.

Stuff of note:

[B]Boba Fett:[/B] Excellent......:devil:

Dagger IX1: Very nice, very imaginative. ;)

Baron Samedi: You Bio is a little confusing, there seems to be two Rubens, each doing different things. Is your character schizophrenic, or can he bilocate or something? :p

Egh, I think we need more interest than this. Talk to other people, drag them in here. It would help if we had a few more people.
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I shall attempt to spread the word via myO.

So far, I've only seen one other high-quality humorous RPG around OB, and this seems to be much more tongue-in-cheek (in other words--different, but equally good). I'm surprised that there haven't been more sign-ups.

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Name: Jeluka Lendena

Age: 18

Sex: Male

Description: A tall (190 cm) man of athletic build. He wears a cloak that almost touches the ground conceling most of his face with a hood. The only part of his face visible is the area around his mouth which appears to be heavily scared.

Weapons: A longsword enscribed with the characters name, 3 daggers and various pieces of rotten fruit for throwing at things.

Bio: In the little known town of Cape Quews Jeluka was born to a little known but very pround merchant.

One day while playing with a batch of chemicals (his father had given him) they exploded causing burns to most of his upper body.

When it was discovered that Jeluka wouldn't be able to continue in the footsteps of his father he bought his sword so he could go adventuring.

Since this time he has gone on many adventures some of which didn't turn out so well while others have given him a small fortune which is normally gambled and drunk away until there is little left causing him to go on another adventure etc. etc.
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[B]Name[/B] : Asyro

[b]Age[/b]: 21

[b]Sex[/b]: male?

[b]Description[/b]: oh, errr... [url]http://www.omnology.com/weyland.jpg[/url]
Asyro's an edge-wizard with a good aim. His magic his based on light, specially sunlight. He's quite handsome, and renowned both for getting in and out of trouble with the same ease.

[b]Weapon/s[/b]: Duh! Arrows and bow. He also keeps a shortsword for close combat, even though he's no good at it, especially at night, when his protective spells won't work.

[b]Spells[/b]: Mostly light-based spells (fire and plants, too XD).

[b]Bio[/b]: Being trampled to death by rocking horses wasn't Asyro's 50-years old father's idea of an honorable death. After coming back from a mission his village lord gave him, he discovered it overrun with rabid living toys, and the corpse of his father drying up before his burned house. He sworn to destroy those who provoked this.
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