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Aussie, aussie, aussie...and so on and so forth


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Guest cloricus
Oh joy... Well if you care there is a large group in this area, in fact we are the biggest group on OB in the whole world (thanks to LiamC2) and I guess you make that one person bigger. Do you know any of the Downlands OB Crew?
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How did I manage to come acroos these boards?

Well actually a fella called Tim pointed it out to me.

I know a few people from Downlands that may or may not be part of your "crew".
I know Tim "man with freak hair" Bertoldi, I was mates with Danny Kauter in Primary School and I work with a couple of guys from Downlands: Freaky Joe Thompson and Bryce (I dunno his last name, his a stumpy, little bloke with bleached blonde hair).

I go to Centenary Heights and I'm in Grade 11, same as you guys I guess.

My name's Sam.
liam, cloricus, who are you guys?
Who else from Downlands posts on these Boards?
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Hi all.
Just letting you all know that there's another sheep to add to the flock. Me. Obviously.
Anyway, I live in Melbourne, and I introduced Satori Night to OB. I've told a few of my other friends, but they're not interested, or don't have enough time. I don't have much time either, so I'd better go.
Aussie aussie aussie!!!

Tag: Next person has to say, "Oi oi oi!"
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Ah so you know Kauter and Bertoldi. Bertoldi is in fact on these boards under the assumed name 'enigma.'

[Most probably he will be showing his face here shortly. He's a bit like that when his name gets mentioned, lol]

I'm Liam Cameron, world renowned...um...guy.

^_^; [/size]
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Guest AussiePhoenix
I'm new in here so i thought I'd try to find some fellow Aussies...guess i succeeded huh?
Anyhow, I come from the Mid North in South Australia. (I don't actually live in a town, yes I'm a farmie:) ) I live between Burra Burra and Booborowie.
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I'm from Dubbo, NSW. Geez, there's a fair few more people on the boards, from Australia, than what I thought before.

To be plain. Dubbo is a total wreck. Seriously, if you haven't had a nightmare before, you'd soon have one after visiting Dubbo. Don't ever come here.

...anyway, take this advice; don't take my advice.
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