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Art Gaara of the Desert

Dan Rugh

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I drew this picture in pencil from the wallpaper I currently have on my desktop. I then scanned it and outlined it in photoshop and added the kanji that is supposed to be on his forehead.

Everything is backwards, however. I didn't notice that the original picture was backwards until I needed to find another picture of him for better reference. So, his hair part is on the wrong side and the kanji is backwards, but oh well.

If I feel like figuring out how to color it all nicely in photoshop, then I might do that. For now, tell me what you think of it. :)

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I started coloring Gaara in Photoshop by using layers for the different sections. I've never colored anything like this in Photoshop, but I think I'm starting to get the hang of it.

For now, I basically just have the base colors done. All the shading and such will be done at a later date.

While I was working on this, I noticed that his one eye is just a little too low... so when I have all the coloring done and merge the layers, I'll move the eye up a few pixels.

Please give your comments and criticisms. :)


Edit: I forgot that I still had that text in there with the corny and over-used Matrix font. Eventually I'll try to make something original with the text... maybe a sandy theme. :P
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That's a lovely start. You chose an excellent color for his skin--it's neither too yellow nor too pink, and looks very realistic. What little shading you've added so far is equally well done. I look forward to seeing the final version.

If you want to know the best way to color black-and-white artwork in Photoshop, try searching Google for a tutorial. There are many excellent sites designed to help people make the most of their line drawings.

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I made the text for the picture. I used this cool font and (thanks to Dagger) a tutorial for a text effect. It came out quite nicely, actually.


EDIT: I changed it from a .PNG to a .GIF so the backgroud isn't grey anymore. :)
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