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Art Shizoku's Banners 2 (c&c please!)


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Hello, Im shizoku, and its nice to be here at otaku boards. Here some banners I made. I hope you enjoy them. I'm kinda new at this so any advice is appreciated. Well, hopefully I get more comments this time, and big thanks to all who replyed last time!


A little tribute to one of my favorite groups, Rage Against the Machine. Its great music and this banner is what is going on in my mind when I listen to them :).


I made this for Mage of Asgard. He wanted Kurama with a sword and Hiei with a rose. It was kindof plain so I thought up this crazy frame and gave it a sort of professional look.


Well, remeber the Waltz for Venus session I think it was called. That is one of my favorite episodes. Here, Spike watches his pupil in action, in a little underwater karate.

Again, thanks for the replys last time, and a thanks in advance to all that veiw my work!

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Wow, those are some nice banners. BTW, Hiei is the one with the sword and Kurama with the rose, I don't mean to be rude or anything. But, continue making nice banners! I look forward to seeing more.

Your banners make me remember how much I love Anime. I especially like the Cowboy Bebop one, I remember that episode perfectly. That is one of my favorite episodes.
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Duh! Ya, Kurama with his rose and Hiei with his sword lol. Thanks, I'm glad you like them. Well, now im gonna post a new one.

This is my own character and the quote come's from Red Hot Chili Peppers Song : This is the Place.




Hmm... Kinda changed it a little, any suggestions on text?
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[color=crimson]First Banner: Well, it has a nice dark feel to it, which must fit with the mood of the music, but it's a bit hard to see some of the shapes you've placed in the background. I do like the effects though, it looks like you warped an image a bit, which fits with the energy the banner gives out. One problem that's really bother me though is the fact that the text is extremly hard to read. Maybe choose a lighter color to go over the darker background, and a different font even. Something I really liked about it thoug is the border. It has a nice fade effect on it, which gives the banner a little calming peace to it. Overall, a fair peace of work, keep it up.^^

Second Banner: This banner would be so much better with a one pixel black border, but it still looks fine the way it is. I like the cleanliness of the way you cut out Kurama and Hiei, good work on that. I like the frame you placed in there, but it seems to overlap Kurama a bit, maybe if you had put it behind him with either layers, or more than one line? The image quality is good, a bit dark, but still nice, and the font seems to fit the mood, though the color is a bit distasteful. Maybe you could change the font and background color to fit more with the two characters, that would really magnify the outlook of the banner.

Third Banner: Well, I like the meaning behind it, and that episode of Cowboy Bebop really tugged at my heart. The only real problem I see with it are the brightness, maybe darken it a bit, and change the text to something other than the background color. Otherwise, I like the banner, nice, balanced, and simple.

Fourth Banner: The only thing that really bothers me here, the font. It just doesn't fit with the banner. Maybe change it to something less bland, and make it a bit bigger, so you won't have so much empty space. A border would be nice to, as they are for most banners.

Great job, keep it up, and have fun. I like your work, and hope to see more in the future.^^[/color]
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[size=1]You are pretty good for a beginner. Mostly what you need to work on is the font in your banners and the manipulating of stocks (the anime images). It usually looks better if you make the stocks larger, taking up more of the image and eliminating some of the negative space. Also, the banners don't always have to be symmetrical (with one stock on each side). Trying giving it some variety. The banners themselves are good, and out of the second set, the middle one is best due to the font, but again, that negative space is very displeasing. Your Spike banner is very good, however. Spike fits the image perfectly and the sign takes up most of the negative space and balances it out a little more (although, just a little more to the right would have been much better balance). You're doing great :)

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Thanks Kinetic. Those top ones are a bit old cause I just decided to reuse this thread rather making a new one.
But the spike one is one of my best, glad you like it, and thanks for the tips. Hmm, This new one I'm gonna post is a Kenshin one that is ok. The background is a picture of some woodsie area in kyoto, and I turned it into sort of a cartoony background. UH.



Two others.
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