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Sign Up Armors of the Myths(Again)


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[size=1]I did this earlier back, but I never started it. Sorry for those who took time to post your sign ups, but you are welcomed to rejoin if you want.

[I]The Story-[/I]

The Earth is filled with magical creatures, all living in the same world of the humans, co-existing with us. They each are powerful in their own way, and have powers above us. But we out number them, because we as humans grow faster then they do, and breed faster. Soon we hunt them down, and turn their bodies into weapons, which are made into hide armor. They are ran by a crystal in their heart, that is placed on the armor's chest piece, making it live.

The kingdoms, to avoid war, start a tournament every five years in Rome, in which the winner wins the armor of Chimera. The armor, which nobody has seen in five years, is said to be the most powerful armor. It is said that the champion from the last two tournaments, Ken Latheith is returning. Nobody has seen him since the last tournament, and are clueless on his skills. Will he keep his Chimera armor, or give it up to a new champion?

New and old armor wielders will enter the sixth tournament, and there may be only one champion. Who will win their battles, who will win the Chimera armor, and what lies lay with in this tournament? We will find out soon!
Ok,here are some rules.

1.All posters must obey the rules of the Adventure Arena,and of OB. Your spelling and grammer must be good,and and read through post well.

2.We will not fight each other, so don't post about that. Also, fights later in the RPG will not be won in one post. No god modding.

3.Have fun, and your character must have a story, too. Make them grow up in a sense, and don't let them be unchanged at the end. Good RPGers make their characters change.

4.I and only I can tell who gets in. Nobody eles has a say in it. Those who do their sign up well and right will get in.
This is what you need to get in.

[I]Sign Up-[/I]

Name: Make it sound like it is from its country. Also this is set in medievil times, so there is no USA.

Age: Make it human.

Gender: Any is fine with me...... there is more then two genders.

Country: What country your character is from. The country will affect the animal you can pick, your appearance, bio, weapons, and style.

Appearance: We are all humens, and make your character look like he or she is from your region. Put very good detail in this.

Bio: Make it good. No,"Ohhh,my character has forgotten his or her past." If this would be done, put down what your character has forgotten. Also put down how he or she acts, their way of life, and anything else is welcomed.

Animal Hide: What your armor is made of. It is hide, not metal. It can be any animal from myth, but cannot be half-humen like. You can also pick a normal animal, but it will be larger then it really is.

Armor Appearance: What you armor looks like. Make it like your animal. Also put detail in this, and do remember that you have the crystal, so put what color it is.

Weapon: Make it from your country. A person from Europe wouldn't be using a katana, so make it from your region. Also put in an appearance in too. You can only have one weapon, unless it is a paired weapon. No guns, because this is happening before guns.

Body Weapon(s): These are weapons on your armor's "body". This can also be where wings and other tools can be put. A good one would be that a Hydra armor would have the heads of the past Hydra, just not many, that help in battle, or a head of dragon would throw flames.

Style: If your character has a martial art or weapon style they are trained in, put it here. Because I have given no real time period yet, it is ok if it is new or old. If your character does not have a style, just put "None" or "His or her own"

Ok that is all. Feel free to sign up, and I will post mine sign-up later.[/size]
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[COLOR=darkblue][b]Name:[/b]Yuki Nonaka




[B]Appearance:[/B]Yuki has shoulder-length,chocolate brown hair and her eyes are a vibrant emerald green that sparkle when she's happy and go dull and lifeless when she's sad.She wears a shirt tunic of a rich blue and navy blue breeches.Her skin is slightly tanned but not very darkly.She always carries her weapon on her back[b](More in [u]Weapons[/u])[/b]

[B]Bio:[/B]Yuki was born to an important family.Her father was a close Samurai guard to the Emperor of Japan and her mother was a close friend to the emperess.

When she was young,she was introduced to the Prince,the heir to the throne.He was the same age as her and they both despised each other strongly.His name was Chin.Chin and his friends were always teasing Yuki and her friends.Their hate became stronger.They were enemies,but whenever their parents were around they would act nicely.As they grew,their hate grew along with them.

But then a tratedgy befell the kingdom.The emperor passed away.The emperess and Chin were saddened for weeks.The hate between them disappeared and was replaced by sympathy.They became friends,connected by the same feelings of depression from the death of the Emperor.He was like a second father to Yuki.Soon,Chin took the throne as his heritage and ruled.One day,Chin's mother spoke to him in private and told him shocking news.

The next day,Yuki and Chin were talking casually like they usually did now-a-days and Chin sprung it on her.

"Yuki...Mother says I must find a bride as I am coming of age and for another heir in case something happens to me...."
"Alright...So you'll be going away for a few days to find the lucky girl huh?"Yuki said,not understanding what Chin meant.
"Uh...No....I was thinking of....you...."he said shyly.

Yuki was shocked by the news.She told him that she needed time to think and she ran off.The next three days,Chin sent her a gift for each day.First was a ring.The band was silver and on top was the shape of a Cherry Blossom that had been divided in half.One half was made of Pink Zirconia and the other side of Emerald.The Second was the Sword that she now carries around[b](See [u]Weapons[/u])[/b]And lastly was the Legendary Liger Armour.

One day another tratedgy befell the kingdom.They were attacked by neighbouring lands and many were killed,fighting.Yuki had come to accept the offer,when she walked into the Throne Room,there was a large crowd clustered around something.Yuki walked over and they parted.As she saw what was in the middle,tears started to well in her eyes.Yuki shook her head and the tears fell.There,in the middle was Chin.By him was his mother the emperess.She was holding him and weeping.Yuki collapsed next to him and held him too.There was a wet patch of blood on his abdomen.A broken arrow lay on the ground next to him.He groaned in pain and opened his eyes weakly.When he saw who it was he smiled slightly.

"Yuki...."he gasped.
"Chin!...What happened?!"Yuki cried as she held his hand.
"China....."was all he said.
"I came to accept your offer....But I was too late!!"she cried.

Tears fell onto his hand and he reached his hand up to brush them away.

"I'll always watch over you....Take care...."Then his eyes closed,never to open again.Everyone in the room cried out.Even the servants who liked Chin because he requested,never ordered and he took good care of them.

from then on,Yuki decided to leave Japan and go on a Journey.She would travel the world and track down those who killed Chin and kill them.

[B]Animal Hide:[/B]Liger-A White Tiger with angel wings on it's back.

[B]Armor Appearance:[/b]Yuki's armor is mostly hidden under her clothes and usually only shown in battle.It's white with black stripes,Liger's wings show from her back because there's slits in her shirt for them to show.On the brestplate is her Heart Crystal.It's divided like a Ying Yang sign.Half of it is Pink Crystal and the other half is Emerald.Another part that sticks out of her clothes is Liger's tail.She has gauntlets made of silver with sharp claws made of alloyed silver pointing out at the knuckles.They can be used as weapons.

[B]Weapon:[/B]Yuki carries the sword that Chin gave to her.The hilt is made of solid silver,the blade was made of a metal she had never seen before.It glistened and reflected light and images.At the end of the hilt was the tail of a sapphire dragon the coiled around the hilt.The head stopped,coiled around the cross-hilt.It's eyes were rubies.The body of the Chinese type dragon was like a grip because the scales felt nice to hold.It sits in a sheath made of silver on her back.

[B]Body Weapons:[/B]The claws can be shot out and they return to slide back into their positions.The guards under her clothes can create a barrier to block attacks.She moves faster,swifter and more agile then she usually is.It also pumps strength and adreneline into her system so she can fight longer.On a clear sunny day her eyes will turn royal blue activating a super charge to her already charged system from the armor.The wings on her back can actually make her fly up.

[B]Style:[/B]Yuki knows many types of different styles.Rangking from Martial Arts to Sword Skills.[/COLOR]
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