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Some New Banners from Leh


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[font=tahoma][color=993366]I know all of you have been missing the wonderful joy that is graphics, delivered by yours truly.. but seriously, I haven't shown any in a while, so I guess right now is the time. Tell me what you think, please.. and thank you...[/color][/font]



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Damn! I really love theat second one. Nice work there. That guy just pops out at you and the background goes good with it. I like the color of the text, but im not sure if i like the type of font. But, hey your better at fonts than me!

Good work.
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Haha, they are funny! Or, I should say, the first one is funny and the other two are weird.

I think some funky background is in order for the Konnichiwa banner, since it's comical to begin with.

I think more could be done with the second one. Interesting quote, and interesting character. Nonetheless, I think you can dance around with the background a little more. I know the dulling was intentional, but I think it'd be better with more life.

For the last one, I have no comments.
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Beautiful as always Leh. ^^ I like the second one a lot!! It is really nice. Very clean in the cropping department. Who is that guy? The background also looks very good with the overall banner.

The first. . . what is that thing? It is kindof cute. . . yet kind of creepy. My problem with that banner is the text. It is slightly smooshed making it difficult to read in some places.

The third. . . . scary. Incredibly freaky. 'nough said.

Keep up the beautifulness. ^__^ Oh and do check out my newest thread. It is wayyyyy down at the bottom. ^^

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Very nice stuff Leh ^_^.

Nice to see that your making banners again.

1st: Lol, he looks funny ^^. The banner's good, i just think you might've been able to have done more with it. Like maybe a more busy background, instead of the plain white.

2nd: The colors of the background fits perfectly with the whole feel of the banner. The theme is really nice, and I love the quote.

3rd: I'm not sure what to say really. It looks good...it's just it's pretty freaky at the same time...
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That first one is OK, but only that. The font is awesme, but I really, really don't like the little creature in it. It is ugly, and you havn't really done too much with this. It just doesn't, to my mind, seem to have the 'X' factor, something that makes the banner interesting, even in simple designs.

I like this second one the best, it is very good. Quote is nice, font is nice, colours are good. One little thing- I would have made the background a little bit sharper, and his hair on the right kind of fades off.

This third one... Just a clip of a face. Not even a good looking face lol. I don't really like it, those eyes give me the creeps. But, meh, that is just my opinion on things.
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D'aww, I love that little puffy chibi creature! It looks just like a koala - with a smaller nose, I grant you, but koala-ish all the same. I absolutely adore the font you've used - what is it? And how did you achieve that nice orange glow? [Heh, many, many a question...] It's nicely minimalist.

As for the second one - good use of harmonious colours. All these banners have a very earthy theme. That said, the gentle background really makes his red hair and the linear detail on his collar stand out well. Harmony and contrast - hrm, clever...

And the third - strangely enough, the first time I saw that, I just thought "Oww!" I think it's the sharpness of the colours - it looks like her hair is crawling into the flesh of her eyes.
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