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Star over the Dark Soul: Heaven and Hell Chronicals


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A bleak sky, with nothing to witness except lonely birds and dark clouds. [color=dark-blue] A lone figure, a monster?[/color][color=firebrick] Surely a demon? [/color][color=dark-blue] No. The figure is but a Half-Dragon, on his way to find his destiny.[/color] [color=firebrick]You speak of him as though he were nothing, a mere insect in a cosmic perspective.[/color] [color=dark-blue]Ah yes, but he is more than that? Of coarse, a descendent of dragons must be rather impressive.[/color]

Delnoreth flew among the tainted clouds, climbing closer to his destination. Leathery wings spread wide, he closed his eyes and entered the kingdom of Heaven, and stood before the mighty gates. He unsheathed his sword, lying it on the silky ground, and bowed his head.

"Dek nakel yunid Chai sornaes." he cried out in his native toungue.

"I serve only God almighty." he repeated in the toungue of the angels.

After a few moments, the huge gates swung open for him to enter. He re-sheathed his blade and walked through.
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"Ah, yes. Legnakrad." Lucifer said as she entered the room. Legnakrad was glad that looks couldn't kill because she would be dead the second he looked at her. He was far more angry than normal.
"What's made you so angry, sir?"
"Heaven is gathering followers, they plan to fight us! I don't know about you, but this is a tough situation for me!" Lucifer shouted. Regaining his usual strictness he said, "Well, then. What did you want to see me about? I'm on a tight scedule, you know."
"Yes, well it really doesn't matter now." She said, and vanished. She reappeared outside Lucifer's castle and walked on.

[i]That's the second time I've tried to tell him the truth. And that's the second time I've been unable to do it. If I'm on his side, why can't I help him?[/i] Legnakrad thought to herself. She knew Heaven's only weakness, and yet she couldn't tell Lucifer. She walked on into the flaming darkness, thinking to herself... [i]maybe next time...[/i]
"I do not want to fight, Delnoreth." GOD said in his normal calm tone. Delnoreth, however, was on pins and needles.
"But, sir! Lucifer's army of demons is at the ready, and they will attack and win over the clouds of Heaven! They will impurify Heaven itself as we know it!"
"That is enough, Delnoreth."
"Sir, just listen to me! I will go, but think about what I have said here!"
"I will."
And Delnoreth flew out the castle's entrance. He flew in the sky among the puffy white clouds for a while, and then headed back.

[i]Maybe a chat with the angel's will calm my nerves...[/i] He thought, and flew back twords a small patch of clouds, on which he and his friends always met on.
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[i][color=lightpink]Nymphanie stood in the middle of a cliff looking down at the firey pits, shaking her head, continuing her training. She went through many techniques that she had come up by herself. Her black bladed scythe swung in many directions, anything it could have made contact with, would have split into pieces. She stoped and blinked looking up quickly, breathing a bit heavily, seeing Legnakrad walking away from Lucifer's castle, seeing the sad look on her face figuring that she didn't tell him again what the weakness of Heaven was. Personally, she didn't know it either, but knew it had to be about that, wishing she would come forward with bravery and tell Lucifer what it was exactly.

"Legnakrad...you didn't tell him did you?" Nymphanie asked quietly, looking up at Legnakrad, with an almost worried expression.[/color][/i]
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[color=green]Gamaliel sat against a tree on the surface of the planet, staring up at the sky. [i]The surface is not an awful place...I wonder why no one spends more time here...[/i] She stood up and stretched her wings. She put her belt back around her waste and prepared to go on her way.

She walked a short way before taking to the sky, making towards the mountains in the west. She was making towards a gateway to the Realm of Lucifer. She must be secretive, and not seen.

As she entered the darness, heat welcomed her. She tried to avoid beings, even here...You never know who may be a spy for her enemy. She slinked her way towards the palace. Lucifer had sent her a summonce the day before. She watched as Nymphanie and Legnakrad left the palace. She spread her wings and flew up to a tower and entered there. Once inside, she too a corridor straight to the throne room. Knocking once and not waiting for an answer, she entered.

"You sommoned, My Lord?" [/color]
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[color=indigo][b][size=1]Artemus looked to the sky that began to grey. A soft smile crept across his silent face. He sat atop of a cathedral, watching over the somber cemetary. Drops of rain fell, however, the angel could never feel the rain. His amazing aura prevented this. He felt neither heat or cold.

He cared not, he loved his position. He belonged to no one but himself. God had no control over him, nor did Lucifer. This tickled Artemus with joy. God was annoyed with him, as was the devil. The sky clashes with mixed turmoil. A gentle clasp of thunder viberated the atmosphere.

"Ah, it is begining. A war is yet to arise upon this earth. Now, God, we shall see who will be truely blessed. Lucifer has great numbers. The earth and its disgusting mortals are corrupted by your empty promise of 'You will be redeemed for your sins'. They do not believe you any longer, have you not noticed? No, you've turned a deaf ear upon those who've needed you the most, sinners," Artemus spat.

The thunder claped harder. Surely, God's way of telling Artemus that he had stirred feelings. Artemus smiled and lifted his face to the sky. Mocking God to belt him in the chin with a bolt of lightning that he knew God wouldn't send. Artemus was too powerful for God to control. Artemus chuckled softly and stretched his wings. He jumped from cathedral and glided fluidly through the air. Artemus landed gracefully on the ground and began to walk along the dirt road.

" 'And God said, "Let there be light, for it is good and pure."' Hah, we shall see how much light will be shed in this time of darkness and wickedness," Artemus fluttered his wings of silky feathers.[/color][/b][/size]
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[color=green]"Gamaliel, my lovely... Thank you answering, but I see you took your time." Lucifer smirked at Gam.

"I was employing stealth, my Lord. I'm sorry I made you wait. What is it that you ask of me?"

"As everyone knows, a war is forthcoming. I need to know the numbers of your kind that are joining the side of God. I would like to set you to recruiting for our side, but you seems to prefer to work underhandedly as a spy."

"It suits my nature," Gam said with a smirk. She straighten her back and spread her scaly wings as if the ability to lie and manipulate people were admirable traits. "So, you are asking me to infiltrate God's army? Or to just befriend a known recruit?"

"Whatever suits your needs, my dear, but I need to know quickly. Is there anything you require that I can provide?"

"I think I am well set, though I have seen in your armory a quiver that supplies endless arrows, it would be helpful."

"Consider it done." The quiver appeared on the floor at her feet. As she bent to pick it up, Lucifer continued, "Is there nothing else?"

Gamaliel turned the bend into a bow, "No, my Lord. I shall take my leave then." She turned toward the door she had entered through. As she started to go she stopped adruptly and turned again. "Sir, might I make another request after all?" He nodded in agreement. "I require a residence. I have no homebase to collect information at. My own home is not going to work this time, as that is a lot of information, and I do get visitors."

Lucifer laughed at her as if she were joking. "That is easily done, I shall send you word of your new quartes by evening. Now, if there is nothing else, I have others to see."

Gam left the realm without incident, already planning her stategy for her assignment.[/color]
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OOC: wow, didn't know this would turn out so great!

IC: Delnoreth landed among a small group of angels, talking amongst themselves. As he apraoched several of them turned to looka t him, a few with reproach. Typical. It is not often a creature such as he entered Heaven. Compared to the angels he was probably rather grungy looking.

Never the less, he walked into their midst to hear what news they spoke of.

"I have seen hordes of demons crawling back into Hell from the mortal world... they must be gathering." one said.

"Since what time have they not been gathering?" said another with a hint of sarcasm, "They are constantly on the prowl for innocent human souls."

"Gabriel, what have to say of this?" the first one turned to a slightly taller angel, who was obviously much older.

"It troubles all of us," Gabriel spoke, "but none as much as God. He knows they are preparing for something."

"A war." Delnoreth spoke out, to the surprise of the angels. "I saw with my own eyes the demon armies amassing. Lucifer intends to conquer Heaven."

"I shall say he will not!" Gabriel said, "Lucifer waged war on Heaven once and failed, he will not succeed a second time."

"Will shall see." was all that Delnoreth said.

"Is that all you think about? War?" a new angel said to Delnoreth, "You Half-Dragons are so barbaric."

"We will see how you are after spending forty-five millenia in a mortal world."

"Is that how long you beings have existed? The angels have been around forever."

Delnoreth did not answer, but instead took flight again and headed for Earth. Upon arriving he was shocked to discover demons flying about in great hordes, fighting other Half-Dragons in a battle to the finish. Confused as to how this all happened, but ready for a fight, Delnoreth joined the fray. After taking down several demons himself, a great crevass opened in the ground. Flames poured out and any Half-Dragons wich were near instantly withdrew. After only a few moments, demons also poured out of crevass and joined in the fighting.

"They have a gate!!" was the resounding cry of many Half-Dragons.

"God," Delnoreth said to himself, "if there is a time to help it is surely now."

OOC: whew! long one :D
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"I hate this job. It's fun for a while, but it gets kinda boring after a few days." Nymphanie said while killing the half-dragons who came through the gate.
"Hm." Legnakrad said in almost a sigh, killing as well. Once the gate closed and the last half-dragons were killed, Nymphanie and Legnakrad put away their weapons and walked away.

As soon as they were in their favorite patch of flames, Nymphanie decided to start a conversation.
"You know, the sooner you tell Lucifer the weakness of Heaven, the better. Then we will win and be able to poison those hideous clouds. I want to turn mine blood red. How about you?"
"I'm going to turn mine black, I'll feel more at home." Legnakrad answered. This seemed to cheer her up.
"Yeah. That is, if we ever get clouds." She turned towards Legnakrad. "You know, you can't keep this secret forever. Someone's going to find out and then they'll tell Lucifer, and then we've got the screaming problem again..." She sounded like Lucifer was a child she hated babysitting. "Either that or he finds out himself and cooks the town."
"Ha. Yeah, I know." Legnakrad seemed to be smiling, which was unusual.

[i]She must be happy knowing she can win this war for Lucifer anytime. Anyone would be happy knowing that their victory in a war was in their hands for anytime they pleased.[/i] Nymphanie thought. She only hoped Legnakrad would tell Lucifer in time. [i]Wait, what am I thinking?[/i] She thought. [i]We won't need to worry about time, we have an eternity.[/i]
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Delnoreth kneeled on the ground, worn and covered in thick demon blood. Every one of his comrads was now dead at the hands of these beings... the [I]beasts[/I].

How could God have watched this massacre and do nothing? Surely he would have intervened if he could? God always could.. but he hadn't...

So Delnoreth prayed to Gekanisel, last of the True Dragons. She had died three millenia ago, but Half-Dragons still prayed for her soul.
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[i][color=lightpink]Nymphanie shook her head some smiling at the thought that had eternity to wait for it to happen, but wished it could be sooner than later. She honestly hated to wait for anything t ohappen, especially war and battles. She loved it. "So what you are saying is that Lucifer would be upset to find out the weakness of heaven, and cook the town. Or are you saying that if someone doesn't tell him soon he will cook the town?" She seemed a bit lost on the cooking the town issue at hand.[/color][/i]
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[color=indigo][b][size=1]Here's what Artemus looks like [url]http://www.animeshrine.com/gallery.php?series=angelsanctuary&image=8[/url]

"Hm, the demons are escaping into the mortal's realm. This shall prove interesting," Artemus smiled and watched demons prey on humans.

He decided to help the poor, defenseless mortals, only becaus he was bored. He drew upon the Blade of Purity and released his chain. He charged into a hoard of demons that chased the children. That made Artemus livid, seeing innocent children get tangled in this holy war.

"It's Artemus!!!" a demon turned to run.

"So you know of me..That won't save you," Artemus flapped his wings and soared through the demons, decapitating them.

Their blood splattered on Artemus' wings and body. He smiled and closed his eyes, he launched his chain and ensnared a large demon. In a matter of thirty seconds, the demon fell to his feet and began to gag and vomit. The chain sucked the life from the demon and began to decay his insides. Artemus breathed in deeply, satisfied of hearing the demon's screaming of pain.

"Ah," Artemus tilted his head up to the sky to see a dragon fly past,"Hm.."

Artemus retracted his chain and took to the air after the dragon.[/color][/b][/size]
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God must hear of this... now. Delnoreth knew that God had watched the whole thing, but he was furious. The fact that he would watch his subjects die and do nothing. He would go to Heaven and tell God what he thought in person. Or so he thought.

He was passing over a demon-plagued village of mortals. A fgiure flying his way caught his eye. He at first mistook it for a demon, but it was more elegant than that. Twisting in the air he saw it was an angel.. but different. He looked hostile.

Delnoreth was in no mood to take chances, he drew his sword and dived, heading straight for the demi-angel in a traditional half-dragon friend-or-foe test. The other imediately flew backwards, away from Delnoreth's line of flight. The right move. Delnoreth slowed to a hover and sheathed his sword.

"State your name stranger."
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[i][color=lightpink]Nymphanie looked up knowing something was going on up there in the mortal's place. A fight was going to happen, but she already knew about the demons going up there to take over and kill all angels. But deep down..she was one herself.

"I'm going on up there..." she said softly, walking towards the portal to the mortal realm, she knew it was going to be a bit cold but didn't mind it. Comming out at an inhabited village of demons, smiling as she looked up squinting her eyes, seeing Delnoreth, charging at an angel but yet it was different.[/color][/i]
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[color=green]Indeed, Lucifer was true to his word. He sent word to her of her new base by nigthfall. She was slightly surprised when her fire flared in her hearth and then died suddenly, leaving only a scroll of paper. [i]Very nice...[/i] she smirked. She followed the directions to find the most lavish living quarters she'd ever seen. She then found that was not it, it was in the forest behind...a mall woodman's cottage. [i]Nice trick.[/i]

She entered the cottage and found things to be already in order, a file cabinet, some furniture and a hearth with a fire already burning. She sat on the bed and looked at a dosier sitting in front of the fireplace.

A half-dragon male. Severly loyal to God. Likes to thinks he's in with the angels. Furious in battle, never gives up. Enjoys private visits with God, very interesting...

[i]Hmmm, no picture. How the hell am I supposed to find him? I guess that's what they pay me for. I wonder why there is is only one dosier. Doesn't leave me with a lot of options. I will need to think of a contingency plan if he doesn't work out.[/i]

She decided to go back to her own house and try and figure out a way to meet this Delnoreth.[/color]
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[size=1][b]Tilion was in the armory, sharpening his weapons. But more than that, he was thinking about the holocaust which was taking place on earth right now. Demons, thousands of them. The mortal priests and half-dragons cannot stem the tide. [i]That's why He is sending me. I am the hunter of rouges and slayer of the defiled. Lucifer is going to rape the earth, and kill all life. Only after he has done that, he will make his war on the heavens. I will not let it come to that bitter end.[/i]

Tilion made his way out of the forge, and to the gates of his homeland. Already outside were a small group of angels. [i]This is my army to stop the hordes of Hell?[/i] He walked through the group and turned to speak to them. "We know their target. He is a half-dragon, and our greatest ally on the mortal plane. If they catch him, they will do more than just kill him..." Tilion did not need to finish the sentence. They know well enough.

Tilion, walked over to the break in the clouds and looked down. There were even dead at the entrance to heaven. [i]This will no longer continue.[/i]

"He is currently engaged with a rouge angel. Artemus, who is also our target. No one betrayes Him."

Tilion spread his wings, and began his pursuit of the ally and the rouge.[/b][/size]
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[color=indigo][size=1][i][b]"State your name I say,"[/b] Delnoreth clutched his fist.

[b]"I am Artemus, Angel of Chaos,"[/b] Artemus spread his wings and took a slight bow.

[b]"Feh, you are not worthy of such title, renegade,"[/b] Delnoreth spat,[b]"You were cast out of Heaven."[/b]

[b]"That was all on Him,"[/b] Artemus looked up to the sky with a scornful glare,[b] "He should have listened to me. No, now he must deal with the consequences of his prideful actions. He cast me out becaus he did not want to admit someone else was right.."[/b]

[b]"What are you talking about? You were cast from Heaven because you defied his commands,"[/b] Delnoreth spoke in a matter of factly tone.

Artemus rolled his head to stare into Delnoreth's eyes. His face was of not anger or annoyance, rather of a cunning cat. Delnoreth narrowed his eyes at Artemus's new expression.

[b]"Fool, God lies. Were you not aware?"[/b] Artemus fully faces Delnoreth.

[b]"God would never,"[/b] Delnoreth prostested.

[b]"Never say 'never', for it jumps up and bites you in the rump. God lied to all in Heaven to save himself the embarrassment of the fault of this piss-poor war,''[/b] Artemus nearly spat.

[b]"What are you saying? God is responsible for this war?"[/b] Delnoreth almost chuckled.

[b]"Yes, I gave him a prophecy the day I was cast out, long before you existed. I saw this war coming, and I saw the result..God's defeat. So, being the good angel that I am, I approached God and warned him. He mocked me and told me that there was no such prophecy. I humbily backed down..but then my visions persisted. I went back to God and he grew furious with me. He called me a follower of Lucifer because I could see such things. I called him a liar, he cast me out of Heaven...long story short. So you see, I was thrown out for innocence...and he knows it and so does Lucifer. That is why I was never allowed back, because of God's pride. If he accepted me back, that would be a crime against his own words..but if he kept me from Heaven, Lucifer was and is sure to bring Heaven and God to their knees. I am the only one who knows how to stop Lucifer, but I cannot do a thing about it,"[/b] Artemus sat in the air and folded one leg over the other.

[b]"I am a messanger of God, tell me how to stop Lucifer. I promise, I can get your voice heard,"[/b] Delnoreth offered a friendship.

[b]"No, I will not. I am a rengade. By his laws, you shouldn't even be speaking with me,"[/b] Artemus flapped his wings.

[b]"Then why did you attack me?"[/b] Delnoreth looked to Artemus, confused.

[b]"Alas, I did not attack you. You attacked me,"[/b] Artemus held up a hand,[b] "I approached you to ask what the status for Heaven was..out of curiousity. I know I can tell you just this..Lucifer's army is greatly increasing in followers. I pray that God is conjuring up an army just as grand."

"How do you know about Lucifer's army?"[/b] Delnoreth blinked.

[b]"Ah, still a fool? I have been banished to this mortal earth ages before your existance. I have done a great amount of time observing the activities of this slowly boiling war,"[/b] Artemus straightened up,[b] "Now, I think I have spoken to you long enough. I do not wish to get you cast from the glorious splendor of Heaven."

"Artemus....Will you fight in this war?"[/b] Delnoreth advanced a bit towards the rogue angel.

[b]"If I must, I must,"[/b] Artemus winked over his shoulder and sheathed the Blade of Purity.

[b]"Who's side will you fight with?"

"It's all up to the big guy. If he swallows his pride, accepts the truth and his humiliation, I will fight along side you...If not, I will not join either side. Rather, I will watch this war and pray for the many souls that will be lost. It's all up to God and his sinful pride, and if he forgives me for being right,"[/b] Artemus turns to fly off.

He leaves Delnoreth to his thoughts. Artemus soared majestically through the air. The wind tugs and nips at his golden hair.[/color][/size][/i]
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Delnoreth watched the rogue angel fly away. If only matters of allegiance could be simpler. Then his train of thought was interupted by Tilion swooping in from above with a group of angels.

"Dragon, what has happened?" Tilion gave a powerful thrust of his wings to stop his decent.

"Nothing... I must go." Delnoreth did not wish to give them a head start in capturing Artemus. He again twisted around and headed toward the place where he normaly crossed into Heaven.

As he stepped up to the mighty gate, he stated his faith and prepared to enter... but the gates did not open. The groaned and rumbled as if holding in a desire to open. He said it again and this time the gates reluctantly swung open.

A few moments later he stood before God.

"You know what happened, you know all. Why would you not help the half-dragons in their time of greatest need?"

God seemed reluctant to answer... but he turned to Delnoreth and gave him a look of all-knowing power. In the next instant, Delnoreth knew precisely why God would not help... and it angered him.

He flew from Heaven with a vengeance, determined to find the source of the power radiating from the half-dragon's spirits... Gekanisel.
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[color=green]Gam had heard of the slaughter of the half-dragons at the hell-mouth. While glad of the victory for her own side, she was still angered by the fact that her own kind were sacrificed to see the allegiance God paid to those willing to fight for him. Lucifer had his answer: [b]none[/b] What's more, she had heard rumor that Delnoreth had some trouble conjuring the pearly gatesa to open. SHe smiled at her own good fortune. [i]Not only can I milk him for information, he is ripe for corruption...[/i]

Se set off to find her new prey, not even knowing where to begin. She took to the air to search. First she went to the scene of the battle, but found no living creature there. She decided to check the Temple of God, but still did not find him.

She came upon a gathering of other half dragons, and stopped to inquire of them, "Do any of you know of Delnorath? I heard he witnessed the slaughter, and I would like to speak with him of it."

"Yes, lady, we know him. He's not been seen since the battle, though he was not found among the dead. He is probably communing with Our Lord."

[i]Damn, the one place I cannot seek him out...[/i] " I thank you, sirs. Is there any thought to when or if he may return?" Her question was answered with a shrug from the group. She took to the air again. As she soared away, she became aware of a presence behind her. She dove towards the surface and found whoever it was to be following her. She landed gracefully to meet her stalker head on. As she turned to see, she found a surprise waiting for her. Artimis, the cast-out Angel had sought her out.

"You seek Delnoreth."

"I do. Can you help me find him?"

"No, he was unharmed in the battle, he needs no help from you. I know where you've been, girl. You mean him ill will."

"I do not know of what you speak, Majesty. I only seek information on the slaughter of my brethren."

"Do not use you lies on me. I have seen you come and go from the hidden gate. You are a servant of the dark one." Artemis drew his sword. Gamaliel felt very threatened, but could not mave for her weapons. "I mean you no harm, yet. But this sword is for you if you continue to seek Delnorath."[/color]
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"Delnoreth, put your damn wings away and calm down!" A friend of Delnoreth said with annoyance. "Now tell me what you found."

Delnoreth quickly folded his wings and paced anxously across the barren ground. "I know, Quentai... I know why God refuses to aid us."

"Well say it!" Quentai folded his arms.

"Gekanisel." Quentai recoiled in surprise. "Her soul lives in us, but it is not pure any longer."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean that the last of the true Dragons has turned to Satan!"

"Impossible! Gekanisel was nearly a diety among the mortals!"

"But mortal still... and her soul has been corrupted... as long as her soul lives on, God can give us no aid."

"Pha!" Quentai flung his arms, "Are you suggesting we try to kill a Dragon? A true Dragon? A soul no less! It would take an army!"

"Then it is an army we shall use!" Delnoreth spread his wings. "We must gather all the half-dragons under the service of God or nuetral... Gekanisel must perish."
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[i][color=lightpink]Nymphanie just watched Artemus soaring through the air, enjoying just how he looked when he soared. She was just swooning over him, never seeing someone so elegant as him before. She never say Lucifer as 'elegant' or sexy' as the other girls did, she really longed for something more, and when ever she looked at Artemus she felt complete.


OOC:I had to do something...[/color][/i]
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[color=indigo][size=1][i][b]OOC: Scores! Someone is falling for my character^^..I don't blame her, he's freakin hot!! [/b]

[b]"This sword is for you if you continue to seek out Delnoreth," Artemus[/b] sheathed his diamond sword and looked at Gam.

[b]"What is your alligance, your Majesty?"[/b] Gam nearly choked on her words when [b]Artemus[/b] shot her a cold glare.

[b]"Do not address me as 'Majesty'. You are not at liberty to address me as such," Artemus[/b] gave her a blank expression then took to the sky.

He soared in frustration. He beat his wings and pushed himself to ultimate speed. He skimmed the lands below and spotted a beautiful woman. She looked to be alone and sad. [b]Artermus[/b] slowed his pace and swooped down to face this woman.

[b]"What is a lady doing out here in times like these?" Artemus[/b] walked up to the woman.

[b]"That is my business, angel,"[/b] the woman smiled.

[b]"Then at least tell me thy name?" Artemus[/b] smiled softly.[/color][/size][/i]
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[i][color=lightpink]Nymphanie looked up at Artemus almost at a loss for words, yet when she heard him asking what her name was she smiled softly up to him being shorter. She saw the smile across his face, it causing her to be more confident. "My name is Nymphanie...May I ask what is yours...?"

"I'm Artemus. It's a pleasure to meet a lovely lady like yourself in these times." he spoke softly to her, kissing the top of her hand.

Nymphanie at this moment would give up anything, even her allegience to Lucifer jus to be with Artemus. She blushes slightly when he kissed the top of her hand, seeing that he had manners. Soemthing she never saw where she came from, wanting to melt in his arms. "It's lovely..." she spoke softly unsure of what to do or say now.[/color][/i]
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[color=green][size=1]As Artimis took flight, Gam to to the underworld. She went to seek counsel from Lucifer himself. As she arrived at the palace, Satan addressed her mind. [i]I have seen you were accosted by the Fallen One. He will not come to me. What did he tell you?[/i]

"Please, Lord, if I may just see you, we can speak of it..."

[i]I have no time for a weakling who cannot get the job done. One who is afraid of one such as he. What did he tell you?[/i]

"He told me not to seek Delnorath. My Lord, what am I to do?"

[i]Continue your search. Delnorath is angry at God, and fertile ground to plant your seed in right now. You [b]must[/b] find him, he is the key.[/i]

"Yes, Lord. I shall bring to us." With that, Gam left the realm, feeling dejected and angry. As she reached the surface, the glare of the sun made her wince. She continued on to her home, where she meant to rest. Rest she would not, though. There was someone waiting for her there. It was a minor demon, but she was furious to see him there. She drug him in, out of site as quickly as she could.

"What are you doing here. Don't you realize that I can only work if no one is aware of my allegiance? What do you want?"

"I have seen him, Lady...The one you seek. He is starting to muster troops in the west to fight Gekanisel, an ally of our Lord."

"This si most helpful." Gam left her house without another word and headed west to join the call against Gekanisel. [i]Delnorath will be mine.[/i][/color][/size]
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[color=indigo][size=1][i][b]"'Nymphanie', that is a beautiful name," Artemus[/b] rubbed her hand with his thumb.

[b]"I like yours, too,"[/b] Nymphanie's face flushed slightly, her eyes shifted away from Artemus's.

Artemus smiled at her and looked her in the face. He felt something within Nymphanie, his hand tightened around her hand. Visions of darkness, fire, and pain surged through his pure mind. He quickly realized what he was seeing and released Nymphanie's hand, not rigidly but calmly.

[b]"You serve Lucifer, do you not?"[/b] Artemus stepped back, slightly disappointed and angered.

[b]"That I do,"[/b] Nymphanie looked down.

[b]Artemus[/b] sensed that she was ashamed of her alligance. He walked up to her and took her face into his hands. She flinched and looked nervously at Artemus. Her flesh burned in Artemus's hands. He looked deep into her eyes, he was searching her soul.

[b]"You are ashamed of your alligance. You secretely wish to flee from Lucifer. You feel like there is something more for you to do, something better you should be part of. You've even considered leaving Lucifer and pledging your soul to God," Artemus[/b] released Nymphanie's face, his face of understanding and collected thought.

Nymphanie stared at him and blinked several times before she spoke.

[b]"H-how did-?"[/b] she began.

[b]"It is best that you don't ask questions to which you already know the answer,"Artemus[/b] sat down on the ground.

His silky wings spread along the grass. The breeze ruffled his golden hair and his feathers. He smiled up at Nymphanie and motioned her to sit next to him.

[b]"You..are not going to kill me?"[/b] Nymphanie hesitated.

[b]"Now why would I do that? You have a pure heart, I saw it within your eyes. Now, sit with me for a while. I wish to rest for a few minutes and wouldn't mind such sweet company," Artemus[/b] patted the ground beside him.

Nymphanie smiled, and with slight hesitation she sat down beside Artemus. He looked at her then to the sky.

[b]"What would make you want to leave Lucifer?" Artemus[/b] broke the awkward silence.[/color][/size][/i]
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[i][color=lightpink]Nymphanie folded her wings in some, they only had a few black feathers on them, her lavender bangs covering her eyes, she pushed them back a bit and looked up at Artemus answering the question. "he is mean and vile. Whenever he gets upset at one of us for not doing something when he says it...we get punished for it. And when he is really mad he'll 'cook the town'. I honestly don't think he'll win the war. If I can....I want to leave Lucifer."

Artemus nodded a bit and closed his eyes thinking for a slight moment, then spoke...


OOC: Annie do you think you could finish that. I dont know what to put. Im at a loss for words.[/color][/i]
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