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Grand Theft Auto Gangwars [MATURE]


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[Mature for violence language etc, things in mob/gang stories]
(Yeah, kind of a rip off, but it will be fun ^_^)

[I] Life in Natas City it tough... Especially with the biggest turfwar ever going on. Betwen two mafias, and a gang of pimps. The mafias are Gotorelli and Zanorelli, And the gang is pimps is called the South Side Hoods. They all worked in their respective turfs for a while, the Gotorelli family in the west, the Zanorelli in the east, and the South Side Hoods in the South. But now, all the gangs want the north as their turf too.
The gangs need leaders to bring them to victory in this bloody turf war. They need hitmen (and women) and lots of other peopel to help them do that.[/I]
Basically, the gangs fight to the death until only one gang is left standing, and they will have the turf they want.

Sign up:

Name: (Can also be a callsign if you don't want a real name)
Position: (Positons are Head, Right hand man, hitman and thug)
Weapons: (Five max, new age wepaons please, like gangs would use)
Vehicles ( Two max)
Description: (picture please)
Any extra notes: (A bio, anything)
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
Name: Stealthy
Gang: South Side Hoods
Position: Head
Weapons: Uzi, baseball bat, colt .45, MP5, golf club
Vehicles: Cadalac Escalade, Corvette
Description: [url]http://animeshrine.com/gallery.php?series=cowboybebop&image=33[/url]
Any extra notes: When it comes to murder, he's [I]very[/I] dangerous, and violent...
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Name: Tony Donatelli
Gang: Gotorelli
Position: Mafiosa (Kinda like a right hand man)
Weapons: Barreta, AK-47u, Switchblade
Vehicles: [url]http://www.ffgon.com/images/ff7/wallpaper/ff7_14s.jpg[/url]
Description: [url]http://www.animeshrine.com/image.php?/trigun/trigunwolfwood01.jpg[/url]
Any extra notes: He's a well known dare-devil
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Name: Kayla Goterelli
Position: Head
Weapons: MP5-K and Colt 45
Vehicles: Motorcycle and a Lamburgini Diablo
Description: I will get a pic later, I'm at school right now so I can't
Any extra notes: Well known, sneaky, devious and very smart
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Looks like the Zanorelli need a few guns...even if It costs a pretty penny...

Name: Ryan Adams 'wraith
gang: currently Zanorelli
Position: assassin
weapons: glock 17 with laser sight. Sawed off 12-gauge (been scaled down to a large pistol size) MP-5, collapsible M4 assault carbine.
Vehicles: Ninja moter cycle

Description: Tall, has black hair, has tanned skin, frost blue eyes, weighs 175 lbs. wears a white shirt, baggy blue jeans, and tennis shoes when he doesn't have a 'job'. On the job he wears a long black trenchcoat, black sunglasses, a black shirt, and black cargo pants, along with black steel toe boots.

extra notes: Mostly known as wraith, he's performed several hits for each of the gangs over the years. He's a skillful liar, and let's very little slip about his past, except for what he wants people to know. Other wise, he seems real friendly, if you ignore the harsh col light in his eyes.
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