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Trigun: A New Plan


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Knives was staring out a window on a bus. After the whole ordeal with those thugs a couple of days ago, he was ready to give up. Millie, who was sitting on the opposite side of him, looked at him and smiled slightly.

?What are you thinking about Mr. Knives,? Millie asked as she put her hand on Knives? leg. Knives looked down at Millie?s hand and then looked at her. He smiled and put his hand on her?s.

?Nothing,? Knives said with a bright smile. Millie smiled back at him. Julie, who was across the row, looked over at her brother and shook her head. She looked back out her window. She almost had a heart attack as Meryl walked up. Meryl sat down and looked at Julie strangely.

?What?s wrong with you,? Meryl asked kindly. Julie didn?t say anything. She just jumped up and ran up to the bus driver.

?Stop this bus,? Julie said with a frown stretched across her face, ?and let me out.? The bus driver slammed on the breaks and looked at Julie,

?What?s wrong,? the bus driver said as he opened the door. Julie didn?t answer and ran out the door. Meryl stared out the window as Julie disappeared into the horizon.

?We?re not going to wait for her are we Knives,? Meryl said as she looked over at Knives. Knives sighed and shook his head. It was tempting for him to leave his sister out in the middle of nowhere, but it wasn?t that tempting.

?Yes because we can?t just leave her out in the middle of nowhere,? Knives said with a sigh, ?and she must have had a good reason for holding us up.? Meryl huffed and looked back out the window. Millie looked at Knives with a confused look. Knives just shrugged his shoulders.

?Yeah, well,? Meryl said as she stared out the window, ?she better come back with somebody who?s on the brink of death.? Knives rubbed the back of his head as an anime sweat drop appeared. He thought Meryl was overreacting just a tad. He was going to say something, but he rather not get his head bit off.

About twenty minutes later, Julie came back. She wasn?t alone though. She came back with a man with black hair and dressed in all black. She was also carrying a huge cross. Knives presumed the cross belonged to the man. Julie sat the man helped the man to a seat. He sat down and looked up at Julie. His blue eyes sparkled with hope.

?Here,? Julie said as she handed the man a container of water. He slowly took the container from Julie. Julie smiled as she sat down next to the man.

?Ahh,? the man said as he took the container away from his mouth, ?I?m alive because of you Ms??..? Julie blushed as she looked in to the strangers blue eyes. She couldn?t let him hang. She put her hand out a swallowed hard.

?The name?s Julie,? Julie said hesitantly, ?Julie the Typhoon and you.? The man shook her hand and smiled brightly. Julie just turned redder then she was.

?My name?s Nicholas D. Wolfwood,? the man said, ?but you can call me Nick.? Julie nodded her head and looked down. She noticed Nick was wearing silver cross cufflinks. She looked back up to look Nick straight in the eyes.

?What are you,? Julie asked with confused look. Nick stopped shaking Julie?s hand and dropped his head in embarrassment. He looked back at her with an anime sweat drop on the side of his head. He laughed nervously as Julie blinked a few times.

?I?m a man of the cloth,? Nick said kindly. Knives looked over at Nick. He then looked at Julie. He knew she was about to say something she was going to regret. He sunk down in seat before she even said it.

?Does that mean you make clothes,? Julie said still with a confused look on her face. Nick fell over and Knives slapped his palm to his forehead. Julie blinked a few more times.

?Hardly,? Nick said as he picked himself up, ?I?m a priest.? Julie turned bright red with embarrassment and nodded her head. As Nick went to sit back down, something hitting the bus knocked him over. Both Knives and Nick jumped up. The bus was almost tipped on its side. Both guys ran to the front of the bus. The bus driver slammed on the breaks again. Nick opened the door and ran outside. Knives followed him. They both started looking around.

OOC: Maybe this will attract people to be in this lovely story. ^_^;
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[color=red]OOC: I think I'll spice this up.

Mike was sitting on a sand hill with Castillo. He had a cigarette hanging half-way out of his mouth. He stood up and dusted himself off.

"Nice shot Castillo," Mike said as he picked up his gun. He slid down the hill as Castillo nodded at him. Mike started walking toward the bus. As he walked two girls appered beside him.

"Where ya going Mike," Kayla said as she looked up at Mike. Mike looked down at the girl. She smiled at him. He then looked forward agian. Mai put her arm around Mike's shoulders.

"What do you want Mai, Kayla," Mike said as he pushed his sunglasses down off his head. Mai took her arm off of Mike and stopped. Kayla looked at Mai and stopped as well.

"Vash told us you would be here," Mai said as she twisted her foot into the sand. Mike stopped and turned around. He pulled his sunglasses. Kayla never liked Mike's two different color eyes, but they never bothered Mai.

"So," Mike said as he pushed his sunglasses back up, "your point is." Mai looked upset with Mike's attitude. She stepped up to him and stared him in the face.

"Well," Mai said with a stern look, "Vash wants to know what the hell your doing." Mike took his cigarette out of his mouth and blew smoke in Mai's face. Mai waved the smoke away from her face.

"Tell our boss that I've got unfinished business," Mike said as turned back around. Mai shook her head, turned around, and started walking toward Castillo. Kayla quickly followed her.

A few seconds later, Mike was standing really close to the bus. He spotted Nick and Knives outside of the bus. He frowned as he walked toward them.[/color]
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Sarah rushed out of the bus, and stood next to the two.
[I]Alright! We get to fight already! The sooner we get this overwith the better. I swear if they do anything to my son...[/I] Sarah clinched her fist in anger.
"Looks like we've got a friend," Sarah said as she stepped in front of the two facing Mike. "Why don't you tell me where you're boss is? That way we get this whole mess overwith, and i can go home."

"This doesn't concern you. Step aside." Mike said as he came even closer. Nick stepped infront of Sarah, waiting for someone to make a move....

(hope this was ok!)
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"What's with you Nicholas," Sarah said in anger. Nick clinched his fist as he watched Mike get closer. He was hoping Mike wouldn't show up so soon. He knew he had a major grudge against him, but this wasn't the time to settle it.

"Look closely at him Sarah," Nick said as felt around for his handgun, "does he look like anybody you know?" Sarah turned and looked at Mike. She was shocked at how much he looked like Nick, but with some key diffrences.

"What's he to ya," Sarah said as she looked at Nick's stern face. Nick didn't want to say. It might not look good that Mike's his twin brother. He couldn't lie to Sarah tough.

"He's my twin," Nick said as he pulled out his handgun. Sarah looked at Nick with a harsh look to her face. Nick looked at Mike as he walked right up to him. Julie decide to join in since everyone else that had a weapon was outside. She stopped dead in her tracks when she saw Mike.

"Long time no see Bro," Mike said as he pulled his sunglasses. Nick looked far from happy. He pointed his handgun at Mike's head. Mike just snorted and blew smoke out of his mouth. Nick's look didn't ease up.

"Why don't you go back to Vash, Michael," Nick said as he tightened his grib on his gun. Julie ran next to Nick and pulled out her gun. Knives walked to the other side of Nick and pulled out his gun. Sarah stayed behind Nick. She decided she'll jump in if she was needed.

"You should know me better then that Nicholas," Mike said as he unwrapped his gun. Nick's eyes widened as he stared at Mike's gun. He couldn't get to his gun without putting the people on the bus in danger.

"[color=green]That's enough[/color]," a voice said as it rang only through Mike's head, "[color=green]Vash wants you back here now Michael[/color]." Mike grabbed his head, grabbed his gun, and turned around. Nick, Julie, and Knives lowered their guns.

"You're lucky Legato stopped me Nicholas," Mike said as he walked away. Nick let out a sigh and turned toward Julie. Julie looked at Nick and let out a nervous laugh.
OOC: I'm starting the mind talking thing like I have on my other story. If someone decides to play Legato, they can change the color of his thoughts. ^_^
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Kayla and Mai walked up to Castillo.

"What are you doing here, Castillo?" Mai asked.

"Just helping out Mike."Castillo said and put his gun away. This was odd because Castillo rarely talked to anyone.

"Yeah, well, Vash doesn't like the idea of you two wandering off to do whatever you please!" Kayla yelled at him.

"Well, tell Vash that---" Castillo was interupted by Legatos voice in each of their heads.

"[color=green]You three! Vash wants to see you immediately![/color]" Legato said and the three nodded.

"Allright then, looks like Vash is going to talk to us all." Kayla said.

"Hope it's something good!" Mai said happily.

"Yeah! Like a pay raise." Kayla smiled.

Kayla saw Castillo shake his head. She shrugged and began walking towards Vash's hideout.

OOC- I'm having trouble thinkin of stuff at the moment. But once more people start writing I'll be able to think of more stuff.
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hmm...legato eh....still don't like him that much (carried that taste from the other story ^_^')
Mai walked quicker than the others. [I]Why did Legato sound so urgent? Who cares, Legato's an idiot anyways.[/I] She thought. Mai never did like Legato...especially since he was Vash's closest 'minion.' They soon arrived at Vash's hideout (can't quite think of where it might be) They walked in to be eerily greeted by Legato. "So what does Vash want?" She spat. "He wants to talk to you all. You especially, Mai. I think he may have something special for you all." Legato replied, ignoring Mai's ovious hatred towards him.
hehe I love making things a bit more difficult...
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Castillo stared in silence. A glint of anxiety sparked in his eyes, though no one in the room, except for legato, could tell because of Castillo's mask. He did not like this at all. Like Mai, he was not very fond of Legato, especially since he felt a sort of vulnerability around him. Mai suddenly spoke, breaking the odd silence. "Well, when is he getting here? You better have a good reason for bringing us here Legato, or else your head's coming off." "Patience girl. Vash will be here soon, I...know he will." After 10 minutes or so, Vash suddenly came in casually. He talked patiently and smoothly. "Mai, I need to speak to you in private." Mai hurriedly followed Vash into another room. Castillo decided to rest for a while, his gun by his side.
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[i]Wonder what this is all about....[/i]Kayla thought to herself as Mai followed Vash into another room. [i]Wonder what he wants to talk to everyone about....I hope he hurries up, I haven't saw him in ages....[/i]It was true. Kayla hadn't saw Vash for a few months now as she had been on important business with Mai. [i]I hope this isn't going to be something bad...[/i]Kayla sat down next to Castillo and waited patiently for Vash to finish talking with Mai.
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Mai followed Vash into a room. "So, what's up boss?" Mai asked, her voice full of more admiration than it ever has when she spoke with Legato.Vash looked at her "Well, what have you done in the past few months? Don't tell me you havn't gotten anything done..." Vash said. Mai leaned against the wall. [I]Man I thought he was going to promote me or something... [/I]Mai thought."Well, me and Kayla found Knives and his little buddies. Plus, they've got Wolfwood. My hatred towards Legato has also slightly grown." Mai said, almost sounding triumphant. "Why do you hate Legato so much?" Vash asked her, frowning. Mai looked down. "Sorry. I was out of line to speak like that," she said, thinking something bad was going to happen."Why don't you forget all that stuff. Legato was right, I do have something for everyone. For you, power. You now have as much power as Legato. So in other words, you've got yourself a promotion. But, if you fail me at all, you'll get more than a demotion." Vash said to her, watching her brighted expression. "Thanks boss!" She said, hiding her happiness. "Yeah, yeah. Go send Kayla in!"Vash responded. Mai nodded and walked out. "Your turn Kayla. I think he's in a good mood!" Mai said to her.
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Kayla walked into the room and stood in front of Vash.
"Good to see you Kayla. From what Mai has told me, you two did accomplish something. Not very much I tell you, but something. You probably haven't heard, because I just told her, but Mai has gotten a promotion. She is now on the same standards of power as Legato." Vash said.
"Uh huh, and what does this have to do with me?" Kayla asked.
"Well, with Mai getting promoted, her old position is now open---"
Kayla excitedly interrupted him. "You mean I get Mai's old position?"she put her head down. "I'm sorry for talking out of turn, sir." she mumbled.
Vash continued. "Well, as you've guessed, yes, you do get Mai's old position. Now, begone with you and send Castillo in." Kayla walked out of the room.
"Castillo, you're up."
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Castillo got up and nonchalantly walked in without a word. Vash looked at him, his face expressionless. Castillo spoke. "You called?" "This is what I'd like to call a 'checkup' on my minions. So, Castillo, what accomplishments have you had recently?" "The 3 assasinations you wanted on the aristocrats in Augusta has been completed. I'm still working on Knives with the others." "Ahh yes, as you've heard, both of the girls got promotions." "Yeah, I heard them, they were babbling their heads off about it." "Hmmm, yes well, I don't know how to put this but...you're not getting one. This is because I can't find a better sniper/assasin then you. Everyone has their strong suits, yours just happen to be unique to me." "I understand." "Good, now then, wait outside for me to talk to all of you. By the way, where the hell is Mike, I was suppose to talk to him too." "I'll go look for him, we got seperated when he was checking the bus, shouldn't be far." "No need. He'll make his own way." Castillo started walking out again. Once again he spoke. "We're expendable aren't we?" It was more of a comment then a question. Vash stood in silence. Castillo walked out of the room.
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[color=red]Mike walked into Vash's hideout still holding his head. He dropped his gun and stumbled over to Legato. He grabbed Legato's jacket collar.

"What the hell is your problem," Mike said as he slightly lifted Legato in the air. Mai watched on in amusement as Mike got rough with Legato. Legato did nothing but smirk. A second later, Mike dropped Legato and fell to his knees holding his head.

"Vash wants to see you," Legato said with an evil grin. Mike looked up at Legato as angered flashed across his eyes. Mai ran over to Mike to try to help him up, but he shoved her away. Mike stumbled to his feet and looked toward the double doors. Castillo walked out and looked at Mike. Mike walked toward the doors with a hand still on his head.

"Nice for you to join me Michael," Vash said as he heard the doors shut behind Mike. Mike looked at Vash with his blue eye because his green eye was covered by his hand. Vash turned around and grinned evily.

"What do you want boss," Mike said as he finally moved his hand. Vash put his hand on his chin. Mike looked really angry and worn out.

"Looks like Legato did a number on you," Vash said as he took his hand off his chin. Mike looked angrier as Vash mentioned Legato's name. He hated Legato and he knew he wasn't alone. Mike moved his bangs out of his face.

"Get to the point old man," Mike said as he stared out the ground. Vash looked upset as he turned his back to Mike. Mike looked up waiting for Vash's response.

"I personally putting you in charge of killing Nicolas D. Wolfwood," Vash said without turning around, "because he betrayed us. Now be gone." Mike turned around, opened the double doors, and walked out. Mai looked at Mike as he walked over to his gun. Mike had a evil grin stretched across his face.[/color]
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.....back at the bus....
"What are you doing? Why are you following them?" Sarah yelled as she watched Mike slowly disappear into the distance. She turned around and was met with faces looking into the ground.
"You know they'll lead us right to Vash! Come on!" Sarah said as she started to run after them.

Nick grabbed her arm as she tried to ran past him. "Let me go! They're leading us right to Vash! Isn't that what you want??"

Nick looked straight into Sarah's eyes, "Now is not the right time," he said as he lead her back into the bus, everyone else following.

"But.....but why?" [I]If we just finished this now, i could get back..and they would be ok.[/I]

"It's just not the right time...."
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Castillo walked out of the building, his rifle at his side. With his left eye, he saw several figures going in away from him. He quickly pulled out his sniper rifle and began taking potshots at the enemy. At one point with his steady aim, hit a woman in the arm closest to the building, though it was no use, they were too far away. Mai came out screaming. "What the hell are you doing?!" Castillo simply pointed at the distant blots of the enemy. Mai couldn't see them and continued screaming at Castillo. Suddenly Legato came out. Mai suddenly had an outburst against Legato, "What do you want?" she asked harshly. "Knives, Nick and the others are there." "Oh... Well let's go after them then." "Patience my dear." It was Vash. "Did you kill anybody?" Castillo shook his head. "I see...then you, Castillo and Mike will go after them." Castillo nodded and Mike came out, anxious to kill his brother. Kayla suddenly came out and asked "So what do you want us to do?" "Mai and Kayla, come with me inside, I have a different mission for you 2." Castillo and Mike began the chase.
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----Back at the Bus---
Nick froze as Julie held her arm. He turned around quickly. He knew Castillo was having fun takeing popshots at him and friends.

"[i]Dammit Castillo[/i]," Nick thought as he turned toward Julie. Julie was now down on her knees holding her arm. Knives was trying to comfort her and take the bullet out all at the same time. It was hard for Nick not to pay attention to Julie, but he turned his back to her as he looked into the distance.

"We're leaving," Julie said as she stummbled to her feet, "before someone more innocent gets hurt." Nick turned and looked at Julie. The stern look on her face reminded him a little of Vash. He nodded as he watched Julie, Knives, and Sarah board the bus.

"[i]I know you'll never give up Mike[/i]," Nick thought as he boarded the bus, "[i]Your grudge will never fade. This family feud will last until one of us is dead[/i]." Nick shook his head and walked over to Julie. Julie looked at him as he sat down.

"Before you ask," Julie said as she looked away from Nick, "I'm perfectly fine." Nick nodded his head and stretched his arms above his head. Julie watched him out of the corner of her eye as his right lowered around her shoulders.

"That's good to hear," Nick said as he smiled at Julie. Julie turned bright red as she turned back toward the window. Nick leaned his head back and stared at the ceiling of the bus.

OOC: I think Castillo hit one of the goods guys. Hopefully I did this right. ^_^;
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By the time Castillo got into range of the bus, it had already been moving and fast. He was going to shoot the wheels, but he couldn't calculate the distance and speed of bus in time, so instead he went for the windows. At on point, one of his bullets was an inch away from hitting Nick, but instead hit a civilian. Mike suddenly put his hand up. "We'll kill them at their next stop." Castillo nodded and him and Mike continued trekking through the desert. Castillo could only wonder what Vash had in store for Kayla and Mai.
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Nick felt his cheek, where Castillo's bullet skimmed it. He was bleeding. Julie looked at the civilian that had gotten hit. Luckily, they were only hit in the shoulder. Nick stood up, but Julie pulled him back down.

"No Nick," Julie said as she held her arm, "you're not doing anything without us. We're all in this together now." Nick looked at Julie as her green eyes flickered. He let out a sigh and looked over at Knives. Knives was agreeing with Julie and comforting Millie at the same time. Nick nodded looked back at Julie. Julie had layed her head on his shoulder. Nick shook his head and started playing with Julie's hair.

A few mintutes later, Nick had fallen asleep. In fact, everyone was asleep. They had a very tiring day. They deserved their rest.

The next day, everyone woke up to a town. Everyone hurrily stummbled of the bus. As Nick stepped off, he sensed that Mike and Castillo had followed them. Julie and Knives sensed it to.

"Millie," Knives said as he step up next to Nick, "take Meryl and find shelter." Millie nodded and grabbed Meryl's hand. Julie walked up on Nick's other side and Sarah walked up next to her.
As the had their hands guns, they saw a figure walking up. It had two machine guns that looked as if they were half of a cross.

"Michael," Nick said as he unwrapped his gun. Mike came into view and sat his guns down. Nick didn't lower his gun. He knew Mike was up to something.

"Why don't the two blondes and their little friend try to go find Castillo," Mike said as he glared at Nick through his bangs, "He's snipping on the town and besides this is between Nick and Me." Nick made a head motion to Knives, Julie, and Sarah. Knives and Sarah split up and started searching for Castillo, but Julie didn't move.

"What are you doing Julie," Nick said as he looked at Julie. Julie shook her head. Nick glared at her. Julie quickly gave Nick a kiss on the cheek and went to look for Castillo. Nick turned bright red as he turned back toward Mike.

"How sweet," Mike said as he picked up his guns, "I should kill her first just to see you suffer." Nick glare became extremely cold. He had his hand on the trigger of his gun.

"Lay a hand on her and you die," Nick said as pulled his sunglasses down with his other hand. Mike ginned at his brother's anger.
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Castillo was west of the town, almost a mile away, sniping down on the 3 people trying to find him. They were splitting up, but Sarah was headed in his direction, so he started sniping her first. Since she was running in a straight line, it was easy to predict where the bullet would hit. He aimed at her leg. A direct hit ensued and Sarah fell in pain. Julie and Knives heard the sound and ran towards him. Knives could now see him and ran in a very fast zigzag pattern. Julie went to tend Sarah. Castillo didn't care about them, his job was to kill Knives. For a second he lost Knives in his sight. He tried searching for him, but he was completely out of sight. Sudden'y he heard a gun click from behind him. "Drop the gun, I don't want to have to hurt you." Castillo dropped it and put his hands up. Suddenly he turned around and shot at Knives but Knives was expecting it and lept sideways. Castillo kept shooting until he was out of bullets. He only grazed Knives ribs and that was it. Castillo dropped his pistol, ran towards his rifle, picked it up and ran towards the town. He thought to himself, "I can't die, not yet, not until my job is finished." He wondered how Mike was doing against Nick.
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[color=red]"Are we just going to stand here or are we going to fight," Mike said as he looked at his guns. Nick had a stern look on his face that didn't seem to go away. Mike got tired of doing nothing and shot at Nick with guns. The bullets skimmed both sides of Nick's face. He had a nice scratch on each side of his face.

"Why must we fight," Nick said as he took aim at Mike. Mike shook his head. Nick knew why they had to fight, yet he dares ask. Mike took another two shots at Nick. This time Nick dodged.

"Fight back dammit," Mike yelled as he turned faced Nick. Nick was standing right in front of him with his gun to his head. Mike wondered how Nick got so fast.

"You want me to fight back," Nick said as he started to pull back on his trigger. Mike moved just as the bullet clipped his hair. This was going to be a close fight.

"Good," Mike said as he fired his gun. Nick fired his gun at the same time. Both brothers stood still as the smoke cleared from their guns. Nick fell to his knees holding his right shoulder.

"Damn you Mike," Nick said as he stood back up. Mike wasn't moving. Something had happened. Nick looked at Mike as his knee started to bleed. They had gotton each other. Mike turned around and started to limp away.

"I can't afford to be kill yet," Mike said as he limped away from the battle scene, "but next time You won't get me. Mark my words Nicholas." Nick watched Mike limp away. He wasn't in no condition to fight either. He now had the opportunity to help the others.[/color]
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Castillo was waiting for Mike on the outskirts of town. He limped toward Castillo, cussing. He finally asked, "Did you get the others?" Castillo shook his head and Mike understood. "We'll have to regroup and kill them another time. For now, let's just get back to the hideout. We've got punishments awaiting us there." Mike laughed a little as he said it. Castillo just nodded and helped Mike walk back. He wondered how Kayla was doing...
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Nick started walking through the town looking for Knives, Julie, and Sarah. He found them with in seconds. Julie was helping Sarah out and Knives was coming back into the town. Nick ran over to Julie and Sarah.

"What happened," Nick said as he kneeled down. Julie took her attention off of Sarah and looked Nick. She noticed that his shoulder was bleeding.

"What happened to you," Julie asked as she put the finish touchs to Sarah's wrap. Nick looked at his shoulder. He just shook his head. The blood loss wasn't bothering him. Julie moved over to him.

"My ignorant brother shot me," Nick said as he looked at Julie. Julie took the rest of her wrap and started wrapping Nick's shoulder. Nick looked off into horizio. He knew he wouldn't have to deal with Castillo or Mike for awhile, but what about Vash's other hengemen.
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[color=navy]OOC- What color are Vash's thoughts? Well, I guess for now I'm going to make them [color=red]red[/color] just correct me if I'm wrong and I'll change the color.
Kayla and Mai walked into a room with Vash.

[i]"Wonder what Vash has is going to have us do...."[/i] Kayla wondered to herself.

Vash had heard her thoughts. [/color][color=red]" Oh, you'll see Kayla. You'll see."[/color]

[color=navy]Vash walked to a door at the back of the room. Kayla and Mai followed him. He opened the door and went into the next room. Kayla gasped as she saw hundreds of different kinds of weapons, filling the walls from floor to ceiling.

"Wow!" Mai exclaimed.

Vash laughed. "Yes, wow indeed." Vash led them over to a small table in the back of the room. "Years and years of collecting weapons and the only guns you two need are these ones." he picked up two small handguns and handed them to Mai and Kayla.

OOC- I would type more but I can't think of what Vash wants us to do.[/color]
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"Thank you Julie," Sarah said as she looked down at her leg.

"No problem," Julie said back as she started wrapping up Nick's wounds.

"Well, what do we do now?" Sarah asked as she stood up, wincing through the pain. She knew that this was not enough to stop her.

"Let's rest a bit. They're going to have to take a break themselves, they have nothing left." Knives said as he stood next to Sarah.

"I'll go find Millie," Sarah said as she started to leave. "Come on Knives, let's leave them alone."

Sarah and Knives headed into the city, as Julie finished Nick's wrap.
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Castillo and Mike trodded on through the Desert day-by-day. Since they were expendable, both of them were somewhat afraid of Vash's fury if he found out, though they both also knew that Vash was already informed by Legato or some other spy Vash had following them. Castillo started to stare at Mike's leg with worry. The wound was beginning to rot. Castillo tore off a piece of his cloak and handed it to Mike. "Thanks." After Mike wrapped his wound, he spoke again. "Do you think we should go back?" Castillo niether talked nor moved. "You too eh? I guess we ought to finish the job." Castillo suddenly spoke, "We'll get caught sooner or later." Mike was somewhat surprised at the reaction. Mike replied, "It's a risk we'll have to take. Let's regroup at Augusta." Castillo nodded. It was kind of worrying to him because he was wanted there and a few aristocrats recognized him. They had to be low profile, though it wouldn'y be easy. He wondered if Kayla was doing well with Mai, Vash and Legato...
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Nick looked at Julie as she finished wrapping his arm. He thought she was begin too kind. She wouldn't be as knid if she knew all the things he had done.

"Thank you," Nick said as he put his hand on Julie's leg. Julie turned bright red as she looked at Nick's hand. She then looked at Nick. His blue eye's were sparkling in the sun.

"You're welcome," Julie said as she looked away. Nick let out a sigh and moved his hand. He stood up and took out a cigarette. He lite it and looked down at Julie.

"Why don't we go look for your brother and friends," Nick said as she put his hand toward Julie. Julie nodded and grabbed Nick's hand. Nick pulled her up and didn't let go off her hand. They both started walking in the same direction that Knives and Sarah walked in.
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