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Trigun: The Days After


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[color=red]Hi there! This is my first time starting a RPG, so cut me a little slack. My sister is helping me out slightly. Well, this is going to be a Trigun RPG since Trigun is my all time favorite anime. I?m using my sister?s character Julie in this. It?ll make it more interesting. Oh yes, this is after Paradise and Julie and Wolfwood had something going on. Here?s the story plot????????

It?s after the final battle between Knives and Vash. Knives has won and has killed Vash. He decides to hunt down Julie. When he finds her, he kills her as well. He also kills Meryl and Millie in the process. After all is said and accounted for, he kills himself. (bloody ain?t it?) The unknown son of Wolfwood and Julie, (told you they had something going on) witness all of these murders. Begin half-Humanoid he grew fast. He was already about six when these murders accorded. He never met his father and now his mother, family, and friends are all gone. He grows up an orphan. He also turns out like his father.
A 130 years pass and something strange happens. The little six year old is now a 130(duh) and he has met six strange people. Their attitudes seem oddly familiar. A huge flash of light brings back some hunting memories for these six. They remember their past lives as their formal selves come through.

This shall be interesting. I need a reincarnation for the following: Vash, Knives, Julie, Meryl, and Millie. Sorry, but my sister has already clamed Wolfwood?s reincarnation.
I?m not playing a reincarnation. I?m playing the boy mentioned in the story brief.

Alrighty, here?s the character info I need:

Reincarnation or Bad Guy:

And here?s my info:

Name: Tyler E. Wolfwood

Age: about 130

Gender: Male

Weapon(s): A gun exsactly like his father?s (a cross that?s a machine gun/rocket launcher) FYI: It?s not his father?s gun

Description: He looks exsactly like his father expect he has blond hair (which he gets from Julie). He wears a long sleeved black button-up shirt, a semi-long black leather jacket with platinum cross cufflinks, black slacks, and black shoes. He also wears black sunglasses most of the time.

Bio: Tyler was changed after a faithful day when his uncle, Knives, murdered four people in front of him. Tyler grew up in an orphanage. He became really bitter. His attitude reflected a father he never knew. After he was old enough to get a job, he became a priest. (go figure) He has always been a loner, until he meets up with six unusual people. He get strange visions of who these six really are. His life change once again after an explosion of light.

Reincarnation or Bad Guy: Neither, but he?s a good guy. ^___^

Two more things, your allowed to have a max of two weapons if you are a reincarnation of someone because when you meet up with Tyler you get your old weapon (max of three weapons) and if you need a bio of any sort on Julie because you want to be her reincarnation. PM me and I?ll tell my sister. I say that because after the flash of light the old characters come through in their reincarnated body. It sort of switchs between the reincarnated people and the orginal people. Like having a split personality. I hope I didn?t confuse you and I hope you all are going to enjoy! ^_^
PS: I'll change the split personality thing if it gets to confuseing, ok and your character can be a humanoid.[/color]
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[color=purple]Thanks for saving Wolfwood?s reincarnation for me! LOL

Name: Nicholas (^_^) Jeremiah Wellings

Age: about 16

Gender: Male

Weapon(s): a few hundred throwing knives and a sword(which has a hidden gun in it) also Nick?s cross gun when Tyler gives it to him.

Description: Nick has medium length dirty blonde hair, a goatee, one cerulean color eye, and one sky blue color eye. He wears a black t-shirt, a semi-long white sleeve-less jacket that has a cross on the back, blue jeans, and black boots.

Bio: Nick has had an obsession with crosses ever since he was little. His parents could never explain why. He would always have nightmares about been shot by this guy dressed in black. He tried to ignore his recurring nightmares, but something about them kept telling him there was some truth to those nightmares. He loses complete memory and becomes someone else after a huge flash of light. Ok, he's also a Humanoid.

Reincarnation or Bad Guy: I?m Wolfwood?s reincarnation! ^_^[/color]
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[color=navy]Ok, this sounds like fun. Like all of the other Trigun RPG's.

Name: Juliana May Tragen

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Weapon(s): A .45 Colt and a short katana hidden under her jacket

Description: Juliana has shoulder length black hair, light green eyes, she wears a black t-shirt and jacket, and black jeans. She has a pair of purple sunglasses and army boots.

Bio: Juliana has always been a bit odd. She always had strange visions while she was awake and strange dreams while she was asleep. She has always been very playful and goofy. Then one day, she becomes who she has dreaming about in a flash of light.

Reincarnation or Bad Guy: Julie's reincarnation[/color]
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Name: Vanesa Shnider
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Weapon(s): .45 Colt (it's resonable for me!)
Description: semi-long blonde hair with blue eyes.Also has two silver earings in her left ear. Wears a dark red t-shirt and blue jeans. Not much to say here...
Bio: She really has a mixed personality but is usually happy. She sees stuff she'd never thought about before, sometimes, when she closes her eyes. Soon she becomes the person who she sees the most often in these strange 'visions.'
Reincarnation or Bad Guy: Vash the Stampede if you haven't already guessed.
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[color=teal]OOC: My brother is giving me permission to post another character. :D He needs a bad guy anywho.

Name: Terra Bluesummers

Age: about 23

Gender: Female

Weapon(s): She carries a magnum and a few knives

Description: Terra has shoulder length blue hair and green eyes. She usually wears a white tanktop, white pants, and black boots.

Bio: Terra has aways been a little bully. She also has aways had a six sense (kind of like telekinesis hint, hint). Terra has strange dreams about a blue haired man. She can never catch his name though. Her whole life gets turned upside down after a flash of light. She becomes someone different and more eviler then she already was.

Reincarnation or Bad Guy: Both, I'm Legato's reincarnation if you didn't figure it out. (laughs evily) Hee, Hee, Legato gets to keep his last name.

OOC: My brother is to lazy to change his post (even though I think he should of changed it earlier), so I'm going to exsplain this. If you want to be a bad guy, you can be a reincarnation of a bad guy (any of the Gun-Ho-Guns). Another thing is, if you're Knives, your a good guy becuse after he shot himself he relized what he had done.[/color]
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Name:Ace wallace
Weapon(s):a shootgun
Description:he kinda tall about 5'7 and has short black hair and wears a cloak
Bio:he was brainwash by knives and he is the utlimate vash killing machine the rest was lost because knives
Reincarnation or Bad Guy:bad guy
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[color=navy]Hi, I figured I would join. I'll be a good guy and bad guy! :evil laughter:

Name: Kirk Thorn

Age: about 16

Gender: Male

Weapon(s): A sword and a small handgun. He gets the black .45 colt when Tyler gives it to him.

Description: Kirk has shoulder length light blonde hair and dark blue eyes. He wears a white t-shirt, a teal vest, white pants with teal going down both legs, and white boots.

Bio: Kirk is a good friend of Nick, but just like Nick, he has recurring nightmares. He keeps seeing a bloody masucure. He sees a blonde hair man dead out in the middle of nowhere, three women dead in a small house, and a scared little boy. He usually wakes up right before another blonde haired man shoots himself. His life changed after a flash of light.

Reincarnation or Bad Guy: I'm Knives reincarnation[/color]

[color=green]And here's the other characters!
Name: May Long

Age: about 20

Gender: Female

Weapon(s): a sword and somehow she gets her hands on a dangurous saxaphone.

Description: May has long black hair and green eyes. She usually wears a black shirt, black pants, black shoes, and a pink jacket.

Bio: May is friends with Terra. Terra and her have always been bullies. They liked to see people cry. May has always had a love for music. Her favorite instrument is a saxaphone. She always have dreams about a handsome black haired man. She wishes she could catch his name, but she never can. Her life turns upside down after a flash of light.

Reincarnation or Bad Guy: Both, I'm the reincarnation of Midvally[/color]
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