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Trial by Inferno (violence, mild swearing)


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I'm in hell. That must me it, I died, and didn't know it. That's the only explination. This place, it must be what the unholy forces determined as my perfect hell. But, for some reason, that couldn't be the case. I never died. Was this place really earth?

It started about three years ago. January 1st, 2004. Everything was normal, in the start of the new year. Skies were blue, people were cheery, the impossibly tall skyscrapers towered above like giants. Even the occasional streetside bum was too busy partying to bother with their troubles.

I was still working in NYPD, hell's kitchen. Of course, I was in a drunken swirl the size of a tennis ball. That's right, a tennis ball. You know you're tanked when a tennis ball starts looking like Godzilla. But, I digress. The weather couldn't have been better, for about one hour.

Suddenly, the little clouds there were in the sky parted around one line in the sky, it looked kinda like a scar. The ends of the 'scar' couldn't be seen, they just streched on as far as the eye could see. Then there was a bright light coming down from the scar, but it didn't do anything when it touched the earth, or the people who were caught in it.

The light stayed for about an hour, and then faded. Everybody guessed it was just another stunt in honor of the new year, so they just cheered. But then, there was a loud sound, like a high pitched whistle, followed by moans that sounded like they were coming from underground.

The noises were followed by a rumbeling that shook the entire earth, and a large crack ran along the path the light had made. It must've ran across the entire world. Then fire started torching out of it, killing everyone and everything it it's firey path.

If that weren't enough, little demons started pouring out of the crack, hacking their ugly blades at anyone they could. And where was I? With my loaded Baretta and years of combat experience? I was spitting into the fire to see how fast it burned up. Good old alcahol.

The world was destroyed that day. The battle for humans lasted a good month, and even with all of our massive weaponry, we were still slaughtered. The crack, as I thought, ran through the entire world and into the noth and south poles, seperating the world into two halfs by a line of fire. The oceans all dried up, leaving only lakes as water sources.

The remainder of the human race got as far as they could from the crack, and scratched out a living from destroyed cities and such. I was luckily pulled away from the crack and found my way the the main city, on the eastern most part of the planet. I guess there must be an identical one on the other side of the fire, probably on the western most part of the planet.

Two massive castles shot out of the north and south poles, but nobody lived long enough to really see them. Why did this all happen? If anyone was responsible, who was? Nobody knows, and nobody dares to find out. It is the world, post-apocolypse style, also known as hell.

Weapon (swords are more common since they're simple to create, but there are still guns.)
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Age: 13
Description short black hair and tall
Bio: born in the city of Razzaria under sercuity until I broke out
Weapon twin blades
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by jon j [/i]
[B]Name: James
Age: 13
Description short black hair and tall
Bio: born in the city of Razzaria under sercuity until I broke out
Weapon twin blades [/B][/QUOTE]
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Name: Jake Davis

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Description: Tall and bulky, he has shaggy hair with jagged ends (he has to cut his own hair...sort of). He wears a necklace with igneous rock shards hanging off of it, he wears no shirt, and his jeans are shredded.

Bio: His necklace has igneous shards that he took every time he traveled to the crack on city raids (he and some friends of his would raid a destroyed city for building materials, weapons, etc). The last trip he made with his partners, they were caught! They were all tortured and one-by-one were killed...brutally. Luckily, Jake escaped...and took with him a sword that he stole from a demon...and the largest piece of rock he owns, which he places right in front.

Weapon: A demon long sword on his back, two short swords on his belt, a Luger 9mm that he found in his first raid, he keeps it in a strap across his chest.
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Name: Arianna Menatti "Ari"

Age: 26

Gender: Female

Appearance: A short taught woman with short black hair and Jadded green eyes.

Bio: Ari Lived in a humble New York appartment with her sixteen year old brother Anthony whom she tried to give the best life possible considering their parents were dead, trying her damndest to bring in enough money with her advertisment Gigs. This was all pretty normal, as normal as things would ever be before the "crack" appeared. On New years Eve Anthony left to spend the night with a friend, Leaving Ari home to ring in the new years watching channel nine cozzying up with a bottle Of jack daniels, the last night Ari saw Anthony alive. How She had managed to survive is still a blur, but now she is a war hardened person, nearly completely void of all human emotions. There still is a bit life in her, for wherever she goes she searches for signs of her lost brother.

Weapon(s): A broken Iron Post, fashioned into a long fighting lance. Two arm length "Daggers" that she salvaged from the local butchery.


[COLOR=red]This Rp may start before I get back, so I may be making a late appearance, if that's ok. [/COLOR]
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Great signups. Now, if there were only more of them...

Name: John Darrel
Age 27
Gender male

Description [url]http://www.computerandvideogames.com/openpic.php?name=..%2Fscreenshots_library%2Fdir_19%2Fvortal_pic_9985.jpg[/url] (not the best picture, but if I can find a better one, I'll use it.)

Bio John led a normal life as an NYPD officer in the DEA, almost swat material with his handgun. He had a beautiful wife and an expected child. Until he was invited to a party on new years, when everything changed.

He survived, thanks to an ambulance that was loading up as many victums as possible to evacuate. The month that the war was waging in, he was in a hospital with two broken legs and a cracked rib. When the human population fleed to the farthest place they could, John went as well and made a living in the main eastern city.

Weapon: Baretta handgun, sawed-off shotgun (that he kept in his patrol car)
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[b]Name:[/b] Trysta Lovaine

[b]Age:[/b] 19

[b]Gender:[/b] Female

[b]Description:[/b] Long brown hair with dark red highlights, pulled back in two ponytails. She usually wears long baggy jeans, a black tanktop, oversized black jacket, and dirty old Nike sneakers, among a few other salvaged pieces of clothing. She also has a black leather choker and a necklace with a heart pendant her best friend gave her.

[b]Bio:[/b] Trysta was the daughter of a middle class family, which was suffering some emotional problems and financial issues when the scar came ripping through the world and throwing everything into chaos. She was in the basement of her Tennessee home, sulking, when the shattering ripped most of their house apart and both her parents were either devoured or taken. Her best friend was also killed, Trysta found her half-destroyed corpse in the middle of a field outside both of their homes. Through luck and chance she survived, and now runs a half-empty shell of a subway system, taking the few people that are left to and from places all over several cities, etching out a life of the remains. She wants to recreate the transportation system that once was, and has been practicing in secret her flying skills, as she used to fly crop dusters to earn extra money.

She swears she'll get revenge for the death of her friend, however much of a fool's errand it might be. She has nothing else to live for. Her personality is hopelessly optomistic. She knows she can't win, but is going to try her hardest anyway. Her determination is often her weakness, as it drives her to do thoughtless things, and she's very impulsive.

[b]Weapon:[/b] An odd sort of spear formed of tractor blades and a sanded down wooden pole. She's become quite skilled with it.

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Name: Patrick McHall

Age: 21


Description:An overconfident but lucky fool that has extrordinary aim. Wears his brown hair in an almost spiky fashion using a kung-foo style headband.Wears blue jeans, a green t-shirt with a green jacket on top, green/brown vans, great sword on back and hanguns inside jacket.

Bio:"Hey Patrick what was that?"Tim shouted over the sound of the gun range. "Holy s**t look at that!" Patrick yelled. Fire sprung up from a large crack in the ground and every one stopped shooting and looked at this wonder. Suddenly demonic creatures poured out of the fire and stsrted attacking the people.
We shot at the lil' buggers killing many but for every demon we killed 10 more emerged from the flames. We grabbed as much ammo as we could and retreated firing at the demons the whole time. The abbominations hacked many of us to peices with their blades whiled we shot many demons to death. A large demon weilding a great sword burst from the flames. Patrick made a few well aimed shots to the creaturse head and took its great sword as it fell to the ground. The gunmen had no choice, they had to retreat or they all would die. They hopped into their cars and onto their bikes and drove off to the next city to warn the people there. Aong the way many of these men died but the few that survived gained much experience in slaying the demons and weilding such weopons as swords. Many days have passed and only ten of the gunme remain, they are all riding Motorcycles except for fourt are riding in a van modified to carry a machine gun on top and a truck with a turret mounted on the back with rocket launchers on the sides of the gun barrel. (how you like them apples)

Weapon: a great sword and duel handguns(rides a motorcycle)
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Name: Ace wallace
description: he is a tall male with a black hair with silver eyes and a tan treach coat.
bio:He is a bounty hunter with a unknown past but he is a excelllent shooter with deadly aim.
weapon: 2 desert eagles
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