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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Mr Highlight [/i]
[B]WTF's up with his new album? :mad: [/B][/QUOTE]

I don't want to sound like a moderator but, you really do need to improve your post quality. You only posted one sentence and didn't even mention the CD's name. I really think this is could be considered SPAM but I do like Kid Rock. His new album "Rock" for some odd reason sucks. His music quality has really shifted. He used to be all energy and rap rock but now I see him go sit down with a acostic guitar and just play softly alot more. I think Pamela Anderson has done something to him or taken all of his energy. "Feel Like Makin Love" his first vidoe off of this album could be alot better. I don't think I'm going to his concert when it comes here in February; I'm going to wait for Limp Bizit instead.

By the way I really like your banner of Carmen Elektra she is hot.
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As an actual mod, I should tell you to post more than one short sentence. You didn't explain anything. Please read our Information Center for the rules and our policy on SPAM.

Also, it's posts like that that'll get threads closed. I'm leaving this open, in hopes that something decent will come from it. If not, this thing closes faster than the cap on a year-old bottle of milk.
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