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Trigun: The Days After


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[color=red]Tyler was sitting in a bar. He had his head down on the counter. The huge cross standing behind him amazed the bartender.

?What?s with the huge cross mister,? the bartender asked as he sat a glass down by Tyler?s head. Tyler looked up at the bartender. The bartender looked really young. He couldn?t be no older then sixteen.

?I?ll answer your question,? Tyler said as he picked his head up, ?if you answer mine.? The bartender blinked a few times. His two different shades of blue colored eyes made Tyler wonder.

?Well,? the bartender said, ?ok, I suppose I could answer a question.? Tyler nodded his head and stood up. The bartender looked a little intimidated by Tyler?s height. Tyler knew he was tall. His mother was six foot something and he figured so was his father.

?Aren?t you a little too young to working in a bar,? Tyler asked as he looked at the bartender?s nametag, ?Nicholas?? Nick covered his nametag with his hand. He didn?t like Tyler?s attitude. Tyler sat back down and stared Nick in the eyes. Nick was kind of frightened by Tyler?s blue eyes.

?My dad owns this place,? Nick said with a stern look, ?and he lets me work here. Now what?s your answer?? Tyler took out a cigarette and lit it. He had pick up some bad habits in his lifetime. Nick started tapping his fingers on the counter.

?I?m a traveling priest,? Tyler said as he glared at Nick, ?and my cross his part of my trade.? Nick nodded at Tyler?s response. The last traveling priest he had heard of has been dead over 130 years.

?What?s your name Mr. Traveling Priest,? Nick said as he started to clean out some glasses. Tyler took his cigarette out of his mouth. He shook his head as some smoke escaped his mouth.

?My name?s Tyler E. Wolfwood,? Tyler said as he put his cigarette back in his mouth. Nick nodded once again.[/color]
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Nick focused his attention on three guys who were talking. Tyler turned in the direction that Nick was looking in. He then turned back to Nick. Nick had a stern look across his face.

?What?s your problem,? Tyler asked as he took his cigarette out of his mouth again. Nick slammed his hands down on the counter. Tyler jumped at Nick?s sudden reaction.

?I don?t know why,? Nick said with an angered voice, ?but those three guys always make fun of the deceased legendary Humanoid Typhoon. It makes me mad for some odd reason.? Tyler looked a little shocked. He was surprised that people were still talking about his uncle Vash after all these years.

?Well,? Tyler said while flicking his cigarette at the ground. ?You shouldn?t let those guys get to you.? Nick sighed and shook his head. Tyler could tell that something else was bothering Nick. Nick put his head down.

?Those creeps also make fun of me,? Nick said as he shook his head. Tyler looked at Nick. He felt kind of felt sorry for him.

?What do they make fun of you about,? Tyler asked as he looked at Nick. Nick turned his back to Tyler. He looked at all of the bottles of liquor in front of him as he took a deep breath.

?One thing is that have an odd obsession with crosses,? Nick said with a saddened voice, ?and another thing is, I keep having this reoccurring nightmare. I seem older and I?m dressed in a black suit. It has cross cufflinks on the sleeves. I?m begin shot by this guy who?s also dressed in black. He has two machine guns and I have a machine gun in the shape of a cross.? Tyler froze as he heard Nick?s words. He remembered his mother telling him that?s how his father died. Nick turned back around with a smile stretched across his face.

?That?s not a laughing matter,? Tyler said as he stared at his shaking hand. Nick nodded and quickly turned toward the door. Someone had just walked in.
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[color=navy]Juliana walked into the bar. She noticed three men in the corner making fun of the deceased legendary typhoon. For some strange reason, this made her a bit angry every time someone talked bad about the deceased legendary typhoon. She glared over at the men and sat down a few seats down from the bartender and a man with blond hair to whom the bartender was talking to. Juliana continued to look around before the bartender came over to her.

"What would you like to drink, ma'am?" he asked politely.

"Oh, just a bottle of whiskey'll do." she answered smiling at him.

He walked away for a minute and returned with her drink.

"There you go." he handed it to her and she paid him what she owed.

She opened the bottle and began to drink some of it when one of the three men in the corner really insulted, Julie the deceased legendary typhoon.

Juliana slammed down her whiskey and angrily walked over to the men.[/color]
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Nick watch Juliana storm over to the three men in the corner. He hoped Juliana was going to teach those three a lesson. He then looked back at Tyler. Tyler had broken the glass that was near by. Nick's face flashed with horror as a sweatdrop appered at the side of his face.

"Hey now," Nick said as he slammed his hands down on the counter, "you're going to have to pay for that Mr. Wolfwood." Tyler looked at Nick. Something struck Nick just that moment. The last traveling priest ever mention in history was not only Nick's hero, but he had his first name. His name was Nicholas D. WOLFWOOD. Tyler had to be related to him. The bloodline must of been passed down from his only son. Nick just shook his head.

"Sorry about that," Tyler said as put some money on the counter. Nick sigh and put the money in his pocket. He then looked back at the three guys. Juliana was almost over to them. Nick was trying to ignore them, but one of them mentioned something really awful about Nick Wolfwood. Nick had enough of thier talk. So had Tyler. Tyler stood up in looked in the three guys direction. Nick bent down and grabbed one of his knives.

"I've had it with you," Nick said as he threw his knives right between two of the guys heads, "first you insult Vash the Stampede which made me mad. Then you insult Julie the Typhoon which made me madder and made that girl furious. Now you insult my hero Nicholas D. Wolfwood. That pushed me over the edge." The three men slammed thier hands down on the table and stood up. Nick jumped over the counter and stood next to Tyler. Juliana turned around and decided to join the boys. It was an even three on three.
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[color=red]Tyler looked at Juliana and Nick. He wondered why those two got so hype about those three men insulting his parents and uncle. He understood why he got angry, but why them.

"My name's Nick," Nick said as he looked at Juliana out of the corner of his eye, and this is Tyler. What's your name?" Juliana put her guard down slightly and looked at Nick. She blushed slightly as she looked at Nick.

"The name's Juliana," Juliana said as she looked back at the three men. Nick nodded at Juliana's response. Tyler shook his head and stepped in front of Juliana and Nick. He grabbed his cross and unwrapped it. He aimmed the machine gun part at the men.

"Why don't you two let me handel this," Tyler said as his gun opened up. Nick and Juliana looked at each other. They took a step backward along with the three men.

"Why you copying Nicholas D. Wolfwood for," one of the men said. Tyler could tell they were drunk. He kept his hand on the trigger as the men put thier hands to thier sides.

"Stop right there," a man said as he came out of the back. Tyler looked over at the man and lowered his gun. The three men stopped and looked at the man as well.

"Dad," Nick said as he hide his knife behind him. Nick's dad walked up to the three men, grabbed thier shirts, and threw them all outside. Tyler quickly wrapped his gun back up. Nick's dad didn't say anything to Tyler. He just walked back into the back.

"That was close," Tyler said as he went and sat back down. Nick sigh and walked back around the counter. Juliana grabbed her whisky and sat down next to Tyler. Nick blushed as he looked at Juliana.[/color]
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[color=crimson]Vanesa walked into the bar as soon as the three men were thrown out. "Heh. Probably did em right." She said to herself as she passed them by. The moment she steped in she saw Tyler's cross, since it's not all that hideable. [I]That's like Nicholas's cross.[/I] She thought as she sat next to him. "Can I get you anything, miss?" Nick asked her. "Yeah, I'll take a glass of water." She answered. She never really was much of a drinker. She closed her eyes. She had another vision...it was the same man with a red coat and blonde, spiked hair. This time, he had a gun to a man with blue hair's head. She opened her eyes. "Vash the Stampede. That must who he is..." She muttered quietly though not nearly quietly enough. "What did you just say about Vash the Stampede?" Tyler asked her. "It doesn't really matter, I was just thinking aloud." She answered him. If people heard she had visions like this, they might think she's wierd. She drank her water and turned to Nick, Tyler, and Juliana. "My name's Vanesa, by the way. Vanesa Shnider. What are yours?" She asked them, thinking they looked vaguely familiar. "Juliana,""Nicholas,""Tyler" They all replied. "I see." Vanesa said, still eyeballing Tyler's cross. "That's...the same kind of cross Nicholas D. Wolfwood used to bear." She finally said. Tyler nodded, "Yep. Sure is." Vanesa finished drinking her water and paid Nick.[/color]
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[color=red]Tyler looked Vanesa over. Something about her made him think of his uncle and something about Juliana reminded him of his mother. A depressed sigh escaped lips. Vanesa held her head for a split moment and looked at Tyler.

"Tyler E. Wolfwood," Vanesa said as she stared at Tyler strangely. Tyler took his hand off his face and looked Vanesa. How did she know his full name? Tyler turned his body to face Vanesa.

"What did you say," Tyler said as stared hard at Vanesa. Vanesa shook her head and looked at Nick. Nick shrugged his shoulders and went back to cleaning his glass. Tyler put his hand back on his face and looked at Nick, Juliana, and Vanesa. All of a sudden, something flashed acrossed Tyler's eyes. His uncle Vash was sitting next to him having a friendly conversation with his mother, Julie. There was also a man, who fit his father's description perfectly, sitting on the counter. Tyler wiped his eyes. He then closed his eyes and shook his head.

"Are you ok Tyler," Nick said as he stopped cleaning his glass. Tyler opened his eyes. Vanesa was sitting where Vash was, Juliana was sitting where Julia was, and Nick was sitting where, well, Nick was sitting at. Tyler thought he was completely loesing. He missed his family too much.

"I'm fine," Tyler said as he waved his hand around, "I just need another drink." Nick nodded and grabbed another bottle of whisky. Tyler grabbed the bottle and opened it.
OOC: (laughing) Little twist: Tyler can see who they really are. I think I'm going to add more to my bio.[/color]
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[color=navy]Juliana noticed how much Tyler was looking at all of them and how strangely also. She had no idea why he was doing this. She decided to forget about it and drank a little more whiskey. Nick looked at her and she blushed. Nick smiled and gave her another bottle of whiskey.

"Thank you." she said and smiled. Tyler suddenly stood up. Juliana looked at him. "What's wrong Tyler?" she asked.

"I-I...it's nothing really. I just have to get out of here. I need some fresh air." he walked out of the bar.

"What's his problem?" Vanesa asked.

Nick shook his head. "I don't know. I really don't know."[/color]
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"I'll be back," Nick said as he walked out from behind the counter. Juliana and Vanesa followed Nick. Nick walked outside to where Tyler was.

"I think you've got issues Tyler," Juliana said as she put her hand on her hip. Nick looked at her and sighed. Tyler turned and looked at the three. He sighed and shook his head.

"I think I do too," Tyler said as he looked toward the sky. Nick shook his head and looked toward the sky as well. In fact, everyone seemed to be attracted to the sky. Nick's eyes widened as he looked toward the sky.

"What the hell is that," Nick said as he stepped foward. The sky was lighting up with white light. Tyler stepped foward and covered his eyes as the light got closer. Nick felt kind of funny as the light closed in. Tyler looked back at Nick, Juliana, and Vanesa as they collapsed.
OOC: Don't worry people, you should all know I live with Maximillion404 and he gave me permission to do the flash of light thing. If he gets people for Millie, Meryl, and Knives, He's going to tell them to start where they see the "light". ^_^
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[color=crimson]Vanesa fell to the ground along with everyone else...except Tyler. She got on her knees and put her hands on her head. "I-I can remember...e-e-everything the humanoid typhoon's done! I know every bit of it! I-I-I know what he was feeling when he was feeling it! It's like...it's like I'm him or something!" She muttered to herself, putting her head to the ground. It was true. Vanesa had just 'inherited' Vash the Stampede's memories. They were a bit too much though...he had done so many things and lived for so long. Again, Vanesa saw the man with the blue hair, though this time he didn't have a gun to his head. Suddenly, a name came to her. [I]Legato Bluesummers.[/I] Vanesa shudders at all the memories she saw, though she didn't move from that one spot. [/color]
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[color=navy]OOC- Since I'm Julie's reincarnation, I'm gonna include stuff 9for the memories)from Trigun: A New Start.

Juliana fell to the ground hard. She slowly got up and looked around at everyone else. They were all holding their heads slightly. Juliana noticed she had a pounding headache. She closed her eyes and held her head. She suddenly saw memories of which she never had before. Julie the Typhoon in the hospital, recovering from a gunshot wound, Julie the Typhoon using her Angel Arm to save Nicholas D. Wolfwood from Shuno. She remembered every aspect of Julie's life. [i]Is this real...could something like this be true...could I really be her?[/i]She thought to herself and opened her eyes to look at everyone else. [i]Could they see stuff like this too?[/i] Juliana decided that this was all too much to handle at the moment and went back inside the bar to finish up her whiskey.[/color]
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Nick shook his head. His vision was kind of blurry. He closed to his eyes just to start having memories flow though his head. The funny thing is that these memories didn't belong to him. They belonged to Nicholas D. Wolfwood.

He remembered when Wolfwood first met Vash and company, how he fell in love with Julie, the quick drew contest, the caravan, the Gun-Ho-Guns, Chaple, and of course, his death by the hands of Chaple.

Everything that Nicholas D. Wolfwood had experienced flashed before Nick's eyes. He opened his eyes, stood up, and ran into the bar. He couldn't handle much more of this.

OOC: Just so you know, the caravan is on Trigun episode number 11: Escape From Pain. ^_^
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[color=red]Tyler shook his head and looked at Vanesa. Vanesa was the only one left outside. Tyler walked over and helped her up. As he helped her up, he saw Vash again. He shook his head and closed his eyes. When he opened them, Vanesa was back where she belonged.

"You alright," Tyler said as he helped Vanesa into the bar. Vanesa nodded, let go of Tyler, and stumbled over to a seat. Tyler could tell there was defiantly wrong with his new friends. He sat down and looked at his three new friends. Nick was leaning on the counter with his hand on his head, Juliana had her hand on her head and a bottle of whisky in the other, and Vanesa had her head down on the counter.

"I know what you're thinking," Nick said without even turning around, "You're probbly wondering what's wrong with us." Tyler nodded his head as Nick turned around. Tyler almost fell out of his chair as he saw Nick's eyes. They had changed from two different color blues, just to a sky blue. Tyler was absolutley sure there was something going on here.[/color]
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Nick was loesing it. It felt like someone else was trying to take his body over. He had seen his eyes right before he turned around, but that's not all he saw. He swore he saw Nicholas D. Wolfwood instead of himself for a split moment.

"What's going on," Tyler asked as he stared into Nick's hunting sky blue eyes. Nick grabbed his head as something else ran through it. Something that Nick did and didn't live to find out the result. Tyler grabbed Nick and started shakeing him. Nick opened his eyes and looked at Tyler.

"I'm fine," Nick said as he grabbed Tyler's arm, "and I have no idea what's going on." Tyler let go of Nick and sat back down. Nick was trying to keep a grib, but it wasn't working. Nick looked at Vanesa and Juliana, who were looking at him. Their eye color had change as well. Juliana eyes were more of a pale green then her normal green and Vanesa eyes were the same pale green then her normal blue.

"[i]What's going on here[/i]," Tyler thought as he looked at Juliana, Nick, and Vanesa. Nick felt faint as he leaned aginst the counter. Nick blacked out a minute later.
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[color=red]"Nick," Tyler yelled as he stared at his friend on the floor. He turned to face Juliana and Vanesa. They looked as if they were ready to faint as well and, sure enough, they did. Tyler was wondering what was going on. He looked around the bar. It was empty. He then looked back at Nick just to be faced with Wolfwood. He was more like a spirit that was floting above Nick.

"You're confused aren't you Tyler honey," a fimilar sounding voice said. Tyler turned in the direction of the voice. It was Julie, but she was just like Wolfwood. She was standing behind Juliana. Vash was also there. He was standing behind Vanesa.

"Mom," Tyler said as he got up and walked up to Julie. Julie nodded as a saddened look crossed her face. Tyler looked as if he was going to cry. Wolfwood leaned on the counter and looked at Julie.

"Mom," Wolfwood asked with a puzzled look. Julie started laughing nervously. She looked at Tyler and then looked at Wolfwood. She let out a sigh.

"Nick meet Tyler," Julie said with a sigh, "and Tyler meet your father." Tyler turned around and looked at Wolfwood. Wolfwood was just as shocked as Tyler. Tyler shook his head.

"What's going on," Tyler said as he put his hand on his head. Julie looked at Vash. Vash shook his head.

"Tyler," Vash said with a sigh, "your new friends are our reincarnations. We're taking over and we can't help it." Tyler looked at Vash as he started to disappear. Tyler reached for Vash as the bar went back to normal. Tyler fell to his knees. His friends started to wake up.

OOC: Alright people, when your character wakes up your going to have a split personal starting out with the orginals. (Vash, Julie, and Wolfwood.) ^_^;[/color]
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[color=teal]OOC: I'm going to use a different color for my other character.

Terra had just seen a huge flash of light. All of these strange memories started flowing through her head. She had to get a drink. She was standing in front of the bar. She walked in.

"Are you three alright," Tyler said as he stood. The three Tyler was talking to were half-asleep. They were waking up from something. Terra spotted Tyler's gun and thought it looked oddly fimilar. She walked up to Tyler.

"Hey," Terra said in a stren voice, "who are you." Tyler turned and looked at her. Terra swore he looked familiar. She shook her head and started tapping her foot.

"My name's Tyler Wolfwood," Tyler said with a hint of worriment in his voice, "and what's it to you." Terra looked shocked. She reconginized the name Wolfwood. She closed her eyes just to get a vision. She saw the man with the same blue hair and he had mentioned something about Nicholas D. Wolfwood.

"You're related to Nicholas D. Wolfwood aren't you," Terra said as she opened her eyes. Tyler caught the slight attitude in Terra's voice.

"Who are you," Tyler demanded as he watched Nick stand up. Terra snorted and crossed her arms. She didn't have to answer him, but she was going to.

"I'm Terra Bluesummers," Terra said with less attitude in her voice. She only had less attitude because she felt faint. She did blank out and fell foward. Tyler caught her, but dropped her soon after. He saw Legato's spirit above Terra. Tyler knew he was in trouble now.[/color]
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[color=red]Tyler looked around as everyone started to wake up. If it's true what Vash said, his friends would no longer be themselves. He couldn't handel this. He had to leave. He ran out of the bar. He started running blindly toward a hill.

Moments later, Tyler was at the top of the hill crying. He had too many emotions running through him. Anger, fear, saddness, and even hatred. He turned around to discover a row of crosses. He remembered something as he stared at the six crosses.


"What's wrong mommy," a young Tyler said as he held Julie's hand. Julie looked really upset as she stared at a single cross. She dropped to her knees. She couldn't handel it, she started crying. Tyler hugged her. He knew that was his father's grave.

A few weeks later, Tyler was standing on the same hill. There was five new graves. He had lost everyone in his life. He dropped to his knees and started crying.

-End of Flashback-

Tyler was sitting in between two of the crosses. The two that belonged to his parents. He had his head buried in his knees. Tears were poreing down his face. He looked up as he felt a hand on his shoulder. It was Nick and he had Vanesa and Juliana with him. They must have followed him up to the hill.[/color]
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[color=navy]OOC- I'm serious jro13! Work on your grammar and punctuation! Like for instance, instead of [b]comma's[/b] put [b]periods[/b].[/color]

[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by jro13 [/i]
[B]Ace came behind tyler, " My name is Ace wallace, can you help me find Vash the stampede I need his help, Knives killed my whole family. And can you tel me why are at uncle and aunt's grave. Tyler got up slowly and look at him.

__________________ [/B][/QUOTE]

[color=navy]For Example: Your paragraph looks like that ^^^, when it could have looked like this:[/color]

Ace came [b]up[/b] behind [b]T[/b]yler[b].[/b] "My name is Ace [b]W[/b]allace[b].[/b][b]C[/b]an you help me find Vash the [b]S[/b]tampede[b]?[/b] I need his help[b].[/b] Knives killed my whole family. And can you tel[b]l[/b] me[b],[/b] why are [b]you[/b] at [b]my[/b] uncle and aunt's grave[b]s[/b][b]?[/b][b]"[/b] Tyler got up slowly and look[b]ed[/b] at him.

[color=navy]Now, I put corrections that could have been made before posting your small paragraph, which, is really spam because it isn't really a paragraph, just a long run-on sentence, in [b]bold[/b].

You also could have had more detail in your run-on sentence to make it longer and more interesting.

Well, just consider those things next time you post.

Heh, I really sounded like a mod there....

Juliana stared at Tyler. "What's wrong Tyler?" she asked kneeling down next to him.

"It's nothing, really..." he mumbled.

"Oh, Tyler honey, you can tell mommy everything that's bothering you." Juliana said with Julie's voice.

"M-mommy?" he asked cautiously.

"Mommy?? What're you talking about??" Juliana asked. "I'm not your mommy!" she said outraged.

Juliana suddenly has a flashback.


Julie was standing in front of a cross with Tyler's hand in hers.

"What's wrong mommy?" Tyler asked. Julie looked very upset. Julie suddenly began to cry. She dropped to her knees, sobbing. Tyler hugged her knowing that the grave they were at was his fathers.


Juliana now recognized the cross Tyler was sitting in front of. It was Nicholas D. Wolfwood's.

OOC- Hope that was fine. I couldn't think of much. Hope it was ok for Juliana to have the same flashback as Tyler because they're both in the same place. ^_^;[/color]
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[size=1][color=navyblue]Okay, jro13, I've asked you a few times to improve on your posts. Dragongirl pretty much covered that, obviously, but I think you might also want to review the rules. The above is spam - it has nothing to do with the current story line and can easily be restricted to a simple PM.

Also, check Harlequin's sticky, in case you haven't already. I think that'll give you all the help you need.

If I don't see an improvement soon, I might need to take some drastic measures. So please, pick up the quality a little bit.

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Nick looked at Tyler strangely after he called Juliana mommy. Something made him want to comfort Tyler. He kneeled down on the other side of Tyler.

"You can tell me anything too Tyler," Nick said in Wolfwood's voice. Tyler looked at him. He didn't want to get yelled at again, so he just looked away. He looked at the six crosses. The names on them struck his heart. Nick shook his head, but grabbed it as he had a flashback or something.


"I told you to stay here," Wolfwood said as he stood in a doorway. Julie was standing behind him. Her eyes filled with tears.

"But Nick.....I," Julie said as she put her hand on Wolfwood's shoulder. Wolfwood moved her hand and turned toward her. He put his forehead to her's.

"Sorry," Wolfwood said with a saddened voice, "but I can't afford to let you get hurt and besides what would Vash say if I just let you run into danger." Wolfwood turned walked toward the door again. Julie grabbed him once again.

"Will you be back," Julie said with a slight smile. Wolfwood put his hand on Julie's without looking back. He let out a sigh.

"Wait here for me to come back," Wolfwood said letting go of Julie's hand. He walked out of the door and closed it behind him.

-End of Flashback-

Nick let go of his head and put both hands on the ground. He looked at the crosses Tyler was sitting between. The one to the right struck him hard for some odd reason. It read "Julien April Trigun".

OOC: I made up the last name for Vash and siblings. (Trigun after the show) I also use the name Wolfwood so noone gets confused. ^_^;
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[color=red]OOC: Now this is getting interesting! :D By the way, nice way to use the split personality girls. ;)

Tyler looked at Juliana and Nick. He knew his parents were taking over. He stood up and started walking away. He walked by Vanesa, but something stopped him.

"Where you going Tyler," Vanesa said with Vash's voice. Tyler turned around. Tears ran out of his blue eyes. He shook his head. He couldn't believe all of this. He fell to his knees holding his head. Nick, Juliana, and Vanesa ran up to him.

"Yo Tyler," Nick said with a worried tone, "are you alright." Tyler shook his head without looking at his friends. Nick looked at Juliana. Juliana shrugged her shoulders and shook her head. Suddenly, Terra walked up the hill. Nick, Juliana, and Vanesa jumped up.[/color]
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[color=teal]"How sweet," Terra said in Legato's voice. Vanesa, Juliana, and Nick all looked shocked. They reconginized the voice. All three of them got an angered look across their eyes.

"What do you want Legato," Nick said in angered Wolfwood voice. Terra started to laugh. She pointed her gun at Nick. Nick was lost he had nothing, but a few throwing knives.

"My sword turns into a gun," Nick's voice ran through his head. Nick pulled out his sword and looked at. He discovered a button in the handel. He pressed it and the sword turned into a gun.

"Thanks," Nick whispered in Wolfwood's voice. He aimed his new gun at Terra. Terra laughed and took a shot at Nick. The bullet nicked Nick's face.

"What's wrong Nicholas," Terra said still with Legato's voice. Nick just felt his face and put his finger closer to the trigger. Terra laughed again and lunged at Nick. Nick moved as both Vanesa and Juliana winced.

"You've got to be quicker then that Legato," Nick said as Wolfwood's voice still came out of his mouth. Terra stopped and flipped her hair. She took control again. She broke into tears and ran down the hill.

OOC: oh, the personalities are communicating :D, but they still can't remember.[/color]
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Guest HumaniodTyphoon
*As Tyler friends started to stir, a blue-haired man came in. "Are you Wolfwood?" Tyler stood from his knees and nodded. "Good." The man drew a familiar gun, a Colt Long Shot. The barrel exit was pointing straight between Tyler's eyes. The strange assassin pulled the trigger. *
Tyler jumped as his mind settled back on reality. A man with blue hair and an unique trenchcoat came in. "Is the bar still open?"
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  • 4 weeks later...
[color=red]Oh man, I've gotta deal with three characters and three colors. Let's see if I can remember them all. :sweat:

Tyler was shocked at the battle that just happened. He turned toward Nick. He was being hugged by Juliana. Tyler didn't know if it was his parents or his friends.

"You're an idiot," Juliana said with an irratated Julie voice, "you could of gotten yourself killed again." Tyler shook his head. He had to leave. He slowly walked down the hill and over to a house. He was renting a house in this town. He figured he could live a peaceful life, but that doesn't seem to be happening. Tyler threw himself down on his bed.

"My family's coming back to me," Tyler whispered as he hugged his pillow, "but why. I missed them, but I could of lived with out them. Come on now, I lived with out them for 130 years." Tyler sat up and looked at his wall. Mounted on the wall was his mother's, Vash's, and Knives colt long barrels. He also had two of Meryl's fifty darringers mounted. On the floor, since there was no way of mounting them on the wall, stood his father's Cross Punisher and Mille's Stun Gun. Tyler let out a depressed. Suddenly, there came a knock on his door.

"Tyler," Nick's voice came through the door, "are you alright?" Tyler figured his friends followed him again. He let out another sigh, got up, walked to the door, and opened it. Nick, Juliana, and Vanesa were standing in the doorway. They all smiled at Tyler as he invited them in.

OOC: :whips away sweat: I hope I stayed close to Tyler's character and he should be giving the old weapons out perrty soon. That's if someone else posts! :sweat:[/color]
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I didn't post cuz I was confused....
Vannessa walked in with the others. She looked around at the stuff on the wall and on the floor. She was immedeatly drawn to Vash's gun. She ran her fingers along it. "Tyler," She said softly, her voice going into Vash's, "where on Gunsmoke did you get this?" Tyler didn't answer. He shook his head again at the sound of Vash's voice. "Vash's .45 Colt...and Knive's gun." She said quietly to herself. "Millie's stun gun, Wolfwood's cross. Tyler..." She said to him, her voice sounding compleatly like Vash's now, "You kept these? Even after we left? Why?" Nick and Juliana looked at Tyler. "That's a good question. Why did you keep them, honey?" Juliana asked, sounding exactly like Julie. Nick looked proud, "Because he's my son, that's why. Exact same thing I would've done!" He said, exactly like Wolfwood. Vanessa and Juliana laughed.
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