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Rp: Tamnocha (minimum cussing, good fighing)

cid highoffwind

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I'm going to try my first online rp. I'm letting those who want join in.

The plot consists of a guy who can transform looking for someone. He ends up meeting several people. You can use magic, summons from any game (not just final fantasy) and any type of weapon you want. There will be some violence but no godmodding or powerplaying unless the recepient allows it.

It takes place pretty much like Inuyasha since there will be demons and I'm modeling the landscape after the Inuyasha anime.

You can use characters from any game, manga or anime.

I'm looking for:
Age (not necessary)
Weapon (if any)
Description of character
Family (not necessary)
Extra (stuff we might need to know)

I personally don't want cussing but if you must, keep it very low-key.

Bandit and I have the final sayso on who's in.
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Yay! You created it! ^^ Heehee! You know I'm in... just because I'm talking to you right now. Oo;

Name: Iya
Age: 107
Gender: Female
Weapon: Well, her whole body...
Description of character: Black hair with blue stripes, blu eyes, black shirt, and blue jeans.
Personality: Odd. Mainly happy/hyperish.
Family: ...er... I'll leave this blank for now.
Extra: Iya-sama is an electric doppleganger. ^^
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