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Inuyasha: fortune Faded

Dj Professor DM

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Inuyasha and Kagome had Quadrouplets two of them along with Inuyasha and Kagome perished by Naraku's hands. Naraku killed those who were in his way before. The Shicon(sp?) Jewel is missing. Meteo who is Inuyasha's and Kagome's son and his sister to get there revenge and reclaim the Shicon Jewel.

*Meteo looks at his sister Mary.*
Meteo:"Mary let's go search for our parents killer and get the Shicon Jewel. Maybe we can get some help..."
Mary:"Yeah... That would be helpful..."
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Kay was sitting on a cliff watching the breeze carry leaves by. She shook her long blonde hair blonde out of her face as she looked down. A boy and girl were running by. Kay's tail twitched as she stood up. The boy looked like a half-demon her father had told her about. Kay jumped off the cliff and decided to follow the two.

A little later, both the boy and girl stopped. Kay took cover behind a tree. The boy started sniffing. Kay started to sweat. She would be in trouble if the boy pick up her sent. The boy took out his sword and hit the tree that Kay was behind.

"What are you doing Meteo," the girl said as she looked at the tree. Kay look at the blade as a sweatdrop appered at the side of her face. Meteo pulled his sword out of the tree.

"Watch Mary," Meteo said as he looked at the girl. Mary looked at the tree as it started to fall to the side. Kay looked as if she was going to have a heart attack has the falling tree revealed her. Her fur was standing on end. She felt faint as she looked at Meteo and Mary.

"Who are you," Mary said as she looked at Kay. Kay grabbed her tail before the tree hit it. Meteo put the Tetsuaiga away. Kay smiled nervously at the twins.

"I'm Kay," Kay said as she petted her tail. Mary smiled and put her hand out. Kay slowly shook Mary's hand. Meteo looked a little crossed. He had his arms crossed. Kay looked at Meteo with a sparkle in her blue eyes.

"Your a wolf demon on a mission I suspect," Meteo said as he glared at Kay. Kay looked upset as Meteo spoke. She clinched her fist together. Mary looked at Kay with worriment.

"Yeah," Kay said as she looked up, "I'm on a mission to find and kill my father's murder." Mary looked at Meteo. Meteo nodded at Mary.

"Looks like we might have a common enemy," Meteo said as looked at Kay. Kay nodded and put out her hand. Meteo stared at Kay's hand.

"Maybe I could be of assistance," Kay said as she kept her hand out. Mary nodded her head as her brother stared at her. Meteo shook his head.
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"Well, brother, looks like we've meet a friend already! What luck we have!" Mary said as she looked at her brother with a smile.

"I don't know if i'd call that a friend," he said as he nodded his head toward Kay.

"Hey! I have a name!" Kay yelled in defense.

Mary started to laugh as an eminsinse wave shoot through her body, and she started out into space.

"Mary! What's wrong?" Meteo said as he rushed over to her.

"I sense....I feel something wierd..." Mary said as she looked at her brother. "It's coming from over there." she said as she pointed her finger into a dense section of the forest.

Meteo pulled out his sword, and faced the trees, as a rumbling noise was heard...
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Kurumi jumped from the small cliff in which she had been naping on. She quickly streched untill she smelled something..... three demons. Kurumi ran over to the lake by were she was, as she stood in front of it, she made some handguesters and closed her eyes. Once she opened her eyes, with her powers, she forced the water in a huge waze. It was big enough to crush anything in it's way. Kurumi forced it forward to the place she had smelled the demons... she couldn't let anyone get in her way now, not yet, never.
Trees crashed down as the wave passed them. Many things where destroyed by the wave, Kurumi could see it all when following. When the wave got to the spot it was intended, Kurumi heard a scream from a girl. Kurumi smirked and thought [i]Target hit.[/i]
Kurumi then went to go scavage useful items the victims might have had. But what happened next was not expected.........
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Kay had grabbed Mary and jumped into a tree that was higher and sturdier then the wave. Meteo jumped in the tree across from Kay. Kay sat Mary down and glared off into the distance. Both Meteo and her jumped off their trees at the same time. They saw a figure in the distance.

"A friend of yours," Meteo snapped as he looked at Kay. Kay's tail puffed up as she snorted at Meteo. Kurumi walked up and was surprised that Meteo and Kay were standing where they were.

"How come you two are still alive," Kurumi said with a shocked look, "My wave should have crushed you." Meteo's and Kay's glares shifted from each other to Kurumi. Kurumi looked a little nervous as both demons put their hands on their swords.
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"Wait!" Mary said said as she rushed in front of Kay. "You musn't hurt her!"
Both Kay and Meteo gave her wierd looks.

"What are you talking about? She just tried to kill us!!!" Meteo shot back, still ready to strike.

"Brother please! She's not the one. I still sense the presense a little further away. She doesn't have it!" Mary said as she walked over and stood between her brother and this new creature.
"Please don't be afraid. I know you won't hurt me. I'm Mary," Mary said as she extended her hand. A smile came across her face.

The new creature just stared at her, a confussed look on her face...
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Meteo:"All right Mary... I won't harm the new one. Even though it's against my best intrest."
*Meteo starts sniffing the air. Meteo smells something out of the ordinary.*
Meteo:"Mary tell me if there the shicon jewel or a shard of it nearby. That is our main mission they mean life and death we must find the Shicon Jewel."
Mary:"I can feel something still but I don't know what it is."
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Kay looked at Mary and Meteo. She gripped her fist and looked up into the sky. Her tail twitched in anger as the breeze blew against the side of her face. Mary looked over at her.

"What's wrong Kay," Mary asked as she hugged her bow. Kay didn't bother to look at Mary. She just closed her head and lowered her. Meteo looked at her with his arms crossed.

"I'm going to come with you two," Kay said as she opened her eyes. Meteo uncrossed his arms. Mary stopping hugging her bow and put it at her side. They were probably think Kay wanted the Shikon Jewel as well.

"Why," Meteo asked angrily. Kay turned to face Meteo and Mary. Tears filled her blue eyes. Meteo's look kind of change to a more compassionate look as he looked at Kay.

"My father was murdered by someone with the Shikon Jewel," Kay said as she wiped her eyes, "and I want revenge on that person. If I stick with you, I'll eventually find my father's murder." Mary nodded her head as a few tears escaped her eyes. Meteo shook his head.
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Fantra picked up speed as she ran from the demon that was running after her."Come back here child"!!The demon yeld.Fantra noticed some people by a forest she placed her hand on her sword at her side.She cound not bring danger to the inosent she had to end this chase."Prepare to die demon"!!As she said that she drew her sword and slashed the demon bringing a mass of blood flowwing from the wound."What the..."?Meteo said as he caught the snent of blood.He ran toward the dirction to she a young girl sprayed with blood with sword in hand and a slayed demon at her feet.The girl fainted as Fantra feel Meteo caught her in his arms.
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*Meteo lays the Girl down.*Meteo:"Hey Mary! come here we have someone down!"*Mary runs over to Meteo, the girl, and the slained demon.*Mary:"Which one?"Meteo:"The girl. The demon I think is dead."Mary:"O.k. But we can't do anythind here."Meteo:"Yeah... Grab the feet sis. I'll grab the arms."*Meteo grabs the arms being careful not to put his claws into the girls arms and Mary grabs the legs and they carry the person.*Mary:"Why did you want to do it this way Meteo She is breathing?"Meteo:"You know my claws... If I happen to touch a body part of hers she has poison in her as well..."
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"Wait!" Mary said as she gently laid the person's feet back on the ground.

"What's wrong?" Meteo asked as he still had the person in his claws.

"Hey Kay! Do you see that thing, right there in the middle of that pile of blood?"

Kay walked forward, picking up her tail in the process, not wanting it to get blood on it. "Oh...i see it! I'll get it!" she said as she reached out her hand to grab it.

WOOSH! An enourmous power shot from the object, and blew Kay back against a nearby tree. In the wind from the blast, Mary saw what the object really was....

"It's a jewel shard!" she said as she turned to her brother and gave him a smile. He smiled back, and Mary walked over to the shard. A light seemed to radiate from her hand, as the shard was seemingly washed of blood.

"Ouch!" Kay said as she righted herself from the tree and walked over to Mary. "How come you weren't hurt in that big 'Woosh'?"

Mary just smiled, as she put the shard in her pocket and walked back over to her brother. She once again grabbed the feet, and they began to walk, with Kay, lost in her thoughts, following behind.
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Fantra opened her eyes slowly and sat up she felt blood flowing from her arm."Hey you okay?"A voice asked her she looked toward the voice and jumped up and grabbed her arm.She scaned it,"Where's my jewel shard"!Fantra asked angrly.
"Your welcome for helping you".Meteo said.
"This is yours".Mary said as she pulled the shard out of her pocket.
"Yes its mine".She said.As she said that Meteo saw fangs in her mouth.
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Meteo:"Sister I think we let her stand on he own two feet."
*Meteo lets go of her arms while mary let goes with the legs making a joke outta it.*
Girl:"That wasn't very funny."
Meteo:"Look girl me and my sister are on a mission to make sure that the sacred jewel shards. Now tell us why you where heading that way with a shard of the sacred jewel? or maybe you can tell us your name at least??
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"My name I can't speak in front off another wolf demon",Fantra said,"but I can tell you my reason one I've had that shard sense I was able to walk".
"Really then how did you get it then".Meteo asked.
"Same way I got my other two my father gave them to me".
"Well where is your dad then".Mary asked.Fantra looked down and said,"He's dead he was murdered right in front of me trying to protect me".Mary,Meteo, and Kay looked a little shocked then Meteo spoke up,"Well if your dad was killed infront of you then you know who kill him right".?
"Yes I know killed my father".Fantra said.
"Well who killed him then"?
"A guy in a baboon outfit a later learned that his name is Naraku and I seak revange".Meteo and Mary looked even more shocked.
"Your dad was killed by Naraku".Mary said.
"And one more question why can't you tell your name in front of a wolf demon"?Kay asked.
"You mean you guys haven't guessed boy your slow".Fantra said.
"What's that spose to mean"?Meteo asked.
"I am a wolf demon duh".
"No way you don't look like a demon"!Mary said.fantra toke off her cloak and reviled a wolf tail and crossed her arms.
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Mary walked over to her brother, still clutching the jewel shard in her hand. She looked at the new girl, and then back at Kay.

"Brother," she said quietly into his ear. "Do you think these two are related."

Meteo looked at them both, the girl in front of us with her arms crossed and Kay behind us, looking a little bewildered.

"No," he said back. "They smell different."

"Do you mind if I have my jewel back?" the girl said as she approached Mary.

"Sorry, but it belongs to us." Meteo said as he slid Mary behind him, putting himself between the girl and his sister.
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Fantra was very mad.She heard something in the wind but inorgened it.
"That is not yours smell the blood on it, it matches mine perfectly".
A scent was in the air that smelled familair to Fantra she looked around and sniffed the air she froze,"No",she wispered.She turned and grabbed Mary's bow and an arrow ammed it.
"Hey Thats mine"!!Mary shouted.Meteo was shocked how fast the girl had moved.Mary saw another jewel shard inplanted in her left wrist.Fantra shot the arrow toward a distant shape on a hill.
"Got him".She said as she handed the bow back to Mary.Mary toke it carefully.The blood that had been flowing from the cut on Fantra's right wrist had stopped bleeding and the shape left their was the form of a jewel shard.
"What did you shot"!Meteo said starlted.
"Come see".Fantra repiled.She ran to the dead body.The others followed.Kay was shocked.
"Why did you kill a messenger of the Elders"!?Kay said eyes bullging.
"My own resons oh and thanks for my shard back".She placed the shard back into her wrist it shined and the skin closed over it.
"What the"!Meteo said.The messenger grabed Fantra's ankle she looked down startled and he spoke,"Please Fantra reture to your grandfather you don't belong out here you need to learn about being an elder so you can guild our people",his hand fell lose and he died never to speack again.Kay was baffled.Mary and Meteo were just shocked.
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Mary was looking hard at Fantra. "This is no ordinary demon." she thought to herself. Mary pulled her brother to the side.
"Brother, she has another jewel shard, and she took that one from me. Should I shoot her?"
"No....not yet."
Mary turned around and knelt down to the Elder's body. She looked up at Kay. "I'm sorry," Mary said as she touched the Elder's face. "I can't revive him. He's to far dead."
Meteo looked at Fantra. "Why was this guy after you?" he said as he looked at her.
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"My grandfather wants me back at the Elders Castle so I can learn to be a stupid Elder."Fantra said saying grandfather with great distaste.
"That's not Elder run the whole wolf clan they also make very important dissions".Kay said angerly.She drew her sword and tried to attack Fantra but Fantra drew her sword and blocked the attack like it was nothing.
"Meteo she has another shard in her sword"!Mary said.
"What"!!Meteo said. He looked at her a little scarded.
"This sword was my fathers his last wish was for me to weild".
"You... have three jewel shards"?Kay said.
"Listen I don't want to hurt it seems where all after the same man or demon and kill him you can't kill alone I've witnessed his full power he used it to kill my father".
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JoyKaiba here! Sorry 'bout that. Shareing my brother's account isn't the easiest thing in the world, but I'm back.

Kay shook her head in disbelief. She was the head of her wolf demon tribe. Her tribe didn't have Elders, but it seemed wrong to kill one. She slowly put her sword away.

"Listen Fantra," Kay said calmly, "I'm from a different tribe then you. I'm the leader of my pack. I took my father's spot after the same demon in the baboon suit slaughtered my father in front of me. That was a murder I couldn't stand. I've had my white fur stained with blood before, but the blood of my father never came out. I couldn't stand watching my father die in my arms." Mary looked upset once again. She hated hearing stories like that. Fantra crossed her arms and sniffed at Kay.

"You smeel fimiliar," Fantra said with a grin, "Are you realated to Kouga." Kay's face struck with horror. She stared Fantra down.

"How did you know my father," Kay said hastily. Fantra just shrugged her shoulders. Kay was getting impatcient.
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"How did you know my father"!Kay said angerly.
"My father knew him and I've meet him once or twice".Fantra said,"and don't worry his not an elder his a messenger any way its getting dark we should settle down and head out tomarrow its no use going out now ".
"I agree".Mary said still catituos around her.Fantra shelfed her sword and said she was going to find wood.Kay followed her sinently.
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[COLOR=blue]Mary watched as the two wolf demons left to find wood. She stood next to her brother, not really knowing what to do.

"It seems they have sad pasts, just like us brother."

"So it seems," Meteo replied as he was keeping watch, he still had his sword in his hand.

Mary walked over to the dead body, and started to pray. When she was down, she started to cover the body with dirt. She placed a flower at the head of the pile, and prayed once again.
"May his soul find peace," she said as she was kneeling down next to the body.

"Mary...do you sense anything?" Meteo asked as he looked past his sister into the woods.

"Um...just the shards that Fantra has. Nothing more. Why?" Mary asked as she stood up with her bow in her hand.

"Change the direction of the wind," Meteo said. "I think i smell something that doesn't smell like our wolf demon friends."

Mary looked slightly worried, as she walked over to her brother, and coomenced in changing the wind. Her hair flew from the side, to straight back, as the wind blew right in her face. Now she could smell something...although she wasn't sure what it was...[/COLOR]
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The wind heightened, bringing more of the strange scent. By this time even the wolf demons had picked it up. They both readied their weapons, and Meteo stepped in front of his sister. Suddenly, the wind stopped altogether, and the smell disappeared. The ominous silence drowned out everything. Nothing moved...CRACK!
A twig had snapped, and it seemed that the normal sounds of the forest had returned. They still stood, guarded and ready.
A small girl walked out of the forest, smiling and laughing at something behind her. Suddenly, she noticed the group standing in the clearing, turned, and smiled.

"Oh, hello!" she said, running up to them. Her dark, wavy hair flowed behind her. She was wearing an old work kimono, and her feet were bare.

Meteo showed his weapon threateningly, "Stop! Stay where you are, and don't get any closer! Who are you? And what are you doing here?"

The girl stopped, and had a puzzled, hurt expression on her face, "Wha...? What are you doing? Why do you all have weapons?"

Meteo shouted again, "Just answer the questions! Who are you?"

The girl smiled again, "Oh, this is a game! Okay, well, my name is Fye, and I'm here because it's fun to play here. Now I'll guess who you are!" She looked carefully at the four, "Hmm...well, those two are demons...wow, you're all demons! Or at least, a little bit. And you two are twins! This is so fun! Won't you tell me how you got here?"

The two wolf demons had already lost interest.
"Come on," Fantra said apathetically, "this is a waste of time. It's just a psycho little kid."

Mary stepped closer to Fye, and asked gently, "Fye, do you come here often?"

Fye nodded, smiling, and looked behind her again, "Oh yes, because it's so fun to play here. Everything is so nice. Why are you here?" She looked behind her again.

Mary was puzzled, "Fye, why do you keep looking behind you?"

"What?" Fye turned rapidly towards Mary and Meteo, laughing, "Oh, it's just to see where my father is. He worries about me, and I like being able to know where he is. It's safer, you know, to have your parents with you."

Meteo interrupted, "Your father? Where? Why doesn't he come out?"

Fye shook her head rapidly, "No no no! Don't look for him! Because then he knows that you are looking for him, and he'll run away, and then I won't be able to play anymore! He's very shy, and he doesn't like strangers."

"Fye, do you know anything about that strange smell that was here?"

Fye thought..."Oh! A smell? Of course I know what that was! That smell is from my father! He's a demon, and so am I! That's how I knew that you all have demon blood."

Meteo drew back, shocked, and puzzled about Fye's still-smiling face. What is this? he thought.
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*Meteo walks back too his sister Mary's side.*
Meteo:"Sister... It looks like we've been attracting demons left and right."
Mary:"Yeah brother but it seems they haven't asked us who our father is."
Meteo:"I look like father... That's the truth. you know better than anyone."
Mary:"Yes, I do know better than anyone about you." Fye:"Who is your father?"
Meteo:"Inuyasha is our father me and Mary are the last living two children of Inuyasha the other two were killed..."*Tears come out of Meteo's eyes.*"...As well as our mother and father."
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Oi sorry I didn't post, I moved!

Kitzume wearily sat of from the cool grass she had once been sleeping on. Once again she didn't know where in hell her sister was. And once again she was all alone. Kitzume swished her tail back and forth then wiggled her wolven ears. With was odd because either demons have the ears or the tail...never both.
Kitzume stood up from the grass and brushed some of the leaves from the tree beside her from her pants.
Kitzume started to walk when she herd a small sound in the distance...it was somebody talking. Some yelling too. "Hmmm...heh, probobly Kay yelling at squerrels again." (I edited my post in recrutment for people who are confused...). Kay started to trott lightly to where there was yelling, not really caring what was going on. Aperantly, that had to change...
The group was just under one little cliff. Kitzume looked down and spotted her sister, Kay. She also saw a few other demons with her of varius races. Kitzume yelled "Yo!" right in the middle of thier conversation and waved her tail and hand in the air. kay looked angry as the rest of the group stared at her blankly.
Sorry it is so short, i'm using a Library Com!!!
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