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Sell Your Soul-Signups


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In the beginning, there was good entertainment and that was all that mattered. Then bands began to break apart, stars took better contracts over better plots, and 'the good stuff' fell to the wills of the evil and corrupted megaconglomerates. Now, record sales are the only things that matter, except to a select few. You're mission, if you choose to accept it and you'd better, is to free the entertainment industry from the bondage of big business and not lose your soul in the process. Will you step up to the challenge? You'd better! WE KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE!!! How? We've been following you...
If you haven't noticed, I'm trying to go for something a little lighter. The basic is you are an up-and-coming artist/band who would, under normal circumstances, would do anything for a following. But you have been given this task by a strange, and possible insane, middle-aged former child star. If you're confused in any way, just PM me.
There are two opponents in this, the megaconglomerates (I'll be using the real ones like Universal, Def Jam, Bad Boy, J, etc.) and Da Undagrond, a group of people who just want the music, not the hype, led by irrate former child stars and, most importantly, Orlando Bloom (PM for him). Don't ask questions, just try to follow along.
If you have a band, try to get people to agree to be in your band before signing up. It should help in the long run.
The megaconglomerates have most mainstream genres throughtout all entertainment under their thumb, while Da Undagrond deals with underground genres. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, PM me.
Signup Sheet

Real Name:
Nickname: (what your friends call you)
Band Name/Artist Name:
Alliance: (megaconglomerates or Da Undagrond)
Appearance: (verbal description please)

Real Name:
Public Name:
Genre: (Da Undagrond will be mostly Indie and Independent)
Style: (optional for actors/actresses)

Megaconglomerate CEO
Company Type:
Style: (how you handle business)
Appearance: (please use psyiognamy [outward appearance=internal character traits] for this one and this one ONLY)
I'll post my own signup(s) after I see if anyone is interested.
Edit: I forgot to mention that if anyone wants to play Orlando Bloom, leader of Da Undagrond, please PM me. Otherwise, I'll play him and someone else.
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This sounds like fun

[b]Megaconglomerate CEO

Name:[/b]Adam Smith

[b]Company:[/b]Univeral Pictures

[b]Company Type:[/b]Motion Picture production

[b]Style:[/b]Ruthlessly crush and acquire all opponets in the same field.

[b]Appearance:[/b] A tall, slim man with black hair and green eyes. He is dressed in a fine buisness suit and has a neat go-tee on his chin. He almost always has a mysterious grin on his face, even when he's angry. His smile, though, is a cold and distant one. When you lookinto his eyes, you can't help but sense that something's wrong about this guy.

EDIT: Thank Ecletic
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Real Name: Kormal Lone

Nickname: Lone

Band Name/Artist Name: No One Wants Us

Alliance: Da Undagrond

Genre: New Age Rock

Plays: Electric Guitar/ Main vocal

Style: Most of his lryics deal with his and other band member's lifes, but also likes to sing and write about girls he likes. He does his best for the fans of No One Wants Us, and treats every band member equally.

Appearance: [url=http://ayokano.250free.com/getBACKERS.jpg]Here[/url]. He carries a electric guitar which is white with light blue strips on it.
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(OCC: This DOES sound interesting!)

Megaconglomerate CEO

Name: Erin Red

Company: Virgin Records

Company Type: Music Label

Style: Hates to lose, and will not take no for an answer.

Appearance: Erin wears Armani Suits and Prada Heels, and has long Black hair and red eyes.She also has very chic glasses...As you can probably tell, Erin's VERY beautiful. She's known for her fiery temper, note her last name, "Red".

P.S: I may add things later, as I get more into character...
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Ok, I had my chat with Eclectic on these two :D I just had to add the height...
[b]Name[/b]: Orlando Bloom (The Tall One)
[b]Height[/b]: 5'11
[b]Rank[/b]: Leader
[b]Appearance[/b]: [img]http://img-nex.theonering.net/images/scrapbook/10777.jpg[/img]
[b]Short Bio[/b]: Orlando was born in Canterbury, Kent (Where ever that is) in 1977 and when he was 16, he joined the National Youth Theatre for 2 seasons before getting himself a scholarship to train with the British American Drama Academy, but, before going to the academy he went surfing and had anmesia for... a few months or so....
Orlando graduated from the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London in 1999 after a 3 year acting course and was almost immediately cast in the role of Legolas Greenleaf in The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, based on the books by J.R.R. Tolkien. The first person of the LOTR cast that he met was Billy Boyd, it was Boyd's birthday, so they had some Shampagne (sp?). After the third LOTR movie premeared, Orlando decided to ferfil (sp?) his true dream and strated Da undagrond, becoming the leaded, Billy bacame the Co-leader (yay!)
[b]Band[/b]: Pointed Ears - Well... This is just Orlando's band... He is the only member (sad, yes) He tryed to convince Billy Boyd to join it, but he refused because he wanted the band to be called "4 hobbits walk into a bar", so, it never really worked out (Plus, Orlando said that Billy was too short to join :bawl: ) ...so.... Orlando has been trying to Hire the elves to join... he's trying to hire some elves... it's not going so well though..[/color]
[b]Name[/b]: Billy Boyd (The Short One)
[b]Height[/b]: 5'7
[b]Rank[/b]: Co-leader
[b]Appearance[/b]: [img]http://img-nex.theonering.net/images/scrapbook/10888.jpg[/img]
[b]Short Bio[/b]: Billy Boyd was born in Glasgow, Scotland on the 28th August 1968 to William & Mary Boyd (Aww....). Despite an impressive number of appearances on stage in such works as "Much Ado About Nothing" and "Merchant of Venice", Billy is often more well known for his appearance on the crime drama "Taggart" in the UK (I have no idea what any of those are).
As a child, Billy wanted to be an actor, but wasn't incourged to by his evil guaidance teacher:
Guidance Teacher: Billy, what do you want to do when you get older?
Billy: I want to be an actor.
Guidance teacher: Well.... I wouldn't count of that...
Sad, yes?
While not working, Boyd likes to keep busy with his numerous past times. His sword-work in The Lord of the Rings may have come easier to him than his colleagues, holding a Grade 7 in foil fencing. Also, Billy holds a Phase 4 rank in both Jeet Kune Do and Phillipino Kali. Boyd also has some musical talent, able to play both guitar and bass guitar while singing with a strong tenor/light baritone voice.
After The premier of LOTR, Orlando asked Billy, as one of his favprite hobbit friends who could sing, to become co-leader of Da Undagrond. Billy accepted ^^.
[b]Band[/b]: 4 Hobbits Walk into a Bar - unlike Oralndo's "Pointed ears" Billy has actually had great sucess with the band.... what? You don't believe me!? I have proof! Look [URL=http://img-nex.theonering.net/images/scrapbook/orig/9642_orig.jpg]HERE[/URL]! As you can all see, Elijah Wood kicked Billy out and became the leader (Even though Billy sings better). [/color][/size]
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Thank you KKC. So far, everyone has been accepted. If no one else joins in the next few days, this will probably start on Thursday or Friday.
Real Name: Tamika Wynter
Nickname: T
Artist Name: Tammi
Alliance: megaconglomerates
Genre: Pop
Style: fresh from the hired writers, I didn't see or hear of it until I got in the studio bubblegum pop
Appearance: Uhh...give me a few days with this...

Real Name: Lolita Morrison
Nickname: Lita
Artist Name: Shibby
Alliance: Da Undagrond
Genre: Punk (Like Andrew W. K.)
Style: Loud, hard, fast, and full of energy with a few of those deep, slightly emotional songs that almost make you want to cry...until the next track...
Appearance: Uhh...give me a few days with this...
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