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From inuyasha to Kagome

Guest sixthcrusifix

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Guest sixthcrusifix
--------------------Beauty's Just skin deep---------------------------------

If you , believe so truely,
That beauty's just skin deep.
Then you should know ,
That always, your beautifull to me.
Your skin, your touch, your warmth inside
My love for you undying.
And I, am blessed, for Always
Because your, beautifull to me.
I once was lost, so deep inside
You came, and I ..was free
And i know she's gone,
But you are near,
And your Beautifull to me.
So hold , me close and take my hand
I want you oh so much,
But when you leave please don't come back,
Your beautifull to me,
I just won't Risk your life,
Your, Beautifull to me.

check out my unfinished fan fic please check it out [url]http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?threadid=35190&goto=newpost[/url]
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[size=1] Sixy, if you continue to ignore the rules, I'm going to have to send you a warning.

Again, read the rules another time if you have to--[i]double posting isn't allowed[/i]. If you keep breaking the rules after I've already told you to look at them again, then I'll be sending you a warning this time.

I mean this all well. I'm not trying to sound egotistical or anything. This is how things are done here at OtakuBoards--you either follow them and respect the way things are, or you get banned and don't come back because of your lack of respect of the rules.

Sorry if I sound mean--I'm just doing my job. If you want to continue to get pissed at me for doing my job, then you'll be out of here soon enough. Respect the rules and they'll respect you--it's simple as that.

The poem was pretty nice. It was some fontal errors--truly--not truely, and so on. But it worked well. It felt like your heart, so good job on that.

And that is all I have to say.[/size]
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It didn't really make sense to me. Is the meaning of it (keep in mind, I've only seen Inu Yasha l;ike twice) that Inu Yasha only finds Kagome physically beautiful? That's what I got out of it.

Mitch, when are you going to explain the Edit button to him? :D

EDIT: Forgot to mention, for some of the other critiques, those weren't very constructive. [I]Why[/I] did you like this poem?
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Guest sixthcrusifix
I understand where you would get confused, The reference that beauty physically is only skinn deep, Inuyasha refuses to care about kagomes physicall appearance in the cartoon cuz of her kikyo likness, Thus further implying that inuyasha finds kagome beutiful inside, not out.

By the way i know how to use the edit button, how do you think i wrote my fanfic, It certainly was not all in one sitting. And the word truly is purposly misspelled. To show the it has 3 syllables.
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