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The Dragon King


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[B]I had an old story, a rubish one called the Dragon King, but this is totally different. Chapter one is long, and every part of this story is of my own. You cannot say that I'm wrong about a certain race, because this is all made up. Elves are different here, Werewolves, everything. It is not based on LoTR, it is all my own. I hope you like it:

[SIZE=5][U]The Dragon King[/U][/SIZE]

[SIZE=1]Years ago, in times chaos and fighting, an evil being built armies and dead and living, who where almost unbeatable. They marched through the small cities, they burnt down armies, and they annihilated whole races from the face of the planet. The Medieval times was a time of war, but this was too big a war. The Dragon King was a race called the Partiari, creatures with huge dragon wings, and amazing power. At first, every Partiari was said to be evil, and they seemed to be. The Dragon King wanted nothing but the world, and his armies marched on.
They came to a halt outside the largest city, and the only defence of all good left. 100,000 evil men behind, and 100,000 in front. They out number the last defence by 50,000 men.
Victory of evil was close, the city began to burn, Elves arrows fell, and Man?s race fell. The Dragon King flew into the air for a last look at his victory, and this mistake cost him his rain of terror.

Only a weapon that belongs purely to the wielder could stop the Dragon King from fazing through it. A mere man threw his sword up, and as Dragon King laughed with victory, it went straight through his heart?

They thought he was gone, but to be safe, Men, Elves, and all other creatures locked him in an endless tomb, where he would never wake. In the tomb under the Mountain of Madoria, the greatest city, he was kept, never to hurt again.

They may have kept the Dragon King locked up, but they did not keep Radince, Dragon King?s first man, locked up. Radince took a small amulet that was locked away too, and awoke his master with the power of the amulet.

The Dragon King made his amazing army once more, and three warriors, pure and powerful set out to destroy the Dragon King, by taking his amulet, then destroying him, forever, but this path is not easy, and once again, the earth in a peril?

[U]Chapter One[/U]
[I]The quest begins[/I]

The tall tower of Komari Castle seemed to watch over the huge city of warriors. A city of white, where a huge palace of Kings watched over it. Dmitri, the King of Elves lived there, Dango, the King of a lost Kind lived there, and a winged one too? Orien, a Partiari.
The castle was high, that went up, up, up in a spiral way.

Dmitri looked over the white balcony, down onto the city. His elf eyes could see faces from far away, very far. Dmitri had long white hair going onto his shoulders, blue eyes like the sky, black boots, thin armour that enabled him to run at normal speed, and a long green cape. He carried a long bow made of wood from the deepest forest, and a long sword made for him. That is what made Dmitri, Dango and Orien perfect for this quest. Their weapons could defeat Dragon King for sure. Dmitri had always loved this earth, and it?s races. Werewolves, they where the fiercest and sometimes horrible creatures alive, but they had a lot in common with they Elves. They where a bit immortal, they both where in tuned with nature, and they both could travel long distances without food or water. Dango was the last of his kind, and when Dango dies, his race will be forgotten.
?The night sky will be all in our faces if the Dragon King wins.? A shallow voice whispered behind Dmitri. Dmitri smiled; he turned around to face Dango. Dango had short black hair, a long black cloak. He just tried to hide himself from everyone else, but everyone knew what he was. His eyes where red, and he had fangs. He was as tall as Dmitri, about 5? or so. Dango had the weapon of his heir who fought against the Dragon King, a wolf?s sword, made for him.
?You are giving up before we have even started our bought?? Dmitri asked in a quite tone. Dango walked slowly towards the Elf.
?No, I never said that. But once the King wins, it shall be only dark skies, through day and nigh.? Dango replied. The wind howled, as both of them looked up at the sky.
?Yes? that is true, but that shall not happen. We wield the weapons made for our purpose, we wield the power to defeat him!? Dmitri said staring at Dango in his eyes.
?We do not wield the power to defeat 10,000 men. We are out numbered; the King would only need 100 men to defeat the three of us.? Dango replied in deep sigh.
?We fight the Dragon King alone, but we fight his army with many others.? Dmitri shifted over to the side, and continued his stare.
?Our souls are still alone, and I am the last of my kind, you know this. When I die, the tale of the Werewolves will be lost.? Dango mumbled.
?I will not let your story die! Elves and Werewolves are alike, and creature so alike never forget each other!? Dmitri replied placing his hand on the shoulder of Dango.
?Do you not see? Elves will die out, along with every other race! Mankind shall rule, and they will not carry our tale! Once our part in this world ends, it will be forgotten forever. No matter what we fight for, evil always comes, and once we go, Mankind will rules, and they shall prove we where of no need in these days! We will be myths and tales! We are fighting for this world, that will forget us!? Dango said quickly, almost spitting it at Dmitri.
?But we are saving others, and saving our future, if we do not, then our tale will end quicker.? Dmitri replied. He turned his back and walked away.
?You are a fool in believing you can help Mankind! They should fight their own battles, and leave other races to live in peace! If it where not for Mankind, my race would be walking along its king! I thought Elves and Werewolves where alike?? Dango spat striding towards Dmitri.
?They are alike.? Dmitri replied.
?No! I am NOT like an Elf! Do not say we to me, there is only I left of my race!? Dango growled. His fangs where showing, and his eyes where redder. ?I should not be helping this world!? Dango added.
?But you are part of it, you are the most unique creature alive, and you are part of this world, will you not save your home?? Dmitri stared at Dango hard with his blue eyes.
?I do not care! This world of ?Men? killed my race! You can travel to the Mardo Plains, without me!? Dango spat. He turned his back and strode off, his cloak flying back in the wind.
?If that is they way you act, then I am afraid you are on the wrong side. A good man would fight for a stranger, he would defend unknown places, and he would call a place he lived, his home. If you cannot do that, you should go and join the Dragon King himself. If you do not wish to defend your home, then defeat it!? These words made Dango stop dead in his spot. Dmitri folded his arms over his chest and grinned. His words made the Werewolf stop, and that pleased him. Dmitri heard a long sigh from Dango.
?Your words make me fight Elf, I hope you are proud you can make the last Werewolf on earth bow to your will?? Dango laughed.
?Bow? I shall never make a friend bow to me! I should be bowing to you, the last Werewolf!? Dmitri replied.
?Go, bow to a King of a dead race?? Dango mumbled. ?I have to face it Dmitri; my race is no more.?


The night skies darkness made Orien feel welcome. His wings where dragon-like, his hair was red, going down to his shoulders, and his eyes? pure, black. He was not the smallest of creatures, nor was he the tallest. He wore black armour, which had long shoulder wings, and black boots. You would think he was evil, by his looks and his kind. Orien was a Partria. He was born to kill, but did not. Though people think all Partiari?s are evil, Orien is not; infact he is helping on the quest to destroy the Dragon King.
Orien sat on the cold castle walls, not watching the city, but watching the woods nearby. Everything in the world was running away from him, though it seemed. Orien?s only friends where Dango and Dmitri, an Elf and a were creature. The forest beyond the city seemed to glare back at Orien.
?Strange things fill this earth now? The Dragon King will win?? Orien said to himself. He voice was dark, and seemed to hiss all the time. ?I do not wish to fight; but to save this world, I must.? Footsteps from behind made the long dragon tail of Orien?s flick. The footsteps where almost silent, therefore it was an Elf.
?We never wanted to fight.? The voice said.
?I know that, Dmitri? I feel strange, like only me and you shall go, what has the Werewolf King said about our quest?? Orien asked.
?Ah, he wishes not to fight, he says fighting a war for a world of other kinds is not what he intends to do.? Dmitri replied. ?Though he will come.?
?The lose of his kind is burning in him, as a Partiari I know this.? Orien said.
?Then you must know, will he come?? Dmitri asked.
?I know things, I am wise, but I do not fore see the future.? Orien replied. ?If I could fore see things, I would know what path to take on our journey, but no, I cannot.?


?You have all taken a brave step! You three are taking a challenge no one has ever took, three men against an army of evil. Two Kings, one pure hearted winged one! It gives me great pride to announce, that these three heroes, shall travel to the ends of the earth, destroying the Dragon King?s army. To you three, Dango, son of Daigo and heir of Lagishi, Dmitri, son of Detriei, and heir of Vandrick, and Orien, the only good of the Partria race. I give you our savours, Dango The Werewolf King, Dmitri the King of Elves, and Orien the keeper of peace. Their weapons are the only ones capable of destroying the Dragon King. I wish you all good luck on your quest, and I hope you fulfil you destiny!? Aroik?s voice echoed through the halls. Aroik would take over the castle while Dango, Dmitri and Orien where gone. Aroik sat down on the throne, pulling his long purple robes over him, and playing with his long blonde hair.
Dango was kneeling down, his eyes closed and his head resting against his sword, his sword left by Lagishi, black as a wolf, long as his arm, but light as a feather.
Dmitri kneeled, but looked up to the ceiling, with his sword clenched in his left hand and his bow in his right. Orien did not kneel. He stood up, looking towards the ?new? King of their castle. Dmitri continued to look up, his hair falling over his face almost.
?They shall face the evil in this world, they shall fight for us, they shall be remembered!? These words of Aroik made Dango look up, and Dmitri stood up. He looked over at his friend Dango. ?But now, let the feast begin!? Aroik shouted.

Dango sat at the long table, where everyone in the castle was sat. He took huge bites out of the bread in his hands.
?As a Werewolf I would think you would eat the meat.? A voice mumbled from across the table. Dmitri smirked at Dango.
?I do not care for this meat.? Dango replied to the Elf.
?Ah, and that is what makes us alike. We Elves do not eat meat, not any more.? Dmitri said with a smirk turning to a grin.
?I never said I do not eat meat, for I do, I just do not eat this kind.? Dango snarled. ?You are making me dislike you every second Elf!? Dango added in a snap.
?No, you are making yourself dislike everyone.? Dmitri replied with a laugh. ?Orien thinks that way too.?
?I do not care what he thinks! You are lucky I am coming along, my weapon may be the only one to do the job!? Dango growled chewing more bread.
?OUR weapons.? Dmitri corrected him. Dango snorted loudly, ignoring Dmitri.

After a few hours eating and drinking, Orien was still stood looking up at the ?new? King. Dango stood in the corner grinning at Dmitri, and Dmitri seemed to be the only one smiling.
The laughter of the men around the castle filled the air. Dmitri was out for the night, so he wondered over to Dango.
?I am sorry if I offended you back there.? Dmitri said almost tripping over his words. Dango smiled teasingly.
?You did not, it is just I?? Dango replied looking over at Orien. Orien?s wings flapped behind him, and then folded onto Orien?s back. ?What do you think he is thinking about?? Dango asked.
?I do not know? he might feel that the new owner of our castle is not fit for the job.? Dmitri said.
?I do not think he is fit for the job either.? Dango laughed. ?I am a werewolf, even I know this.?
?But why should you not? What does a man, Elf, Dwarf know about royalty that you do not?? Dmitri asked looking at the red eyes of Dango.
?Everything my friend?? Dango mumbled. He ran his hand through his black hair, and then focused his gaze on Dmitri. ?Tomorrow, we may very well walk to our death, though you do not seem bothered.? Dango said with a smile.
?I do not, because I know there is hope.? Dmitri said.
?Hope is every persons weakness?? Dango laughed.
?Not mine.? Dmitri replied. Dango?s face turned to a grin. Dango and Dmitri both looked over at Orien, who was still looking up at the new King of the castle.


The plains outside the castle didn?t seem to stretch fair, but they did. They stretched very fair indeed. After the endless Plains of Komari City, Dmitri, Dango and Orien would have to seek out the Mountain pass to get through The Mountain Of Doom.

Orien?s wings folded back onto his back, trying not to startle his white horse. He held the rains of his horse tightly, in one hand he clenched his long staff that hand long blades at the end of each side. His weapon was as tall as him. Dmitri?s horse was grey and huge, fast, gentle and light. Dmitri rode with his sword and weapons on his back. Dango?s horse was pure blackness, huge, no, massive, dark, and unmistakably fast. The sun rose setting orange sun light over the three, as they set out onto the plains to start their quest.

Dango?s horse lead the way, Dmitri?s followed and Orien?s sped behind. The moved quickly and swift, each horse kicking up dust on the plains and knocking dried up plants over. Orien had named his horse Zeda, which meant Peace Keeper in his language. Dmitri?s was named Warlo, which was the name of the first Elvin king, and Dango simply named his black horse Shadow. Orien looked over the head of Zeda, unfolding his long dragon wings. His horse picked up speed kicking off more sand. Orien directed his horse beside Shadow.
?Dango, take my horse quick! Something goes out of place over the plains!? Orien shouted. Dango lifted his hand signalling Dmitri to slow down, as Shadow began slow down. Orien nodded and passed the rains of Zeda to Dango. Dango slowed both horses down, and the white horse glared at Dango?s black horse. Without wasting time, Orien?s wings stretched out as he lifted himself into the air. Dmitri looked up. Orien held his staff in both hands, ready to attack whatever he saw. Orien flew through the air, and you could almost see the wind flicking off his dragon wings.
?What do you see?? Dmitri shouted. Orien flew faster flapping his wings. He ignored Dmitri for some time.
?Nothing yet, we should not go any further until I can see what is ahead, we make camp here!? Orien shouted down.

Dmitri sat on the dusty ground beside his horse, Warlo. Dango stood up beside his huge horse, black with beauty, silent with patience. Orien?s horse was lay down, maybe asleep, while the amazing Orien was out searching over the Plains.
?We must find the Mountain pass through the Mountain Of Doom.? Dmitri stated.
?I know, the question is, where is the Mountain pass? After that we enter the swamplands of Gandoria, which will not be an easy task passing. After the Swamplands, I do not know where we head. There should be a town just off Gandoria, we should go there to find out where to find the Dragon King.? Dango explained.
?Or, we could take a different route. Go straight through Gandoria, and head east to Mapadi forest, where Elves and Woodmen live.? Dmitri suggested.
?You only want to see the Elves, do you not?? Laughed Dango.
?Perhaps.? Dmitri replied with a smile.


It is in the lair of the evil Dragon King, an army of dead and living arose. Radince, the Dragon King?s first man came storming down the dark hallways of the Dragon King?s lair, with news of the three travelling across the Plains. Radince had massive dragon wings, bigger than normal, a long tail, hand like claws, eyes like a demons, and red hair going down his back. He was pure evil, just as the King wanted. Radince pushed the huge doors of the Dragon King?s lair open, and peered inside to find a shadowy figure stood in the middle of the dark room. Nothing was in this room, except darkness and the Dragon King.
?My King! I bring you news of three men travelling across the Plains in search of you! A Werewolf King, an Elf King, and one of our kind!? Radince hissed.
?What?? The Dragon King?s voice echoed throughout his lair like a dancing shadow. He turned around. His face was pale, his dragon wings black with holes in, his eyes white, his hair long and black, a long thick cape with holes, claw-like hands and always, an evil smile spread across his face.
?Yes? Orien!? Radince laughed evilly.
?I will not take any risk! They must die! How many Urkil can we summon?? The Dragon King sneered.
?Only 12 that are fully ready, the rest are either training or spawning.? Radince said with a smile.
?12 is enough, send them through the swamps and onto the plains, tell them to let no one live!!? The Dragon King?s laugh was so evil, even the shadows seemed to run at his laughter. Radince licked his lips and slunked out of the room. Radince could still here evil laughs as he ran down to the armies.

Urkil where creatures like lizards, green scaly skin, claw hands, a human?s face hidden under a mask of darkness. Urkil where dressed in thick armour, and carried swords. They travel fast, and light. Urkil are hard to track, but are also hard to kill.
?Do not leave any alive, kill them all! Destroy them! Burn their bodies! Annihilate their weapons!? Radince shouted. His wings flapped as his rose into the air, and watched 12 ugly warriors march off.


Meanwhile, Dmitri was asleep peacefully, with his eyes closed lightly and his hands behind his head. Dango was awake; looking insane by the fact tomorrow was a full moon. His eyes where wide, his hands where clenched, and his fangs where showing. A huge gust of wind blew Dango?s hair aside, and woke the Elf. Orien came back. The nighttime was coming, as the sun died down.
?Hurry! Gather your weapons! Urkil are travelling to the swamp!? Orien said in a hissing why. Dmitri jumped up taking his bow. Dango smiled and clenched his sword tightly. All three jumped onto their horses.
?We must move quickly! Our horses must not enter the swamp, if we arrive after the Urkil they will kill our transport!? Dmitri shouted. He pulled his thin armoured clothes down to a comfortable place, and sped off on his horse. Shadow followed kicking dust up at Orien. Orien waited for a few seconds, and then sped off on Zeda, clenching his Staff in his right hand.

They all stopped in front of the roaring Mountain Of Doom, which lounged under the sun casting a massive shadow over half the golden Plains.
?Who forgot that we had to find the Mountain pass first?? Dango snarled looking back at Orien.
?I can fly, I flew straight over the Mountain!? Orien snapped. Dmitri looked around him.
?Something tells me that we do not have time to find the Mountain Pass?? Dmitri mumbled. He pushed his white hair out of his eyes. Dango and Orien flicked to the side as both of them heard sounds. Grunts and growl, Dmitri smiled.
?Urkil? so he sent some?? Orien laughed. He gracefully descended from his white stead, and spun his staff in his hands.
?12 of them?? Dango laughed jumped from Shadow. ?How nice!?
?Enough for us all, and our first battle!? Dmitri laughed. They all looked up as the sun died behind the gloomy mountain, and 12 retile-like men appeared with thick armour and swords. They all seemed to hiss and growl. Orien rose into the air, flapping his wings making the sand flick up, blinding each Urkil. Dmitri took his long bow, and an arrow. He fitted the arrow on his long bow, and shot the nearest Urkil in the head. The arrow travelled through the air as if nothing was stopping it. The remaining Urkil charged. 2 trying to catch Orien, 4 after Dmitri, 5 after the Werewolf King. Dango rammed his black sword through the nearest Urkil?s chest, dragged it out and slashed at another?s next, sending a slimy head across the ground. Dango blocked the sword of the next Urkil, and kicked it hard in the stomach, sending it into another one. He took his sword into his left hand, and threw it at the two Urkil?s, stabbing through both. The last Urkil of Dango?s knocked him to the ground, and the Urkil took out his long sword and pointed it at Dango. The Urkil let out a few screeches and growls, until Dango punched it in the face, and then bit it on the next with his whites fangs. The Urkil roared and screeched, as black blood dripped from its next.
Dmitri stabbed the last Urkil with his sword, and smiled at his handy work. Soon, Orien joined him with black blood on the blade of his staff. Dango came walking up.
?That was easy?? Dango laughed.
?If this is all the Dragon King can muster, I do not think we should bother to fight him!? Dmitri said.
?Do not underestimate the Dragon King, this is merely a taste, and a taste to come.? Orien replied.

The three sped on down the endless Plains. Three heroes, three souls, three races, one destiny. Dango and his friends slowed down, as they came to a long archway of rock and Mountains.
?Is this the Mountain Pass?? Dmitri asked.
?There is only one way to know?? Dango replied. Shadow slowly walked forward, into a path of unknown.[/B][/SIZE]
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Well, before I forget, I forgot to add something to that last chapter. I'm almost done with Chapter two, and if you are interested, here it is: (With added bits from the last Chapter)

[SIZE=1][B]As they travelled along, their horse?s hooves clinking on the stones, the walls of the mountain seemed to close in. Their horses almost stumbled over the rocks and roots, but they did not fall. They all stopped in front of two large trees looking down on them, with writing carved into them.
?What does it say?? Dango asked himself starring down. Dmitri jumped swiftly off his horse and ran towards the trees. He ran his fingers over the left tree, and the writing began to burn, making new words.
?It?s in Elvish?? Dmitri exclaimed.
?What does it say?? Orien asked in a hiss.
?Mapadi Forest is the best path,
But it is dangerous for one person,
An Elf maybe,
Just be careful,
Stay out of the Blood Bath?? Dmitri?s eyes scanned the words changing.
?It sounds like a poem, riddle or something.? Orien hissed.
?Wait! There?s more!
I am wises off all,
For a tree and more,
Trust my words,
Follow thy call.? Dmitri shook his head in confusion. His heart pounded. ?It is decided, we travel through Gandoria, and into Mapadi Forest.? Dmitri said.
?That tree thing just warned us not too.? Dango replied.
?No, he warned me, but he said it was the best path to take, and we will take it!? Dmitri shouted.

As they trotted on, their horses became scared and worried. Hardly any light shown them the way, and they could easily be attacked.
?How long until we exit this hunted place?? Orien asked.
?I do not know? we must be swift, but careful. If we run, we will trip. If we go slow, we may be attacked!? Dango explained. Orien nodded. Dmitri was trailing behind looking at the ground. Suddenly, Shadow, Dango?s horses lifted its front hooves into the air and stomped on the ground. Dango tried to hold on. Dmitri?s horse did the same, and hit the ground with so much force Dmitri fell hard on the ground. His horse almost stomped on him. Zeda, Orien?s horse did the same. Orien flew off his horse, and quickly pulled Dmitri from under his steed.
?What is wrong with our horses?? Dango asked running to the two. Each horse let out a mad sound, and began to run down the Path,
?NO!? Dmitri looked at his horse charged down the path.
?We have no choice, we must follow them I cannot do this quest on foot!? Dango said to Orien and Dmitri. The three swiftly ran down after the horses.

They all came to a sudden stop, when they saw their horses stood at the edge of a pool of green. It seemed like green all over, weeds and grass growing around, blackness in the air.
?We have found the swamp?? Orien said.
?I can see that! Why did our horses run here?? Dango asked.
?I do not know either, but to cross the swamp, we must ride them!? Dmitri replied.

[U]Chapter Two
Do not welcome the King.[/U]

Dango, Dmitri and Orien held their horses tightly. They hobbled across the green swamp slowly, guiding their horses around the sinking water. They passed large greens trees and bazaar things, but they kept going. Dmitri?s horse slipped into the water, and struggled back up.
?They cannot keep going, sooner our horses will slip taking us!? Dmitri explained. Dango shook his head.
?We did not travel across the plains to turn back!? Dango snapped. Dmitri sighed and continued along. He was mostly worried about the words on the tree? it was strange. There was a horse?s ?nay? as Dango?s black horse slipped forward slinging Dango onto the ground. Dango shivered up full of green mud and his face covered with brown muck. Dmitri trotted pass him with an evil grin. Dango growled and walked back to his horse that was also covered in mud.
?Do not turn back now!? Dmitri laughed looking back. Dango growled so loudly the earth seemed to shake. Orien trotted pass Dango not looking at him. Orien was not bothered about it, everyone falls down sometimes. Dango jumped back onto his steed and galloped right up to Dmitri. As he sped pass the Elf, mud kicked up on Dmitri.
?Stop this! This is no time for games!? Orien shouted at them both. Dango laughed at the Elf and slowly moved on.


?What? They did not even HARM our foe? This is unreal! RADINCE!!? The Dragon King?s hissing voice yelled throughout the whole lair. A creeping shadow came up to him. Radince gulped and folded his wings on his back.
?It was not?? Radince began in a shallow voice.
?I do not care who has done this! I know they did it; I want you to go onto the plains and trail behind them! Kill the wormless scum?s, and bring their heads to ME!? Dragon King yelled in a loud hiss at the top of his voice. The whole lair shook, as Radince shallowly slunked out of the room.


The swamplands seemed to get deeper and deeper, as the three trotted through. Dmitri was holding on to his horse as tight as he could. His horse slipped again, making Dmitri gasp quickly.
?Do not worry, there is not much more to go.? Orien turned his head to Dmitri.
?How do you know this? Have you been through these parts before?? Dmitri asked.
?Yes?? Orien laughed quietly. ?I have been every where these days.? Orien turned forward with a grin. Dango was ahead, guiding his horse with ease. Dango closed his eyes, and snapped them open. He was growing tried, but he had to keep on going. Dango sighed heavily. Suddenly, he felt a drop. His horse had fallen into a massive pool of green muck. Dango fell off his horse and head first into the green mud. He felt his horse struggling to get out, and Dango felt that the green mud was like water. His horse kicked so much he couldn?t see under the water and slowly sank beneath. Although it didn?t look very deep, it was. Dango tried to swim up, but his horse seemed to be drowning and was kicking the water madly. Dango reached up, but felt no air.

?Dango!? Orien yelled jumping from his steed and running to the massive pool of green. Dmitri followed. Shadow, Dango?s horse just had its head above the water but couldn?t pull itself out. Orien grabbed the horse?s rains and began to pull it forward, but Shadow did not move.
?I shall get my horse to pull it out!? Dmitri said running off. Orien nodded to himself and pulled harder. Dmitri ran back and tied both the rains of the horse together. Dmitri horse was powerful enough to drag Shadow up a bit. Warlo, Dmitri horse ran forward, but only kicked up dust.
?I will get Dango!? Orien shouted worriedly. Orien flapped his wings and put his arm in the green water, searching for Dango. Orien shouted his name, but nothing. Shadow pulled itself up out of the pool full of green, and he looked shocked. Dmitri gave out a sigh of relief, while Orien stared into the green coloured pool.
?Where is he?? Dmitri yelled loudly. Orien said nothing, but began to breath heavily. Suddenly, he ducked under and looked around under the water. He saw nothing at first but darkness. Orien?s eyes flicked side-to-side looking for anything. Suddenly, he noticed the long cloak of Dango. He did not waste any time and pulled on it. In a matter of second, Orien pulled his head up, pulling Dango with him. Dango?s hair was flat and drenched, as was Orien?s. Dango opened his red eyes, and spat up green water. He looked around him, and let out a sigh.


?Just search across the Plains for a while he says! Bring back their heads he says!? Radince hissed to himself while flying swiftly over the boring Plains. His master, the Dragon King had sent him to find the three? Radince was his top man, and he was going on a mere hunt for three fools? The Dragon King either hated Radince, or was making a big mistake. Radince folded his claw-like hands over his chest and whizzed on cutting through the air. ?Damn him! I am his greatest and most powerful warrior! I should be the ruler here! I am superior to all living beings! I am the true King of my race! I am power!? Radince yelled at the top of his voice. His words echoed back and forth across the plains. Radince clenched his claw fist and glared ahead. ?He shall not rule over this land! He shall not! I will! I Radince, the true King of this earth will rule over all! I am the master darkness! I am a light in evil! I am the TRUE KILLER! And I will not be treated like this!? Radince finished with a loud roar over the plains.[/B]

That is where I am up to right now, and before you ask, anyone, this is NOT like LoTR. It may be Medieval, but it is truly my own work, and I'm trying not to make it LoTR.[/SIZE]

*Sniff* Damn I feel so unloved...
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