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I've been making a lot of RahXephon-related banners lately. Although I'm close to finishing a number of them, this is the first that I feel satisfied with.... I just can't decide whether or not it would look better if I de-saturated it a bit.

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[color=teal]Wow..I find this blue and orange/red combination to almost..compliment each other. I really [i]love[/i] the blue and red that you have going; the way you were able to integrate it so nicely is just fabulous.

The pictures also flow very nicely together. The just all fit in with the banner, so much in fact that I could believe it being an original single piece. It doesn't even need text.

I'm not the biggest fan of non-solid borders, but yours still wasn't too bad. You did very well in this banner; one of my favorite of your works, and I hope to see more from you in the future.[/color]
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