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Pokemon Region of Pleasant


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[i]In the Pokemon Region of Pleasant, trainers train to compete in the Pleasant League, in League City. Trainers must earn 10 of the 12 badges in the Pleasant Region to be elligible to compete in the Pleasant League. Trainers who have earned these 10 badges will face off against four Elite Trainers and the Champion. After the deciding battle against the Champion, winning trainers will be recorded forever in the Hall of Fame and losers will be sent home to train more. Whether a Trainer has won or lost, most of them continue on to Mount Pleasant to face the Pokemon Master.[/i]

Ok, heres the gyms:

[b]Oak Town Gym[/b]
Leader: Nora
Type of Pokemon: Normal
Pokemon: Sentret, Zigzagoon, Delcatty
Badge: Senzidel Badge

[b]Pleasant City Gym[/b]
Leader: Steven(recognize the name?)
Type: Steel
Pokemon: Mawile, Skarmory, Magnemite
Badge: Maskarmite Badge

[b]Tree City Gym[/b]
Leader: Grady
Type: Grass
Pokemon: Shroomish, Grovyle, Breloom
Badge: Shrovyleloom Badge

[b]Boardwalk Town Gym[/b]
Leader: Fischer
Type: Fighting
Pokemon: Meditite, Makuhita, Hariyama
Badge: Mehitayama Badge

[b]Fort Town Gym[/b]
Leader: Flairity
Type: Flying
Pokemon: Noctowl, Fearow, Swellow
Badge: Norowswell Badge

[b]Maple City Gym[/b]
Leader: Buggy
Type: Bug
Pokemon: Scyther, Ariados, Surskit
Badge: Scydosur Badge

[b]Beach Town Gym[/b]
Leader: Wakine
Type: Water
Pokemon: Pelipper, Wailord, Croconaw
Badge: Pewailcro Badge

[b]Dark City Gym[/b]
Leader: Darren
Type: Dark
Pokemon: Mightyena, Murkrow, Houndour
Badge: Mightmurhound Badge

[b]Light City Gym[/b]
Leader: Simon
Type: Psychic
Pokemon: Alakazam, Medicham, Lunatone, Solrock
Badge: Alunarock Badge

[b]Fire Island Gym[/b]
Leader: Firene
Type: Fire
Pokemon: Charizard, Typhlosion, Blaziken
Badge: Chartyblaz Badge

[b]Ice Island Badge[/b]
Leader: Icene
Type: Ice
Pokemon: Walrein, Glalie, Jynx
Badge: Walglajyn Badge

[b]Lightning Island Gym[/b]
Leader: Electrene
Type: Electric
Pokemon: Raichu, Jolteon, Electrike
Badge: Raijolelec Badge

On the map, the cities without gyms do not have either a box or a rounded off rectangle around them(the corners are kind of curved) and they do not have a thick colored border around them.

OOC- the starting town is Birch City for new trainers. If you are a new trainer, you will recieve your Pokemon from Professor Birch's assistant at the lab. If you already have Pokemon, then you can pick any city that does not have a gym to start out in or you can just start out in Birch City like all of the new Trainers.

IC- Kayla walked out of her house and down the road to the Pokemon Lab. Today was the day she would get her very own Pokemon. She saw the lab ahead of her and ran to get to it. She ran inside and found Prof. Birch's assistant playing with the starter Pokemon.

[b]Assistant:[/b]Why! Hello Kayla! It's good to see you! I'm assuming you're here for your Pokemon?

[b]Kayla:[/b]Yup! I sure am!

[b]Assistant:[/b]Well, I have the perfect Pokemon for you.

He called for a Pokemon. A small Eevee came running up.

[b]Assistant:[/b]Kayla, meet Eevee, your new partner.

Kayla smiled and picked the small Eevee up.

[b]Kayla:[/b]Wow, she's so beautiful. I'm sure we'll be best friends in no time!

Eevee smiled and said its name happily.

[b]Assistant:[/b]Now, that Eevee doesn't like being inside Pokeballs, you don't mind, do you?

Kayla shook her head and took the 5 Pokeballs and Pokedex that the Assistant handed her and left the lab, hugging her wonderful new Eevee.
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[size=1][color=darkblue]Cay felt a large gust of wind blow into her face. [i]Why is it windy?[/i] Cay pushed herself up from her bed and looked out the window to see the sun shinning in her eyes. A few pidgys were chirping their morning songs on a neerby branch.
"I'm supposed to be at the Birch Lab!" Cay yelled franticly as she jumped from her bed and got dressed. When she was through, her shirt was on backwards and her shoes were on the wrong foot, but she would just fix that later.
Cay picked up her backback with the sleeping bag hooked to the top and ran out the door saying goodbye to all the pokemon as she went.

"Im finally starting a pokemon journey!" Cay yelled happily as she sprinted off, out of the woods, and up the dirt path to the lab. She was at the door now and was about to throw it open when it opened first and smacked her square in the forehead.
Cay clamped both hands over her throbing head and then jumped to her feet to see a girl, about her age, and an eevee sitting next to her.

"Im very sor-" She started to apologize, but Cay interupted as she sped off into the lab.

"Sorry! Can't chat now!" Cay scrambled into the lab, breathing hard and the assistant smiled at her as he checked a clip board.

"You'r Cay? Right?" He asked with the same smile. Cay nodded as she was catching her breath. "I see someone over slept... you'll need to avoid that habit once you get your pokemon... NOW!" He scanned the clip board once again. Cay guessed that it had info on all the new trainers. "You said that you would like to choose your pokemon... so, here they are. Choose wisely, because your first pokemon will usually become one of your best." He then stepped aside to reviel a total of 4 pokemon playing around on the floor.

"This is mudkip, a water pokemon." He pointed to a the blue one. "That is Mareep, an electirc pokemon." He pointed to the fluffy sheep looking pokemon. "This is Bulbasaur, the grass pokemon." He said to the one with a bulb on it's back. "And this hear is Cyndaquil, the fire pokemon." The little pokemon's back suddenly lit up in flames and it started to play with the others.

"It's sooo cute!" Cay exclaimed as she pat the fire pokemon softly on the head.

"Cynda! Quil!" It called happily as it was being stroked.

"Then it's decided, Cyndaquil it is!" The assistant said triumphantly, another trainer satisfied. He reached into his pocket and handed her five pokeballs and a red computer object... thing...
"This is a pokedex, it identifies and has all the info you'll need to know about pokemon. It's also your ID, so don't loose it."

Cay put the objects into her pockets and nodded. "Thanks for everything! Bye!"

Cay headed out the door with Cyndaquil perched on her shoulder. She left andf saw that the eevee and the girl were waiting for her. [/color][/size]
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As Ally ran into Professor Birch's lab she slipped and fell flat on her face, she then looked at the professor and began to speak.

Ally: Is it here?

Professor Birch's: It sure is.

Professor Birch reached inside a desk and pulled out a pokeball which he gave to Ally.

Professor Birch: Torchic

Ally let out the fire pokemon which she gave a huge hug.

Ally: Thanks Professor Birch I know it's not permitted for you to hide pokemon but you did thanks.

Professor Birch: Lets just forget about Ally, here take these.

The professor gave Ally 5 more pokeballs and a pokedex.

Professor Birch: Good luck Ally.

Ally: Thanks Professor Birch.

Ally and Torchic walked out of the lab and they were on their way.
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"Xio wake up!" Xio's mother cried as Xio pressed t he snooze button for the 5th time. Xio's mother shook her, "wake up dear, you're supposed to be on the road!" Xio fell off the bed and onto the floor, snoring peacefully. "XIO! WAKE UP!" Her mother screamed in her ear. "Wha? Wha? I'm awake! I'm awake!" Xio cried, looking around as if there was an emergancy. Cyndiquil was next to her mother, playing with it's pokeball. "Hey Cyder! Havin' fun?" She asked as she started to pet it. "Cynda, cyndaquil!" Was her response from the fire pokemon. "Xio, you said two weeks ago that today is the day you set out. You got this cyndiquil from your older brother, and it's high time you go out and train it! If you ever want to be an aacomplished pokemon trainer...never mind. You're drifting back to sleep already! Just get dressed." Her mother lectured, and she walked out of the room. Xio yawned as she got dressed out of her pajamas and into her favorite outfit for traveling. "Here Cynder, have some food." She said as she set down a plate of pokechow. Xio looked around for her backpack, "maybe mom was right when she said I needed to clean my room." She said as she found it on top of an empty pizza box. As soon as Cyder finished, they walked downstairs. "Your father sent these, honey!" Her mother said, handing Xio a fairly stuffed parcel. She took out a letter and read it aloud:
[I]Dear Xio,
I know that you're going to become a better trainer than you're brothers. Here's some stuff to give you a good start. Say hi to Mom and Cynder for me.
Xio took out the items. "Look mom! Dad sent me a whole bunch of trainer items! See! There are 5 pokeballs, a pokedex, a potion, and an antidote." She said as she put most the stuff in her backpack. Suddenly, her mom hugged her tightly and started crying. "Oh honey! You're all I have left! Everyone else left! Oh honey I'm going to miss you so much!" She cried, not daring to let go. "Mom! Mom you're choking me!" Xio gasped. "Oh sorry honey! I guess I got overexcited!" Her mother apologized. "Yeah...no problem." Xio replied as an anime sweatdrop appeared on the back of her head. "Well, bye mom!" She said as she hugged her mother. "Bye dear! And don't forget to eat!" Her mother cried out to her as Xio left. "C'Mon Cyder! Race to the next route!" She said to the pokemon next to her.
That was fairly long....yet so much like me.
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Amber looked into the deep blue sky. The breeze felt really cool on her face. Charlia, the Charizard, was sitting behind Amber. Her tail was switching back and forth. Amber turned around when she heard the voices of two girls.

"I'm sorry," Kayla said as she looked at Cay. Cay nodded and petted her new Cyndaquil. Amber walked by her Charizard and over to the two girls. Charlia lazily got up and followed Amber.

"Hello," Amber said as she stepped up to the girls, "my name's Amber. What's your?" Kayla and Cay nodded as they stared at Charlia. Charlia yawned and sat back down. Kayla looked down at Eevee. She then looked at Charlia. Charlia was sound asleep.

"I'm Kayla," Kayla said as she looked down at Eevee, "and this is Eevee." Amber nodded as Eevee started saying its name happily. Cay looked at Cyndaquil and then looked at Amber.

"I'm Cay," Cay said as she put her hand on Cyndaquil's head, "and this is Cyndaquil." Amber nodded and turned to face Charlia. A sweat drop appeared on the back of her head as she looked at her Charizard. Amber turned back around.

"Well," Amber said with a sigh, "that lazy thing is Charlia." Kayla and Cay nodded as they giggled. Amber giggled a little too.
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Alex walked slowly though the thick lush forest.She was on her way to see Prof.Birch actally he wanted to see her.Alex had no idea why but, she ammused it had to do with the new trainers.
"Hey do you know the way out of this foreset"?A voice asked.Alex turned to the voice to see a two young girls with an evevee and a cydilquill in their hands.
"Ya I the way out you need some help."Alex asked.
"Ya I'm pretty lost and I'd like to get through this forest befor nightfall".One girl said.
"Well then we better get going,by the names Alex and your's".Alex said.
"My names Kayla".
"Mine's Amber".
"And mine's Cay".
"Nice to meet all yall".Alex said with a smile.
The four girls set off towards the exit of the village.Alex figured she'd call Prof.Birch at the Pokecenter.Kimi stured in her pack trying to find a comferdable spot not occupied by herds and medicine.Kalya stared at the pack oddly.
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[size=1][color=darkblue]Cay was in a bit of a grumpy mood now. She knew her way around the woods perfectly, so the pack of Poocheyana wasn't too happy when they walked in their territory, but that didn't mean they were lost! Cay sighed and looked up at Cyndaquil who was still perched on her shoulder as it gazed off into the woods trying to catch a glimps of any other pokemon. The small group had decided to head to Beach Town (is that ok?) and then go their seperate ways, well, no one was really sure about Alex though because she needed to meet the professor.

"Im hungry..." Amber mumbled as her stomach growled. Cay couldn't help but laugh... loudly....
"Whats so funny?" Amber asked (-__-')

"Sorry... It's just Im used to not eating that much and don't eat for about another hour, im just not used to the appitite of others." Cay smiled and then took a seat on a near by bolder. Cyndaquil leaped from her sholder and landed in the soft grass of the clearing. "Im a pretty good cook, but I packed some sammiches so I wouldn't have to cook right away." Cay pulled out four samwhiches (sammiches) and tossed one to each of the girls. Alex supplied the pokemon food, being a breeder she had quite a bit of pokemon supplies. [/size][/color]
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Amber was another one who knew her way through the woods, but she wasn't complaining. She had a tour guide and a free meal. Amber looked over at Charlia. Charlia was happily eating her pokefood. Amber let out a sigh.

"Amber," Kayla said with a smile, "where are you from?" Amber let out a depressed sigh as she heard Kayla's question. She had to tell.

"I'm from Dark City," Amber said as she looked way from Charlia, "and my uncle is the Gym Leader, Darren." Kayla, Alex, and Cay looked shocked. Amber figured the girls had heard of her reputation.

"You're the girl Darren kick out because the trainers were complaining about your Charizard," Cay said as she petted Cyndaquil. Amber nodded as Cay spoke.

"I just think Darren was afraid of being shown up," Alex laughed. Amber smiled at Alex's comment. She stood up and patted Charlia's back. Charlia looked at Amber.

"I'm heading on to Beach Town," Amber said as she started walking away, "My uncle told me he wouldn't go up against me unless I had at least six of twelve bages. I hope I see you three agian." Alex, Kayla, and Cay all waved as they watched Amber disappear into the dark forest. Charlia quickly followed. Alex, Kayla, and Cay kept waveing until Charlia's flame, on her tail, was no longer visible.
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Xio spread out the map and looked it over. "If we made a left turn here...we outta be here!" She said to Cyder as he ate some food. "Cyda! Quil!" He responded. She looked up and saw she was near the edge of a woods. Suddenly, she felt some peck at her head. She turned around and saw a medium sized Pidgey in front of her. "Whaa!" She said as she fell down from suprise. She quickly got up. "Cyder! Go!" She yelled. Cynder immediately stopped eating and faced the Pidgey. "Use your smokescreen!" Xio called as she got out a pokeball. [I]Hehehe...this'll be easy[/I] She thought. "Now use your ember attack!" She yelled. Quickly, Cyder shot out about 3 small balls of fire onto Pidgey. Pidgey flapped around, trying to put the fires out, but in the process used sand-attack. Xio covered her eyes, and Cyder did as well. "Cyder use it again! Quick!" She ordered. Cynder repeated the attack, and without a another struggle, it fell to the ground unconsious. "Good job Cynder!" Xio cried as she tossed the pokeball. It shook three times before it was completly calm. She couldn't contain her excitment. "Yeah! We rock!" She screamed, jumping into the air. "We caught a pidgey!" Xio laughed as Cynder and herself ran into the forest, following the path until they ran right into Amber and Charlia. Amber and Xio fell to the ground. "ow! I'm really sorry! I just got carried away...I caught my first pokemon you know!" Xio said apologetically. "Yeah...I understand. I'm ok, are you?" Amber asked. "I think I am." Xio replied sanding up and helping Amber up. "I'm Xio by the way. And that's Cynder!" Xio said, pointing to her cyndiquil. "Well I'm Amber, and this is Charlia." Amber said, also pointing at her Charizard. "Well, see ya around Amber and Chalia! We've got places to be!" Xio said as she ran off again, waving at Amber and followed by Cyder.
I'm basing most of this stuff on what probably I would actually do (running into people, getting over excited, having a messy room, etc.)
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Ally: Come on Torchic stand your ground!

Torchic was knocked against a tree by a Taillow's quick attack.

Ally: Torchic Ember Attack!

After being bombarded with many small fireballs Taillow fell to the ground beat.

Ally: OK, Pokeball Go!

Ally threw an empty pokeball at Taillow, it disappeared into the pokeball in a flash of red light and shook until Taillow broke free.

Ally: Wha...

Taillow: Tail...Low Tail...Low

Taillow stood on the ground breathing heavily then lunged at Torchic fast with it's wing attack. Torchic was hit dead on, Torchic began to get angry.

Ally: Torchic Focus Energy!

Torchic: Tooorrr

Torchic closed it's eyes and began to focus as Taillow flew toward it for another wing attack.

Ally: Torchic Now, Ember!

Torchic opended it's eyes and launched its attack on Taillow who fell to the ground knocked out.

Ally: Pokeball Go!

Ally threw her pokeball at Taillow agian. After disappearing in a flash of red light Taillow shock around inside trying to break free but finally gave in.

Ally: Yay Torchic our first capture!

Torchic: Tor Torchic!
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"Well, we better get going then!" Kayla said smiling. She was excited to be in a forest full of Pokemon to capture.
As Kayla, Alex, and Cay continued through the forest they admired all of the beauty of it when a Minun and a Plusle came walking out of the forest together.
"Whoah! Awesome!" Kayla exclaimed. "Eevee! Come on! Let's catch that Minun!" she turned to Cay. "You can take the Plusle, allright?" Cay nodded and let out her Cyndaquil. She began battling with the Plusle and Kayla began battling with the Minun.
"Eevee! Tackle attack!" Eevee charged at the Minun and slammed into it. The Minun retalliated by shocking Eevee. Eevee just brushed the attack off like it was almost nothing. "Eevee! Use your Mud Slap attack!" Eevee dug its hind legs into the ground and began kicking mud into the Minun's face. Minun lost some of it's accuracy and missed when it tried to shock Eevee. "Ok Eevee! Now, use Headbutt!" Eevee ran at Minun and hit it straight on in the head. Minun fell over. Kayla threw a Pokeball and clenched her fists as it rolled back and forth. It stopped and the red light turned white. Kayla walked over the Pokeball and picked it up. "Yes! I caught Minun!" she then went and watched Cay's battle.
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[color=darkblue][size=1]"Good work Cyndaquil!" Cay called to her partner as the Plusle rolled over onto it's back from a tackle attack. "Now, use your leer!" She ordered. Cyndaquil gave the Plusle and angry/scary look and ran off into the woods terrified.
"Cynda! Quil!" Cyndaquil called out knowing it had just won its first victory with cay. Cay smiled as it jumped into her arms with a smile.

"Hey... why didn't you catch it?" Alex asked Cay as she returned Cyndaquil to it's pokeball for a rest from the battle.
Cay smiled and sat down on the ground to explain.
"Well, their are pokemon i would like to catch and pokemon I would." Cay said. "You see, right now im trying to start off with a good team of pokemon, each pokemon will probably be a different type. Like water, Grass, Ground, ect. I don't have an electric pokemon, but I don't really want a Plusle or a Minum. Im not a big fan off the Pikachu clan." Cay chuckled slightly and then stood up and dusted herself off.

"So, is there a desert anywhere near by?" [/size][/color]
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"Not that I know of".Alex repiled while crouching down by the Plusle."What are you doing"?Cay asked.
"Well you can't just leave it here another trainer may come along and capture it without even battleing".Alex said as she took off her pack and took a potion from it.She moved her hand very carefully as if not to disturb something.Alex sprayed the potion into the pokemon.
"I still don't get why you want to do that".Cay said. Alex put the potion back in her pack and stood up ,"Well were almost out of this forest".
"Good".Kayla said happily.
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[size=1][i]Wouldn't you be harming the pokemon by doing that? I mean, wild pokemon are ment to take care of themselves until captured...oh well...[/i] Cay thought all this to herself as they made their way through the forest. Cay was slightly disappointed that it wasn't a desert though.
They took another snack break, mainly eating some carrots that Alex had packed. Cyndaquil nibbled ona piece of pokemon food as it sat on Cay's shoulder...again. It suddenly dropped the poke' food and leaped to the ground and started to growl.

"What is it?" cay asked standing up at her alert pokemon. Cyndaquil then sprinted off into the woods. "Wait!" cay ran after the small fire mouse, Alex and kayla followed as well with their pokemon.
Cay jumped threw an area of bushes where she last saw Cundaquil. laying on the ground was a Trapinch, and Cyndaquil was standing next to it, looking very worried. Cay nelt down beside the Trapinch.
"It doesn't look so good.." Cay mumbled as she noticed the wounds on the ground pokemon. Alex came over and checked it over. Then, pulled out her Super potion and sprayed some on it.
Cay picked it up.

"I wonder who did this..." Kayla wondered out loud. Cay picked the Trapinch up in it's arms.

"Hey! Drop my Trapinch!" A young boy leaped from the bushes. He had dirty black hair and red eyes... quite a scary sight...
"I left that Trapinch their so it could fend for it's own and become stronger."

Cay suddenly felt white hot anger flow through her. "That is sick and wrong! You basicly left the Trapinch out here to die! It can't last that well against bug or grass types." Cay pulled one of her 5 pokeballs out. "This Trapinch is no longer yours." She tapped the pokeball against the pokemon and it was absorbed into the pokeball.

The boy pulled out a pokeball in anger. "I'll cream you..." Looks like a battle was about to start... [/size]
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[color=purple]"Go Seviper!!" Velma shouted. She was in a Pokemon battle in Wood City, against a trainer named Ericson. "Use Poison Tail!" Seviper lashed its tail at Ericson's Electrike, who dodged it.
"Impressive," Velma said, "but can you get past this? Seviper, use... Sludge Bomb!"
"Electrike, dodge... no!!!" Electrike was hit and poisoned!
"No! Electrike... Are you OK? Come back now..." Ericson then looked at Velma; his eyes flared with anger. "Look what you did to my sweet Electrike! I'll never forgive you for this! Electrike, please rest... don't worry..." Ericson dashed towards Velma, who didn't move. "Haiiiii..." He jumped and looked like he was ready to fire a punch. Velma laughed so hard that she fell over and Ericson missed. Velma pulled herself together. "Darn, how stupid are you? You lose a Pokemon battle and then try to get into a fist fight with me? How naive!"
At those words, Ericson became even more angry. He dashed towards Velma again, and then...
Thinking quickly, Velma said, "You should pay less attention to me and more to your 'sweet' Electrike." She said the word "sweet" in a babyish tone that made Ericson feel even more angry. "Ah, I just love seeing other people flare up..." she thought to herself. Seviper shook its head in a strange way that probably indicated laughter.
"Oh no!" Ericson shouted. Electrike had fainted. "I'll show you, Vel... huh?" Velma and Seviper had left. "Oh great..." Ericson grumbled as he rushed Electrike to a Pokemon Center.[/color]

OOC: Sorry that was such a short post; well, I gotta start somewhere, and I just don't feel that much like typing today...
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Amber looked at the Gym in Beach Town. She knew the Gym Leader had mostly water pokemon. Amber took a deep breath and walked into the Gym.

"Welcome," Wakine said as Amber stepped into his Gym. Amber looked a little shocked at how cheerful Wakine was. She turned and looked at Charlia. Chairlia looked scared as she looked at all of the water.

"I've come here to challange you Wakine," Amber said as she stepped foward. Wakine nodded and made a hand motion for Amber to follow him. Amber returned Charlia to her pokeball because she was scared of the water and started following Wakine.

Moments later, Wakine and Amber were standing in a room with a arena in the middle.

"I hope you're not going to be useing that Charizard to battle with," Wakine said as he hit a button on the wall, "because we'll be battleing on water." Amber watched in amazement as the floor split and water appeared. Wakine walked to the right of the water arena and Amber walked to the left.
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[color=navy]OOC- K.K.C., Swordmaster13, you two don't mind if I split off from you two do you?

Kayla watched as Cay began to fight with the trainer. Kayla turned to Alex. "Hey, Alex, I'm gonna go off and train on my own, allright?" Kayla said.

Alex nodded. "Allright Kayla."

"Cool, bye Alex! Tell Cay I said bye." Kayla walked away from the two towards Beach Town.

Kayla walked through the forest watching all of the Pokemon play. She was thinking about what types of Pokemon she should catch.

"I already have a normal type and an Electric type. So, I guess I should catch a fire type, water type, grass type, and a ground type probably." she looked around and didn't see any of the types that she needed, when suddenly, a Shroomish came running out in front of Kayla. It was being chased by a Beedrill.

Kayla looked at Eevee in her arms. "Eevee! Go get that Beedrill!" Eevee sprang from Kayla's arms and hit the Beedrill with a Headbutt attack.

"Allright Eevee, now use Bite!" Eevee bit the Beedrill's wing and the Beedrill angrily buzzed at Eevee.

The Beedrill flapped its wing and Eevee dropped off of it. The Beedrill buzzed angrily and tried to use a Fury Attack on Eevee. Eevee dodged the attacks and used a headbutt attack. Eevee hit the Beedrill head on. The Beedrill flew away.

Kayla looked at the scared Shroomish. "It's ok now Shroomish." the Shroomish looked at Kayla. It ran behind her legs, trying to hide.

Kayla sighed and pulled a Pokeball off of her belt. She threw it at the Shroomish and it disappeared inside it. The Pokeball rolled back and forth a few times before it stopped. Kayla picked up the Pokeball and continued walking to Beach town.[/color]
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[color=purple]Velma put her Seviper back in its Pokeball and headed towards Fort Town. She heard there was a gym there. "If I challenge the gym," she thought, "maybe if I win, I can take over their gym! Hahahaha! Or, I can open a gym back in Wood City! Geez, I'm desperate to reclaim my title as Gym Leader..."
A little while after she left, she became face-to-face with an old woman named Celia. "Hey!" Celia shouted, "This is my property! This may not be my real house, but it's my vacation house, so shoo!" But Velma did not move. Celia became angry. "You leave or... Or I'll put a curse on you!"
"How?" Velma said with a tone of amusement. She just loved to listen to others complain about her. How stupid, she thought. "Well, grandma," she said, with a babyish tone on the "grandma", "I don't feel any bad luck. Face it, you're just a big old phony."
"Not with my Banette here," Celia smirked.
"Your what? Oh no!" She saw Banette behind Celia; it had just appeared out of thin air. "OK," Velma demanded, keeping her cool, "let's have a battle. Your Banette vs. my Pokemon."
"You'll never beat me! One on one," she declared.
"Heh, obvoiusly," Velma commented. "You only got one Pokemon, and you'll never beat five of mine! Go Venonat!"
"Venonat!" Venonat said happily. A battle, finally!
"Venonat, use... huh?" Venonat was glowing. "Venonat... you're..."
"No way!" Celia shouted.
Venonat was evolving into Venomoth!
"Venomoth," Venomoth chattered, then fell serious. "Ooh, a Venomoth, my favorite!" Velma shouted excitedly. "Venomoth, use Sleep... no... Toxic!" Velma blushed. "I forgot, Banette's Insomnis ability prevents sleep..." Toxic dust came off Venomoth's wings and shot towards Banette, poisoning it badly. "Hah!" Now it'll lose energy rapidly!"
"Heh," Celia said, "I knew you'd do that, and you'll pay. You may have won the battle, but you'll lose more. Banette, use Curse!"
"Huh? Hahahahaha!" Velma rolled on the floor laughing. "Curse?!" That'll only make it faint! And this is a one-on-one battle! How could you..." A minute later, a tree started to fall over on Velma, who just barely dodged it. "Hey, what is this..." But Celia had gone inside her house. "Hmph, fine then. Run away," she said grumpily. "Venomoth, return." She stomped off towards Fort Town for the gym battle. Surprisingly, she dodged quite a few falling trees and wind gusts and splashes from the river and whirlpools and twisters... Weird...[/color]

OOC: Heh, Celia's in my Pokemon Aqua fanfic...
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