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The Assassins

Guest OutlawKFK

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Guest OutlawKFK
This should be about five Assasins who get jobs from bigger companies who need to get rid of pesky people if intersted just make up a character



Skills:catlike reflexes,super human aim,quick as air
weapons:two short ninjas swords and a silenced pistol with knockout and poison darts
Apperance:A 5'5 man about twenties short gray hair spikey about half inch of his head eyes glowing red by technological biochemistry black cloak covering a photocelled filled suit used to see all around him and to blend in the shadows better

I also need five people to be companie ceo's
much money mostly over weight just cause they are ceo they dont need to move
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[color=green]OutlawKFK, please add a little more back story and description to this RPG to let others know more of what you are thinking of; RPGs need to have a comprehensively thought-out back story. Also, please improve your grammar and spelling, as you have plenty of run-on sentences that could easily be corrected.

Thanks, and welcome to OB.
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I'll sign up for this but please do fix it out...


Gender: Female

Skills: ability to be as still as posible and hid in even the smallest of shadows.

Weapons: Raven uses stelth and knives to tke down her enemy. Her aim is dead on so good luck escaping her knives and daggers.

Appearance: A pale thin figure with raven black hair and dull brown eyes that reflect no light. Raven wears black leather pants and a black over coat that hides her fragile figure. She rarely smiles or shows any signs of emotion. refuses to talk unless it be absolutely necessary.
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Guest Zhang_He
Yo me too, i'll join i likes some assassin stuff

gender: Male
abilities: various martial arts self taught in the use of Katar, Claw like weapons
apperence: Look on Rurouni kenshin a river of time, meh name's Kaz there.
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I'll join too!
pm me if you find it wrong!

Name- Aoi Kiribiyashi

Gender- female

History-She was trained in the art of Sashinmu and has gained the "Sirius Potential" the ablilty that allows her to become naturally many times stronger during and after each battle she encounters. She was orphaned at the age of 6 when Master Wu trained her in the way of the Shinobi. When Master Wu died Aoi vowed to find his killer but during a battle she was saved by a mysterios assassin who led her into the carnage of the assassin ring. She now still vows to find her only family's killer and seeks atonement for the things she has done.

weapons-she is skilled in many weapons bit pefers her nun-cucks over anything(gift from Master Wu)

Skills-She can multiply her strength in a single attack over 5 times.
She has a animal like 6th sense and is known for the Sashinmu Blue Dragon Storm open hand stike which can kill an oponent with just one hit. Her stealth is known from her intense training under Master Wu.

Appearence- Pale skin korean, blue-eyes, dark red hair that is spiked up front and down her back. she had a tatoo of a dragon on her foarm and across her chest in korean lettering is loyalty
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