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Fallout: A New Terror in the Wastelands


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[I][Color=BLUE] Fallout 3 has inspired me to create an RPG based on the games.[/COLOR][/I]

[I][COLOR=Green] War...War tore the world apart, massive wars with Ultra-Nuclear Weapons of Mass Destruction. Of course as humanity serves, there is, and always will be ways to preserve life. Thus the Vaults were built, and were inhabited. As the Wars raged these Vaults kept people in Cryo-Stasis for 200 Hundred years vefore releasing them, afterwhich they would use the Garden of Eden Creation Kit, or G.E.C.K. to create a new world, a world of Peace and serenity. As said before War always will be a factor in life and these G.E.C.K.s were used to create cities which were eventually tore apart by raiders, or corrupted because of lack of Law Enforcement. Radiation became a part of life, as well as mutated creatures. People turned into Ghoul like people as other turned into Mutants, some stayed human. Vehicles are a commodity and everyone carries weapons for self defense. Which all of these G.E.C.K.s made the Wastelands. Two Vault Dwellers have delt with issues in the Wastelands, one Solving the Mysteries of the Vaults, and One destroying the Enclave Soldiers. That was more more than 400 years ago, a 200 year span between Vault Dwellers. A new threat in the Wastelands has emerged, The Scorpion Legion, much like the Enclave Soldiers these men and women kill all Vault Dwellers on sight and have recently began destroying Vault Cities. Most Wasteland thugs are armed with less than a Shotgun and the clothes on thier backs, some are more resourceful, making armor and taking up SMGs.
But they are no match for the Scorpion Legion. After a small village was attacked by the Scorpion Legion, a lone man stepped forth, his name was Z. He has set out across the Wastelands to stop the Scorpion Legion from destroying all the Vault Cities.[/COLOR][/I]

[I][COLOR=Blue] If the story is unclear, it is like the world was totallt wiped clean, and all remaining cities are torn. Much like a Road Warrior World, minus the cars. There are some densely populated areas in this RPG, namely New Reno, New San Fransisco, Vault City 1, and New California Repuplic. These cities are more populated than most other small towns, but are still ravaged and torn. If you need any infor be sure to PM me.[/COLOR][/I]




[B]Weapon pref.[/B]Weapon pref: {Unarmed, Melee (Such as Knives, Spears, Ball Bats, Hammers), Small Arms (Pistols, Rifles, SMGs),Medium Arms (Assualt Rifles, Shotguns), Heavy Arms (Chain Guns, Combat Shotguns), or Laser Based Arms (Blasters, Plasma Rifles, Pulse Cannons). Each of the arms become increasingly harder to obtain, but its your pref.}

[B]Weapon(s)[/B] {Up to two, such as Double Barrel Shotgun, and 10mm SMG. These weapons are old and used and ugly. They are not space aged}

[B]Appearance:[/B] {Nothing space aged}


[I][COLOR=Blue] I'll post mine after a few people sign-up.[/COLOR][/I]
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[color=indigo][size=1][i][b]Name[/b]: Annie McGovern

[b]Age[/b]: 23

[b]Weapon pref.[/b]: Small Arms and Medium Arms

[b]Weapon(s)[/b]: All oldies but goldies! .12 gauge, pump action, short/double barrel shotgun(sawed), .45 Colt. The Colt is holstered on her right thigh and the shotgun on a sling holster behind her back. ([b]Note[/b]: The picture doesn't show it, but imagine the holsters..)

[b]Appearance[/b]: [url=http://www.animeshrine.com/gallery.php?series=warofgenesis&image=38]Annie[/url]

[b]Bio[/b]: Annie was born and raised in New San Fransisco. She grew up a rough neighborhood. Running and hiding from anarchists and crazed people. Despite the terror amongst the world, Annie loved the chase. Especially when she came of age and developed a voluptuous appearance. She used her attractive looks and flirtatious personality to get whatever and whoever she wanted. Don't be so quick to judge on her looks, she may look sweet and sexy, but Annie is quite psychotic and insane. Piss her off, and you won't be able to breathe on your own. She enjoys fighting, inflicting, and receiving pain. The deeper or rougher the blow, the more Annie gets..well, aroused. She's currently on her own and trying to bring the leading powers to their knees. Look out guys..she hunts, and bites hard.[/color][/i][/size]
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Name: Formally Known as Haranobu Fujishima, But changed his name to Jiro Katsuhiko

Age: 21

Weapon pref: Unarmed Melee, Small Arms

Weapon(s) : Knife, .40 dual pistols

Appearance: Attachment. Accept with a black overcoat. And a brown breifcase.

Bio: Haranobu was a rich, normal, boy, just until his 6th birthday. He remembered his mother crying, and his dad with his gun arched, and ready to fire at the door. The door was being slammed on, and Haranobu watched from afar in the closet. Finally, the door was busted open and out came about 6 to 7 people with Machine Guns. They open fired and killed Haranobu?s father and mother. Haranobu managed to escape though. He flew out of the closet clutching his diary in his left hand. One of the men spotted Haranobu and shot him in the wrist. He dropped the diary, which was drenched in blood. And continued to flee. He ran into his dad's room and grabbed a briefcase. He then climbed up the wall, and into the window of the room. He pushed the window up, and leaped out.
He then ran, and didn't look back, he just kept running, after running for hours he came to a stop, he panted hard and then fell on the floor. All the energy in him was gone. But at least he'd lost the men.

For the next 14 years Haranobu made a living by stealing food, and money.

He always had that briefcase next to him. On the breifcase there was a note. It read:

[I] Never forget me my son. Keep this briefcase by your side at all times. Because when I am gone, that will be the only memory you will have of me?inside this briefcase. Open it when you are ready.[/I]

When Haranobu turned 16, he decided to open it. Inside was a knife, .40 duals, a picture of his mother and father, and a bag of gold. There was also a note inside sealed in an envelope. HAranobu opened the envelope.

It read:
[i] When we are gone Haranobu...it is up to you to destroy the evil in this world. We won't be around to look after you. Take care, my son. And make me proud.[/i]

He knew that the men that killed his mother and father would be looking for him too. So he changed his name to Jiro Katsuhiko. The only memories of Haranobu would be in that breifcase he kept with him?

Thus, a new journey had began for Jiro. A journey to make the world full of peace, and to prevent killing.

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