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Sonic the Hedgehog:Chaos Rush


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[COLOR=deeppink]This Rpg's sign up was started by (_)ltryneo,but over the weekend his computer went bye-bye so I'm here to start this for him wial he sets up his new com.So he will be telling me what to type.

Robotnik has taken a desprite move and captured Sonic,Amy,Cream,Tails,Big,and Knuckles and all the Chao emeralds,and has used the chaos emerald to make evil copies of them all with twice the power.Now Tikal has senced the power of the chaos emeralds being used buy evil and has called the remaining Freadom fighters and Chaotix to Angel Island.
After a month robotnik has relesed the copies with a chaos emerald in each and the seventh one at robotniks base.At the same time The Freedom Fighters and Chaotix have all arived at The Temple of the Master Emerald.Among the group are Manic,Sonia,Ray,Espio,Vector,Mighty,Charmy,Julie-Sue,and Bark...

"Hello all,and welcome."Tikal Walks out of behind the Master Emerald.
"So you the one that called us here,because of the capture of Knuckles and that blue rodent Sonic and his friends?"Espio says pushing to the front.
"Yes,just as you stated they have been captured.."Tikal turns to the Master emerald and Chaos appers.
"Wial they have been captured a few are still left safe and able to help." Chaos says approching everyone.
"What do you mean?"Manic questions"I thought only My bro and some of his friends got sent there."
"Yes,thats correct,but there were some others they have befriended"

Tikal touches the Master emerald and they all see an image of Rouge the Bat in the presadents office and shadow the Hedgehog exploring an island.

"These two are the only ones left but they should be very helpful to you all"Tikal starts to vanish as all of them start to get transported to Station Square"We will all meat again very soon."[/COLOR]
Eggman's base...
"Hmm,all the copies are compleate and infused with a chaos emerald"Robotnik turns to six clear canisters that he can see the clones of Sonic and company."Mabey getting them some clothes will help too."

Robotnik turns to his computer and starts typing and not any sooner a robot comes in with idenical clothing of those that they all wear.

"Good work...NOW GET BACK TO WORK BEFOR I TURN YOUR INTO A TOSTER!"Robotnikspins around at the robot shaking his fist.

"Right away Master Robotnik."The robot scurries out of the room.

"Excelent...Every things going acording to plan..."

The outer boarders or Station Square...

"Man...What happen.."Overburn raises his head and looks around."Well at lest I know I didn't go insane."

"Good your awake ya little punk!"Espio smacks Overburn on the back of the head.

"Ok dumb butt you made your point..."Overburn rubs the back of his head."And a painfull one too."

"Well if your down fooling around you'd notice that they others arn't here."Espio leans agenst the nearest tree.

"Tikal only said she was going to warp us to Station Square,not where in Station Square she was going to warp us."Overburn stands up ,and starts to hover above the ground.

"We are goign to head towards the last knowen spot of Eggmn Base."Espio slides down to lay agenst the tree.

"And where would that be?"Overburn starts dusting him self off testing his jet wings a out some.

"It's around forty miles off from Station Bridge."Espio closes his eyes and starts to blend in with the tree and ground.

"But how are we going to get there?"

"Simple...We swim."Espio reappers behind Over burn"So lets get a move on."

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[b]OOC:[/b]I don't know where we're supposed to be at the moment and everthing so....
[COLOR=darkblue]Mika stood on the coast,she looked out to the see.She checked the time and sighed.She didn't know where she was supposed to meet the other people that were going to help save Sonic and the others.

'Where are you Miles?.....'Mika thought of her Twin brother.

Mika twirled her tails and she lifted up.She flew out over the water,she headed towards the last known position of Robotnik's base.

Mika enjoyed the cool breeze she felt as the waves made winds.As she headed towards the area,she saw two figures swimming in the same direction.Mika saw it was Espio and Overburn.Mika laughed.

"Hey guys!"she called down to them.

They looked up in surprise and waved to her.Mika waved back before hovering lower and creating a strange water ripple.

"Where're you headed?"Overburn asked her.
"To the last sighted Position of Robotnik's Base.You?"
"Same.How much further is it?"Espio asked as they continued to swim.
"A few miles to go."Mika said as she flew up.[/COLOR]
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Gemra stood on a building searching the area she flipped up her scanner and sighed.She'd never find her brother.Gemra spotted something in the air comming toward the building.She crouched down and pulled her scanner down.She spotted a black fox in the air.Then she saw another hedgehog.Gemra smiled and flipped her scanner up darted to the next building and stood straight.
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[size=1][color=999999][i]Starr sighed as she looked out over the vast emptiness of forests. She closed her eyes and listened for a sound, and she heard it. It was going towards Robotnik's last sighted base. She smirked and darted towards there.

Along the way, her friends White the Wolf and Black the Panther raced along with her. They were close to equal in speed with her, but she was still faster than the two. The three followed her towards the base. The two looked to each other before understanding what was happening.

Starr stopped at the area and looked around. It was in ruins and she waited for the ones who would come looking for the area. She knew it would be ones who knew her brother, Sonic, and his friends Knuckles, Amy, and many others.[/i]

"I must find out who these creatures are. They must know something about my brother...and the one who had saved me from death." [i]Starr had said to herself.[/i]

[i]White came to her side, as did Black and they stood together looking at the vast ruins of destruction, waiting for those who would come and search the area.[/size][/color]
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Gemra darted though the forest her scanner beeped and she followed the map on her scanner.She spotted a blue hedgehog and she stopped right in front of it.She flipped her scanner up and looked at the hedgehog.
"What are you doing Shadow"?
"HA not likly my names Gemra".
"How do you know Sonic or the others in other words why are you here"?
"My brother is Shadow and I'm hopeing he'll show up here."
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