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Percantia-age of darkness(adult-content)

Megumi momo

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This story takes place in the mythical land of Percantia where dragons and gods make peace.

Percantia was once peaceful until
Drakos Kumakari a ruthless god decided to take over the land.
With Percantia's god's obeying Drakos's evil orders Percantia was thrown into years of death and blackness. The elders decicded it was time to act calling forth the last of the gods who were in hiding they held a council.

"What should we do?" cried Shugo the god of fire
"The time has come!" Seto replied the god of water
"we most call forth warriors from all over to take back percantia"
This land belongs to us!
Sanda the god of earth smiled "Who do we call forth?"
Sanda's brother Lusta stood up with grimace written on his face
"We call forth the spellmasters,the clariks, the warriors,the angels, anyone, Percantia can no longer stay in Drakos's hands.
Shugo shook his head "Very well we will result to war"
Seto ran his hands through his hair small tears flowing from his eyes
"War is how we bring peace dear brother Percantia has seen many wars but peace has always found it's way back into Percantia"
Sanda grabbed her brothers hand "elders we must call them forth now!" Lusta held his sisters hand tightly "What about Rena Kumakari? Do you believe she will help us?"
Seto glared at Lusta anger hinting in his voice"how dare you speak her name in the god's presence! She may be human but she is the daughter of the god who is destroying Percantia! have you lost your damn mind at the thought od Percantia falling?"
Shugo shook his brother and slapped him across his face
"she is human but not just any we need her to stop her fathers massacre." "Fine shugo what about the wandering clarik-samurai? Kanjii? Shall we ask him?" Shugo looked at the frigtened faces of the remaing gods "yes" he said trembling.
The age of darkness shall come to a close.

the stage has been set the god's left the room notifing the land for warriors to come to their aid only few will come and only few will leave will it be you?

I only need 12 people please join!
Rena has been taken but the first to answer can choose if she/he would like to be Kanjii
state your name race gender and a small bio. Please bring peace to Percantia

Name-Rena Kumakari

Race-Half human half fire god

Skills-Weapons master/Spell master


Gender-Female age unknown

Bio-Her father is the High Fire god. She hates her father because he fell in love with a mortal and slaughtered her keeping Rena alive imprisoned within a cell. As fate would have it she fell in love with a wandering samurai named Kanjii when he saved her. Rena ashamed of her feelings ran away and lived in the town of The Masters learning the way of the Naginta and Magik.
She is called upon to help the gods and eagerly accepts the challange. Rena awaits the arrival of the 11 other warriors so that they can begin their journey across the lands of Pecantia fighting the dragons,each others fear and make it to castle bloodshed where Drako's is hiding.

Apperence-Long black hair that she keeps high in a ponytail her bangs are navy blue spike in the front of her face when she cast spells the spike high growing longer and turning red. she has sea-green eyes pale skin and an extremmly well figured body. she has a scar on her left cheek like a cross and her oufit is dark black pants with a large blur robe over top. her shirt is a shredded tank.

pm me with any questions
save percantia keep it alive please!!!
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Ok i got time now so here is my form:

Name-Kanji Mitsurugi


Skills-Katana master/Clerical(sp?) Spell master




Bio- From a yound age Kanji trained with his brother Ryoku at a Kenjutsu dojo mastering the art of the samurai, after mastering the art in the age of 18 Kanji went out to the world in search of spiritual enlightment, in his search he found faith in the power of the gods and became a cleric of the good gods, now he is a Cleric-Samurai, being able to combine the power of his sword with the power of his faith.
In one of his quests he came upon a girl, later discovering she is actualy the doughter of the evil god Drakos Kumakari, despite of Rena being a doughter of an evil god, and a half godess herself, the two became close and fell in love.
One day Kanji discoverd Rena was gone but he was able to trace her tracks to the Town of the Masters, after meeting with her they are both called upon to a holy quest by the gods, Kanji joins with Rena in the quests and await the other 10 warriors to gather together

Apperence- Long bright red hair tied in a ponytail, also have bright red eyes, he is well built and tall from years of training by the sword. Wears a white/blue samurai kimono

Well thats all, come on people join!
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Rena sighed as the wind slowly danced in her hair. "I wonder who will answer the call" she thought. Her eyes seemed to show much though as she sat down on a large rock that overlooked the Town of Masters. Rena took out her Naginta and looked at her reflection that seemed to stare back at her. She glanced down at the small dirt path and smiled weakly. "The notice was put out where are the others?" she said out loud. Soon as the words left her lips she saw a familar kimono. Rena's heart began to race "Could it be" she wondered. Rena jumped up and began running down the sloping rock carefully watching her foot movement. As the man in the blue-white kimono got closer Rena noticed the same flaming red hair that was tied in a ponytail. Her body began to shake as goosebumps began slowly travelling up her spine. With a desperate smile Rena shouted"Kanjii is that you? Kanjii have you come to help?" The man looked up his sword resting on his fingertips. When his eyes laid upon the young woman who had called his name he felt an ominous presence."Rena, he said We are not safe here....please we need to take shelter away from this mountain I feel a darkness." Rena saw the seriosness in Kanjii's eyes and unsheathed her Naginta. She looked at Kanjii's feet and noticed that they were slowly moving into backward stance. Rena nodded and followed Kanjii's movement. "What's happining?" "I don't know Kanjii replied "but get ready I think the only way in is to fight that....Kanjii pointed to the large dragon like monster. Rena gasped "A Basilisk what's it doing her it belongs in the city of darkness" Kanjii smiled and unsheathed his sword."It's party time"
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Guest phattmasterdj
Name: Unkown, but is called Whity
Race: Angel
Gender: Male
Skills: Holy magic, swordsmanship, superhuman strength,flying(of course, he's an angel) and telekenetics w/ mind control
Bio: Whitey has been banished from heaven and was just reinstated into the Holy Army. His job is to watch over the wars on earth and to rid the world of all evil.
Apeance: He is 6 foot even and all white with rippling muscles. He has long silver hair and wings that look bright white, weightless and fragel, but can stop even a bullet without getting harmed. His face is full of love and tenderness, and even though his size and weird glow is intimidating, when he talks everyone around him is filled with comfort that is with him.
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Ooh I'll sign up!

[color=skyblue][u]Name:[/u] Masuket
[u]Race:[/u] Snow angel, but looks more like a fairy
[u]Gender:[/u] Female
[u]Skills:[/u] Ice abilities such as being able to freeze stuff, withstand subzero temperatures, etc. Masuket also has a weaker form of ESP.
[u]Bio:[/u] Surprisingly, Masuket has some family relationship with the gods Seto and Drakos, from many generations back. Her family was not evil except for Maridra, her mother. Her mother still wanders around with her menagerie of monsters, but Masuket got separated from her six sisters and seven brothers and decided to live with a group of angels from then on. Her mission is now to stop Drakos beforeher mother can strengthen him...
[u]Appearance:[/u] Masuket has long, silvery pale blue hair and cold, crystal blue eyes. She wears a fairly long, shiny, bluish purple dress and blue shoes that can turn into ice skates. (cool huh?) Her wings are blue with streaks of silver. She's about 5'6" tall, and she also wears a thick blue bracelet with white markings on it. She can't use her psychic powers without it.[/color]
Hope Masuket's in! I might also post something about Maridra during the RPG, but not very much...
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