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I realy, really, really don't want to be the one that points this out, but the petition is kinda' useless. Why?

If the technology existed to make such an incredibly expansive gaming platform, capable of creating an alternate reality hooking up people on opposite sides of the planet, it'd already br in use as more practical applications, probably as military training equipment. Most cool electronic stuff starts out as military hardware anyway.

Second, if this technology was feasible, and some big-name company had the rights to it, they'd release it in a second, Imagine the money they'd make. Why would we sign a petition to try and convince a coorporation to do something they'd be piddling all over themselves to do anyway?

The technologoy to create "The World" does not yet exist, I am afraid. You may rest assured, however, that when it does exist, there will be no shortage of companies ready to release it to the public and reap tremendous profits. (I know I'd buy it...)

Also, and I'm speaking in general terms before I'm flooded with altercating anecdotes, on-line petitions seldom impact anything unless there is an enourmous amount of signitures, or perhaps marketing indicates that techhies are the ideal consumer segmebnt. (Which they would be in this case, but still...)

If you really, really want to convince someone to do something, organize a letter-writing campaign. Anyone can sighn an on-line petition; as the author of this one said, "Takes only thirty seconds". Writing a letter and paying postage...that shows comittment.
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[color=navy]Well, I hate to point this out. But what you are talking about has already been talked about in another thread.

That thread is called "The World". Almost everything you talked about was discussed in that thread.

Online petitions may not be the best way to convince a company to make a game, but atleast they [b][i]are[/b][/i] a way.

Organizing a letter campaign, how can you organize a letter campaign in an area where people don't even know what an RPG is? That's where I live. The only people who know what an RPG is are my friends.

But, if I did organize a letter campaign, do you really think a company would pay that much more attention?[/color]
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by dark_dragongirl [/i]
But, if I did organize a letter campaign, do you really think a company would pay that much more attention?[/color] [/B][/QUOTE]

Yes, they would. I can speak from personal experience.

Coorporate folks are trained to think in terms of costs and resources. The more you spend and the more resources you devote to a cause, the more committed you are.

What do you give up to sign an on-line petition? Nothing. It's free, and almost instantaneous. It doesn't demonstrate commitment.

However, if you write a letter, what does that say? You've given up resources, money and, most important, time to a particular cause. That speaks to a company. You're activally working towards this goal, and if there are enough letters, any manager with two brain cells to rub together would realize thatt hey've got a segment of the markdet deeply committed to this particular goal.

Here's what you do: first, find the business address of the person who could actually do what you want to be done, or at least make an impact. Second, speak to all the people on-line who would sign the on-line petition. Ask them to write letters instead. Also ask them to speak to others nd do the same thing.

Granted, a good portion of people won't do anything; these are the people that the company wrote off anyway. They weren't devouted enough to actually *do* anything. However, those that really were committed wil write letters, and spread the word. That's how you organize a letter writing campaign.
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[color=navy]Well then, you've got my attention.

I'll start asking people I know who would be willing to write letters to *thinks of company*probably Bandai in this case.

Allright, well, I'm going to have to get the address of the company, so if you want to [i][b]really[/i][/b] help make "The World" a real game, PM me and I'll give you the address once I find it. I don't want this thread becoming full of spam from people asking for the address.

It shouldn't take me too long to get the address, it's probably on the back of the .hack// games anyway. I know that from personal expierience, that's where I found Rockstar Game's address, on the back of Grand Theft Auto lll's game case.

Oh and I would post the address here but, I really want to see how many people are interested and willing to do this, so please just PM me. Like DeathBug said, it takes hardwork and committment.[/color]
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If one had already signed a petition that is the same as this one you might have mentioned then would they have to resign it!!! I believe a while ago someone else had the same kinda thread????? Just curious just to decide to wether i am to sign it again!!!!!
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[color=navy]You mean thread topic?

Yeah, I know. But there were so many posts on that one, and since I was the last one to post on it, it seemed better to make a new thread with the petition.

Although, I think I did post the petition site there too.[/color]
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