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Trigun: Awkward Reunions


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This is my first Rpg so give me a break!

[I] Vash and his friends travel along the dusty desert of Gunsmoke and stop at a bar to rest. Soon after they arrive a young girl walks in and does not take her eyes off of Vash. The strange thing is, she looks just like Vash! Is she really who she claims she is? Does Vash the Stampede really have a duaghter?[/I]

Not much to go on I know but give me a break please! I suppose Julie could be in the story too.I'm going to need someone to be Vash and everyone else too. This is the stuff I need to know:


Here's my info:

Name: Valerey
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Description: She has fairly long blonde hair, and blue eyes. She wears blue jeans and a red t-shirt and she's about as tall as Vash's neck.
Bio: She was an orphan until she was 10, then Vash adopted her. The only problem was he was drunk so he was drunk. So, in the morning, he had no idea who she was and just left her. She's been serching for him ever since.
Wepon(s): She has two handguns and that's about it.
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Hi Xio! *ish being forced to sign up*

Name: Vash the Stampede
Age: around 125
Gender: Male
Description: It's attached
Bio: Legendary outlaw, around 125 years old, owner of the angel arm, put a hole in the 5th moon, responsible for the destruction of July and Augusta
Wepon(s): .45 colt
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Hi there!

Name: Julie the Typhoon

Age: around 125

Gender: Female

Description: Julie has shoulder length blonde hair, green eyes, and a freckle by her left. She usually wears a black leather tanktop, black leather pants, brown combat boots, a sleeveless purple jacket in the style of Vash's, and purple sunglasses also in the style of Vash's. She's also covered in scars and two earrings in her left ear, one in her right.

Bio: Julie is Vash's and Knives' sister. She's a major goofball and also kind of lazy. She has the tendency to slack off. Vash is usually dragging her along where ever he goes, even if she doesn't want to go. Even though Julie's a major goofball, she will kill. She's not all love&peace. She'll only kill if truly necessary or if someone she loves is in major trouble. Julie is deeply in love with Wolfwood. :love: Oh, and she has a slight healing ability.

Wepon(s): a golden .4 colt long barrel, the golden Angle Arm, and a hidden knife in each boot

Hey, so ya know, I'll play Wolfwood too if no one takes him. I was having a enternal struggle on with character to chose. ^_^;
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O.k., I'll join.

Name: Suzuka Malizuma

Age: 207


Description: Shoulder langth blue hair, green eyes with a sad look to them, black lether boots, long blood colored overcoat but is unbuttened, mechanical left arm, black tanktop, and black pants.

Bio.: She used to be Knive's girlfriend. She and him made a great couple. They liked to destroy things, places, and people. There was one person she really hated tho., Vash. So One day, she thought to go look for and kill him. Because on the day they met he shot her left arm off. So now she seeks revenge.

Wepons: .357 Magnum, Colt Anaconda, Shotgun, and a huge sword. But also little knives in her coat sleeves

Is that good enough?
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[color=red]Hello Mai!

Name: Knives

Age: about 125

Gender: Male

Description: [url]http://www.ex.org/articles/2001/images/2001.07.20-rev_anime-us-trigun-vol_8-cover.jpg[/url]

Bio: Knives is Vash's and Julie's evil brother. He totally is disgusted by the human race. He considers their race inferior to his. He tried to get Vash and Julie to see things his way, but they wouldn't hear it. (especially Julie since she falls in love with a human - . -) Knives' ruthlessness and anger just continues to grow. He's just too evil for words. :D

Wepon(s): a black .4 colt long barrel[/color]
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