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Calling All Artists!!!!!!


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Is anybody willing to help a young nonartist out? Can anyone draw,paint,etc these three OCS? Thanx

Mijita Miabi
Hair Color:White and [COLOR=skyblue]light blue[/COLOR] streaks. Her hair syle is sorta like Yunas.
Eye Color:[COLOR=silver]Grey[/COLOR]
Clothes:White lab coat with blue jeans under.

Megumi Ayaomi
Hair Color:[COLOR=red]Red[/COLOR],white,and black streaks in a short spiky haircut.
Eye Color:Green
Clothes:Anything that is gothy.

Hair Color:Black and purple at the ends. The hair is in a long ponytail.
Eye Color:Black
Clothes:Shinto priestess clothes
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I threw this together in a car, so the quality is pretty iffy.
For Majita Miabi, I wasn't sure exactly what type of lab coat you wanted, nor the shade of gray you wanted for her eyes.
Megumi Ayaomi: I wasn't quite sure of what you meant about her hair.
Hope it helps.
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