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The thin line between confidence and arrogance


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[COLOR=firebrick]Are you cocky and arrogant? Do you think your better then people and trys to show it.

I know I'm better then people and openly display it. We all think we are better then certain people, some of us just don't act like it. I can at times be very rude and snooty. When I'm around my friend especially; we have these rules that are known by most but have to told to others:

1. If you live on the "poor side of town" don't talk to us.
2. If you are "not up on your looks"don't try to flirt with us.
3. If you take "slow classes" don't even stare at me.
4. If you are a "underclassman and not on the cool list"you are invisble to us.
5. If you aren't in the "in crowd" you don't belong with us.

There are more but I won't go there. We actually have these written in a notebook somewhere.

I know I'm a jerk but I wasn't always. Over the years my confidence has grown into all out arrogance. I've watched as I left behind my nerdy nintendo bunch of friends and moved up to dating a cheerleaders and hanging out with my fellow jocks. I tried to help sevral of my old friends into my new clique, but the gap was just to great and I ended up having to lose them. Slowly I began to take charge of my school and now that I'm a senior I am the single most popular and powerful person in the school. Being all of this I most maintain a certain level of coolness and that means not talking to people who are under me while my friends are around. You can approach me when I'm alone(girls only) and talk or something. I'm one of the nicest people in my school and I am very kind and generous, but when I'm around my friends I am in jerk mode. I sometimes go and apologize for being mean to people, most understand but others call me phony or two faced. [/color]
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