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Has anyone seen Marmalade Boy?


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[FONT=arial]I haven't seen the anime, but I heard the manga is way better. not as drawn out (there's only 8 volumes, and all of it's great ^_^), and not as much filler. can't say for myself which is better, just that the manga is way awesome. from reviews I've seen, the manga ranked a lot better than the anime did though.

I've also heard there's this Marmalade Boy TV special they have that goes over the [i]very[/i] first time Yuu met Miki. know anything about it?[/FONT]
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Well, I still can't decide which I like better, the manga or the show. The both have pros and cons. The show went into more detail and that's why it was so much longer. Both had pretty much the same story line up until the 3/4 of the way thru the show, then it changed quite a bit. I thought the manga was better drawn. I love them both anyway.

The TV Special was Marmalade Boy the Movie. I thought it was wonderful. The animation was better than the show, and it was just an overall good movie (even though it was only 30 min).
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I'm not sure, but I think my friend said it's supposed to come out on DVD in...march? I don't know where he got them, but he's got the whole series on tape. All 20 of them. They're subbed but they're legal. I'll ask him about it when I get back to school.

Oh, BTW, there's also this show called The Marmalade Boy Drama, aka Orange Jam Boy. It's based on the anime/manga only it's acted out with, well, real people. I don't know how well I'd like it, I've only read about it at someone's webpage, but the person who did the page said they perfered the drama to the manga and the anime... I think I'll stick with the manga and anime though. :)
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[size=1][color=darkblue]I have all of the manga, never seen the anime. I've heard that the anime isn't the best, but I still wish to see it. The manga is my second favorite manga series. I can't help but love it, I hope I can see the anime some day. If I can't find the DVD's, I'll just download them off tne internet.[/color][/size]
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Guest rttocs77

It's quite addicting. It actually gets pretty annoying towards the latter half of the show because Yuu and Miki's relationship just goes off and on off and on and so on. It's pretty touching in a nutshell though. The movie is just like and abbreviated TV series... I recommend it.
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Gee, this thread is kind of old, but it is missing some important stuff. Also, the licensed anime release is coming, so here goes...

First of all, some handy facts:
[b]Marmalade Boy[/b] was originally a manga by Yoshizumi Wataru (serialized in [i]Ribon[/i] magazine, 1992-95). It was collected in 8 tankubon.

[b]Marmalade Boy[/b] is a shoujo high school romance. A gaggle of friends and acquaintances find and lose love against a background of tennis, shopping trips and part-time jobs. Unusually, several adults get swept up in their own love dramas.

The animated adaptation aired 1994-95; it was produced by Toei and is 76 episodes long. The "movie" was released in 1995.

The difference between the two presentations is mainly that the anime added a cycle of quite a few episodes in order to extend the story. New characters and situations were introduced.

The "movie" is a prequel 26 minutes in length. Its style is similar to that of the anime. It would be best seen after watching the series.

[b]Marmalade Boy manga and anime are both licensed by Tokypop[/b]. I am not sure if the movie is part of Tokypop's acquisitions. The manga has been published in full, but anime releases will only start a little later this year.

Both the anime and manga have plenty to recommend them, but this has not been addressed in any detail in this thread.

First off, most of the characters are very likable. They are all well-developed and given flaws as well as strengths. The dialogue is mostly relaxed and natural-seeming. The cast is large but each character is brought to some sort of conclusion.

The plot is over-the-top but quite enjoyable. The initial plot hook is absurd but not really overplayed. Almost all the characters are either in love or want to be. There are plenty of confession scenes, love triangles, twists of fate and reversals of fortune. This creates an air of drama and urgency to what is basically a story about a bunch of kids going to school. The constant emphasis on romance is what makes this title such a treat for its fans. It is very addicting but always pays off in one way or another.

I also enjoy the visual style - I think the anime is well-adapted from the manga. Almost all of the characters are cute but the look is simple and clean. There is a definite emphasis on clothing - the characters have decent wardrobes. This is a nice contrast to many titles where you see the same characters wearing the same thing every day.

I am glad to see this title getting some love again. The fact that the anime and manga were translated & fansubbed/fanscanned back in the VHS days should give some idea of the impact this show has had on fans in the past. Hopefully the licensed series will be reasonably priced and find some new friends.
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