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Future History (Mature)


Which Location do you wish to start in (Players only please)  

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  1. 1. Which Location do you wish to start in (Players only please)

    • Old America
    • Japan
    • Europe

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2003 New whale species found in Japan
Japan contemplates sending troops to help US "Peacekeeping" in Iraq
25 killed and 400 injured in a bombing on the British consulate in Istanbul

2004 Korean suicide bombers destroy US embassies in Korea, the UK, France, Italy and Japan
George W Bush authorises nuclear attack on Korea. UN is ignored
Private groups in Iraq begin work on AI routines, instructed by a man calling himself Blaze
Japan decides against sending troops to Iraq, provoking US emnity

2005 Terrorist attacks globally increase in regularity and severity.
Nuclear attack on Korea prompts talks in Helsinki between the leaders of most eastern countries. 2 assassination attempts made, both fail. talks last one week, videoconferencing continues for two months. Helsinki pact becomes first international agreement to be signed electronically. copies sent to all countries. the pact states that the participating countries will pool all research regarding technological progress for the betterment of all member nations.
Church of New Zion founded, founders claim to have referenced all major religions in history and have amalgamated the results into a structured communal belief system.

2006 First official retaliatory strike against the US. highly organised strategic assault on occupying US forces in iraq wipes them out to a man. other "Coalition" forces left unharmed, but warned to leave immediately
Coalition withdraws, America begins moves for all-out war on Iraq
Tony Blair assassinated. UK withdraws support for US action
War Declared. US denied passage through airspace of european countries. US Launches long-range attack on Iraq, despite certainty of horrendous civilian casualties.
World War Three officially declared

2010 British navy seals succeed in infiltrating American military installations. several weapons research facilities destroyed.
US forces firmly entrenched in mainland Europe. US navy carriers begin massing armoured vehicles in Portugal for coming offensive
"Blaze's" AI routines compiled and sent to Russia.
US starts work on the Trinity Macronuclear weapon
US launches conventional nuclear attack on Russia. missile intercepted by unknown means
Church of New Zion bases itself in India, and is welcomed as the second official religion

2020 US forces charge across germany, entering russian soil. Russians test latest weapons system: the OGRE, and reveals that the prototype was what intercepted the US nuclear attack 10 years earlier. US Attacks repelled
US Launches Trinity missile
Trinity Macronuclear missile impacts in Australia. Impact crater throws up millions of tons of dust that are vapourised in the macronuclear explosion. Australia scoured of life
World War three ends with a stalemate. no official ceasefire is declared, and all sides begin amassing weapons and continuing weapons research.

2021 Funds poured into the Trinity program force US government to declare bancruptcy. several high-interest auctions take place to balance the economy by selling off the US infrastructure. Private buyers purchase chunks of the government and found new companies using their technology. these corporations, with a haphazard mix of governmental power and corporate financing, are the first "Megacorps"

Asimov robotics buys NASA and purchaces a 51% share in Microsoft, ousting Bill Gates as head and voting in someone sympathetic to them

Infomaster systems purchaces most major american ISPs, and quickly buys up the smaller ones - as well as buying almost all governmental records - Monopoly and competition laws waived in favour of the US government getting money. a large portion of the internet goes down for three months as major restructuring is done.

Metazyne systems and Darwin Biotech try to outbid each other on the contents of military facility Delta-17, aka Area 51. they reach an agreement whereby Metazyne and Darwin biotech each have access to relevant technologies. this technology is commonly referred to as "Warehouse 23 technology"

The US Military is bought out by various megacorps as private armies. other parts are bought by private investors who start up mercenary organisations.

Military blueprints are bought by various individuals and companies, some of which sell them to the USSR

US Nuclear arsenal deemed to be part of the Military, and is quickly bought up by mercenary corporations

Church of New Zion priests buy various undesclosed items from facility Delta-17 and take them to India

Japan puts the samurai class back into the social structure of the country. Man protest, and civil war erupts, the new founded "Clans" (many owned by one megacorps or another) start a small war against the rebels, now known as the Yellow Scarf Rebellion.

2022 50% of American states are bought up by several Megacorps, and become offical, independant countries in their own rights.

Catholocism is offically declared a dead religion.

Africa bands into the "Nubian Republic." It is now the world's biggest economic power.

2025 The United States is offically disbanded, becoming many Megacorps owned private countries.

The last of the International records is ended the 1st July, 2025.

the year is now 2078

The state of the system.
Alright, for this RP I have split the world into three possible locations, and I'll give a small synopsis of the state of each one.

[B]Old America[/B]: The Megacorps have completely assimilated the remnants of the former world superpower. They have covered almost all the landmass of the continent, with cities such as New York and Washington having to build up to get more room. Hackers plauge the new information superhighway, with computers that plug straight into their brains. Organised crime syndicates own private armies, and a few of the former midwest states are embroiled in a small war. Crime is at an all time high, the police force has turned to an almost facist regime, owned by Smith and Wesson they are one of the few non-profit international organisation left on the planet. Let's take a look at an average city, New York, now owned by Babyon Electronics. The rooftops, miles above sea level, the world is bathed in heavy sunlight, a permanent high noon. From all the pollution from the great Age of construction, the ozone layer above America has desintegrated, to a point that to go an hour in the direct sunlight will have a 85% chance of getting skin cancer. This is known as the Noonhieght, the place where the movers and shakers rest their heads. Going further down, the space between buildings is a canopy of walkways and looping roads, where cars speed in great heards and young pups swing from cable to cable in death defying games of tag. This layer blocks most light from reaching the bottom of the city, while itself has little to love on. This is the Duskheight, where the middle class, the well off but not [i]quite[/i] well off enough live out their grey little lives. And lastly, their is the bottom of the barrel, the Voidheight, where the masses liv out their lives is perpetual dakness, almost never seeing the sun. The lighting is completely electrc, and numerous drones scurry or roll around, calling out to "Eat Recycled Food" or "Conserve Heat, Group Together." Gangs are a common sight, but these aren't your father's gangs. These are gang followers of dead Gods, street cults. Many of the broken down, rejected members of society turn towards a common goal, somthing that they can live for, and I mean really live for. They turn to the old books, those that survived the Great Fall, the bombing of Europe, the selling of the USA. They find the names of the Elder Gods, such creatures as Tzenttch, the Wyrmgod, Aslaan, the Grandfather, and Cthulhu. They take these archaic, barbaric idols as their new parents, and forsake he rest of humanity. Some of these zealots go to an even more extreme length to show their faith, and go to Chopdocs and illegal Biotech practitioners to change their appearance to that of their masters. This bottom is a living hell of dead Deities and their twisted followers.

[b]Japan[/b]: Geographically, very little has changed in the Land of the Rising Sun, but socially, it has made a step backwards, returning to the days before the West changed it, to a time where honour and one's family was the most important thing. The Samurai rule supreme, from the highest Daimyo to the lowest of the Ronin, they are held in equal respect and fear of not only their political and social power, but of the secret Arts they hold. The Gun Karta, the New Bushido, the Bullet Fist. The Martial arts have lost their grace, but gained an incredible amout of sheer brutal efficency, turning them into pure killing arts. The main clans, The Crane, Rat, Tiger, Dragon and Wolf have the best weapons, training and even housing. They are masters of all they see. Except the hearts of those in the Yellow Scarf rebellion. These indiiduals, many even from the minor Samurai clans, despise the supreme power the Major Clans hold, and fight them tooth and nail. They hold the secrets to the old Martial arts, and the secrets that only the working class know, the secret back alleys, the sewer systems, the safehouses. The strike the Clans with the precision and sharpness of a scalpel, slowly but surely trying to bleed the Samurai dry. But where the Samurai lack the ability of being able to launch guerilla strikes upon the Rebellion, they have small armies willing to give their lives to the Clans, elite guard who specialise in catching those that try to sneak in the shadows, and th deadly and mysterious threat of the Ninja, an organisation rumoured to be brought back. Bombings followed by brutal city block assaults, harsh interrogations of entire apartment buildings retalliated by swift strikes to the power plants. These are common acivities, and hae brought the Rebellin to a grinding but always present stalemate. All either side need is a small push to throw the entire war off this knife's edge, and in their favour...

[b]Europe[/b]: More specfically, France, but it's moot point. It all looks the same, grey and lifeless. Noone in Europe is too sure when it happened, but sometime in the year 2043 American launched the second Trinity Missile. The huge explosion, centered in Germany, and the ensuing huge cloud of dust that was thrown into the air, choked all of the life out of the entire continents, except those few humans that managed to escape it by going underground for months. When they emeged, the only thing they saw was a huge sea of grey dust, dotted by the skeletal remains of cities. The Europeans were quick to adjust to this new lifestyle, and now survive on a type of grain that is grown in vast underground fields. Many of them scour the lands for any sort of scrap that can be turned into something useful by the Junkmen, a group of indivuals that have a great knowledge of engineering using bare resources, in return for a hot meal, a bottle of Second Best, an alchoholic drink made using the multipurpose grain, or even a chance to get a ticket off the continent, to England, which had the least bad effects of the Blast, and last few existing planes in London. Their are only 2 types of people that live in Europe. Those that have no choice, and those running from something. People who go to england for a certain amount of time are declard legally dead, and for good reason;. Again noone is quite sure of the exact date, or even the year, but at some point Russia decided that they were going to use Europe as a type of testing ground for a new type of warrior, a drone. These come is innumerable shapes and sizes, but all have one program, search and dstroy.m Although the Russian's experiment in the drones is long since abandoned, the dronesm still roam the "countryside" killing all they see indescriminately. It is for this reason that most travel is restricted to either going on land trains the size of oil tankers, or by the few vehicles that remain. But there are those that travel by foot, and they become living legends, the Wanderers. People such as the Musicman, the Undertaker, and Dronerunner are myths, things that may or not exist, but are living proof of the tenacity of the human spirit, and that nothing can defeat a deterimend man with a gun.


Right, now onto the juicy but, the characters.
I'm fairly easy going, so try and test some boundries where you would like. Remember that this is a futuristic world, with Biotechnology and Bionics aplenty, so try and live ouside the box, make a twist of current occupations and ideals, to make them iteresting, and bear in mind that you don't have to be an uber warrior or something such, I will find a way to pull you into the RP. Speaking of which, you might be asking yourself "so, where's the mission, Colourdeaf?" well, that all depends on you, the player. I've got a mission in mind for each of the locations, and so I'll ask you to vote on which location you would like to start off in, purely based on "wow, that'll be an interesting place to RP in."
Onto th Character Sheet

Character Concept: (A new thing to this board, and completely optional. I find this helps people focus a bit more on their characer if they describe their character in maybe two or three words.)
Eye Colour:
Hair Colour and Style:
Physical Description: (Pics are alright, if not try to be detailed)
Attire: (Clothes, if you don't understand)
Equipment: (Try to keep it to 1 or 2 weapons, but any other equipment is alright, just keep it low key and justified)
Current Occupation:
Bio: (Background, obviously)
Character Quote/Theme Tune: (very, [i]very[/i] optional, and just for flavour)
Preferred starting location:

Here's mine

Character Concept: Truth Seeker
Name: Clef Maxwell
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Height: 6'
Weight: 143lbs
Eye Colour: Green
Hair Colour and Style: Light Brown in loose spikes
Physical Description: (see Attachment)
Attire: Normally wears a black shirt under a heavy grey jacket with a large hood, along with baggy grey jeans and heavy brown boots.
Equipment: Cell phone, Desert Fox .33 Pistol, Remote Camera drone with an implanted remote, basic hackers tool.
Personality: Quietly curious, he exudes an aura of calm professionalism wherever he goes, he is not too quick to laugh, but is not quick to anger either. A master if empathy, he sems to see other's emotions before even they do.
Current Occupation: Reporter/Cameraman for SFN (Starbucks Federation News)
Bio: Born to an average Duskheight family in New York as a son of a journalist and a philosipher, Clef gained a large fascination with the abstract idea of the Truth, reading many books on the subject. His friends (and indeed, his father to an extent) pushed him gently into the arms of the hacking community, finding friends amongst the Netrunners and Mindcoders of the duskheight. While his friends had great dellusions of grandeur, of bringing down the Megacorps from inside the Net, Clef merely allowed himself to roam it, of finding little Truths and secrets that noone knew, and exposing them on forums under the name "Inquisitor." As he grew older, the Truths he uncovered and the skill of his hacking grew, although he never had a real talent for it, and could never be the be as good as a decent Netrunner. He preferred to go into Voidheight and gain contacts among the lowest of the low, go into the seedy Brawlbars and drugdens and find Truths that only those that hear [i]everything[/i] would know. He gained a small web of contacts and informants, and still posted as "Inquisitor." But soon his exploits were discoered by an agent of the Starbucks Federation, and he was quickly snatched up as a reporter. He now goes where no reporter will go to get a Truth, and he reports under the guise of a personal static field when he broadcasts. He is the Inquisitor, a reporter who's camera ses all. Yet, he seems to have a dark secret, something he seems to hold deep within his soul, for none to see...
Character Quote/Theme Tune:
"I am not the answer, I am only the Question."
"Fiction: Dreams in Digital" by Orgy
Preferred starting location: Old America
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Character Concept:
Name:Alex Costner
Eye Colour:dark brown
Hair Colour and Style:light brown, short messy spikes
Physical Description: thin but lean, moderate tan, looks like a new age punk
Attire: Camo pants & a black ODT shirt
Equipment: Silenced Schmidt MP, combat knife, Cell-phone, basic hackers tools, Bionic computer uplink(hacking), retina inhancements(eyes), reflex stimulants(i even type faster yay), credit card hack(mess with atm machines), data pad
Personality: hes much smarter than he acts, he seems like a lighthearted punk but someone that has great empathy skills can notice its an act if the look closely
Current Occupation:hacker, investigater(steels from some places)
Bio: Was born In Texas Republic. His dad( a computer genious) tought him how to hack and his older brother took him to the shooting range. While he was out his family was murdured by a megacorp. he used his skills to take down the company peice by peice. He is now wanted in many areas but he uses many names.
(I mite add more later)
Character Quote/Theme Tune: "If you can't fix It, your stupid."-Me
Preferred starting location:Old America
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[COLOR=TEAL][SIZE=1][B][U][I]My Character Sign-up[/I][/U]

[U]Character Concept:[/U] Outlander Ranger.

[U]Name:[/U] Rhyder.

[U]Age:[/U] 28

[U]Gender:[/U] Male.

[U]Height:[/U] 5' 11".

[U]Weight:[/U] 175lbs.

[U]Eye Colour:[/U] Green.

[U]Hair Colour and Style:[/U] Brown with Red stripes, usually unkempt and messy.

[U]Physical Description:[/U] [URL=http://www.q3f.com/screens/concept/agent01.jpg]Click here[/URL]

[U]Attire:[/U] See Picture

[U]Equipment:[/U] [URL=http://www.planetcnc.com/renegade/gameinfo/weapons/laserrifle.jpg]Laser Rilfe AKA Firefly[/URL], [URL=http://www.planetcnc.com/renegade/gameinfo/weapons/ramjetrifle.jpg]Sniper Rifle AKA Hawkeye[/URL], Pack of Remote C4 X5, T.E.D. [Tactical Eye Display], Ration Packs X10, Comm-up link to HQ, as well as all manner of servival equipment

[U]Personality:[/U] Living and working in the far reaches of the wasteland has turned Rhyder in to a quiet and secretive person. Being alone for extened periods of time with only the old Russian 'bots and outlaws to keep him company Rhyder would not be the first person to make friends with others, even those within his own clan. He is also very paranoid because his usual posting is very close to several enemy bases and so is always on his guard, reguardless of his situation and location. He only has a few close friends and even they don't know much about his past. He only feels safe when his is a totally secure hiding place with his weapons at his side, or in his hand, and and someone is in his Scope.

[U]Current Occupation:[/U] Ranger; Scout; Sniper

[U]Bio:[/U] There are only a few scattered details reguarding Rhyders past life, that is assuming he had one at all. It is generally accepted that he grew up in the area of Europe that was known as Denmark, but he had moved their from England before the Trinity Missle impact and thus he knows English as well as several other languages. Not much is known about his parents because they died in the second Trinity explosion when Rhyder was just a baby, he was found by a kindly woman who had a son of her own and he grew up with the two of them until he was about seventeen. At that age he heard that someone was going around searching for people to join his new clan, but this would be a new kind of clan, not in it for gain but for the innocent people of the world, much like Robin Hood in the anicent days of England. He also knew several of the other people who were joining so it wasn't to hard for him to ajust to the life, because of his keen eye and quick reflexes Rhyders main function in the clan was an advanced ranger/scout, as well as a sniper.

At first he was with several others at his posting but over the years, due to Russian 'bot attacks or the other clans the squad shrunk to just Rhyder and a youth called Tom, Rhyder sometimes doesn't think of Tom in the highest reguard seeing as he came from the Old America where life is still good for those that live their, he sees him as spoiled and doesn't think he has the skills to survive in Europe and the harsher areas of Russia. But thats what is still like today, but the commander has promised to send Rhyder reinforcements as soon as he can.

[U]Character Quote/Theme Tune:[/U] "If you trust anything, trust yourself"

[U]Preferred starting location:[/U] European Waste Land; Poland[/B][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[color=orangered][b]Character Concept:[/b] The Not-so-innocent Bystander

[b]Name:[/b] Thomas Beaucannon

[b]Age:[/b] 20

[b]Gender:[/b] Male

[b]Height:[/b] 5' 7''

[b]Weight:[/b] 140lbs

[b]Eye Colour:[/b] Green

[b]Hair Colour and Style:[/b] A blonde mop

[b]Physical Description:[/b] Gangly youth, with his blonde mop and green eyes, he looks like a bit of a push over. However, in his favour, he looks intelligent, not dumb or nerdy, in fact he looks sensible. Usually, because he looks so "weak" he's usually the first to be picked on in any kind of confrontation. However, he's capable of taking care of himself to some degree, just not as great a degree as he'd like.

[b]Attire:[/b] Usually satisfied in jeans and a t-shirt, he's not one to be flashy or picky. In his line of work time isn't a luxery to be spent on dress-sense.

[b]Equipment:[/b] Tom isn't one to know much, if anything at all about weaponry or combat. So, usually, he doesn't carry weapons on him. However, he's never without his laptop.

[b]Personality:[/b] Bright and perky. He's the one to try and lighten the air with a joke. And even if he isn't feeling too optimistic (which he hardly ever is) he's the one who'll play the clown to get everyone back in good spirits. Pessimistic by nature, optimistic by training.

[b]Current Occupation:[/b] Information agent - gathering information (and selling it onto anyone who needs it).

[b]Bio:[/b] Tom used to live in a family comfortably able to afford a lifestyle in the Duskheight of Old America. A rebel by nature (even if he has a friendly attitude), Tom sought to learn as many "bad" things as possible. As a result he fell into a crowd obsessed with hacking into all things illegal. As a result his trade became information related. Everything has its price, and Tom became almost ruthless in that side of the business, not wanting to get caught up in the scum that was the Voidheight.

Obviously, Tom's parents didn't approve of this method of thinking, and by 19 he'd had enough. Shipping up and out, Tom headed for Europe, somewhere away from the foul stench of a herded nation, even if the ground was charred, and enemies were commonplace. At least he could walk on his own, and not be told where to go.

While in Europe, he discovered a different kind of people. Certainly, most people were out for their own survival, which Tom couldn't condemn, but he found a clan that were insistant upon making things better for other people. So he ended up joining them, and even though their numbers have now wittled down to two, there is still the promise that things will get better. That more will come.

[b]Character Quote/Theme Tune:[/b] "I'm a hacker not a godamnned magician!"

[b]Preferred starting location:[/b] Not fussy ^_~


If anything needs adding, changing or taking out, be sure to give me a yell ^_^

[i]NOTE:[/i] Yup, I've talked this over with 'Poko-kun, his character and mine know each other. So if our characters don't match yet it's because he hasn't got round to editing yet ^_~[/color]
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