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A Tribute to My Lost Love


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This is my unfinished poem(elegy)I was supposed to read at one of my girlfriends funerals. They didn't let me read it and instead had me read some poem by Emily Dickens(her favorite poet). Is my poem really that bad and please be honest?

Sometimes I think about you
And our future together
I promised that I would love you
And protect you forever
My love for you was endless
But it ended before it began

In loving memory of Stacy Andrews.

[U]The Histoty Behind the Poem[/u](please read)
This poen was dedicated to my girlfriend who died in a car crash last year. She was driving under the influence and I can't help but feel responsible because she was driving from my Christmas party. I offered her a room at my house and really didn't want her to drive but she said she could make it and wanted to be home for Christmas morning. I really shouldn't have let her leave it was really late about 4:00 AM but I was drunk myself and tired; so I gave in and let her leave. I remember going to bed thinking she only lived down the road alittle and could make it home no problem. When I woke up the next morning her mom called at about 6:00 AM and asked if she had spent the night over here; I said no and we began to search for her. She was found a couple of hours later many miles from her house in a ditch. She was barely alive and the doctors said she wouldn't make it to the end of the day. She put up a good fight though and almost made it to see January 1, 2003 but she died 9 minuets before the clock hit 12:00. I remember her last words to me were "I love you" and she died before I could say I love you too. I always think about her on Christmas and what could have happened if I had only not let her leave, but I was stupid and let her attempt to drive home. I miss her so much and sometimes wish I could have died with her. Maybe with the story about what happened to me I can deter some of you from DUI; just think about the people you are leaving behind.

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*bites lip to keep from crying* Tony I'm [i]so[/i] sorry for your lost. It's sad when people die so young....but your poem is really nice. Not award winning nice but still nice. I really didn't know you wrote poetry in the first place. You learn something new everyday right? Yes and I agree with you about not drinking and driving. Lord knows how many times my cousins have been in the hostpital and recked cars because of doing it. But I'm sure Stacy is in a better place now...
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Well, the story made me want to cry. Put that emotion in your poem. When I read the poem, I felt nothing. I'm not saying it needs to be hugely wrong, but it does seem unfinished. I hope to see the finished part. I'm very sorry for your loss, and I feel your pain. My uncle was murdered over drugs, so I know how it feels for someone to die over such stupid things like drugs (alcohol is a drug).
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