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Please help me critique this...


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[COLOR=royalblue]Poetry for dummies

So you want to learn about poetry
Well I'll give you some tips thought up by me

Number one- Do not force poetry
It usually comes naturally
And don't be disappointed
If it becomes jumbled
Just be the best you can be

Number two- Another thing about poetry
Forget about dumb rhyme scemes.
Poetry's not that predictable
It's just pure humanity

Number three- Get your pen and then
Swirl it around over again
Form swirls into words

Number four- Words are not the only thing
you need emotion and feeling behind it
poetry without feeling is dead

Number five- Lastly, try to write what you know
like love, or winter's first snow
How can you write what you do not feel
If you do not feel it is not real[/COLOR]
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Guest sixthcrusifix
I think that it is very good advice. And i totaly agree. Also, when you are writing poetry, Major spellin errors should be fixed, but sometimes misspelling words puts on certain enphases and tells you how to say the poem. Take for instance:
I love you truly-5 syllables, maby that dosn't flow right so...
I love you truely- 6 syllables that could fix your flow, and so on.

well, seeya round
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[COLOR=indigo]I like duo like rhyme schemes in poetry alot but I respect other styles of poetry.

Every person has a slightly different style of writing; be it random or disciplined. Every style holds its own greatness and its own downfalls so in my opinion no one style can be applauded more than another.

So in other words, you're not a bad writer. I like your poem its cool. Although I really don't agree with what sixthcrucifix said but hey thats just another style *shrugs*

So yes good poem!

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Guest sixthcrusifix
Oh hun you didn't misspell any where that i saw, I was just saying that that is an acceptible way to write poetry.
I really love how you wrote that one.
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