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Yu-Yu-Hakusho: Battle Against the Elements!


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[color=purple]I?m addicted to this. This time I?m doing a Yu-Yu-Hakusho RPG. I don?t know how I?m going to do this, but I?m going to try.

The Story:
Yusuke, Kuwabara, Kurama, and Hiei run up on a new enemy called the Element Brothers. They trap Team Urameshi (^_^) in a world similar to a video game: Now the team has to defeat each of the Element Brothers and find their way out. This is going to be their most challenging fights yet.

Whoo, this might work out. I need people to play Yusuke, Kuwabara, Kurama, and Hiei. I also need people to play the Element Brother of the day/sun, fire, water, earth, lightning/thunder, and wind. You get to create your character if you?re an Element Brother or if you?re the Guardian of the Element (night/moon, day/sun, fire, water, earth, lightning/thunder, and wind), which is a good guy. There was a demon of night/moon, but she?s my character. Yes, I said she.

Here?s the character info I need:

Special Ability: (like Kurama?s Rose Whip, the Element Brothers? control over the elements, ect??..)
Weapon: (only for the Guardians of the Element)
Side: (either you?re an Element Brother or one of the original characters)

Here?s my info:

Name: Luna

Age: Human Body: about 14-16
Demon Body: unknown

Description: Human Body: Luna has waist length black hair and purple eyes. She usually wears a black long sleeved velvet u-neck shirt with the sleeves flaring at the ends of them, black leather pants, black boots, and a black velvet chocker with a moon on it.
Demon Body: Luna looks almost like Yoko Kurama except she has black ears, tail, hair, and purple eyes. She wears an outfit similar to Yoko Kurama?s except it?s black and looks more like a dress.

Special Ability: Luna has two different Rose Whips. She has normal one (light purple rose) and a poison one (black rose). She also has control over the night/moon. She can cause a solar eclipse or create a dark fog around an area.

Bio: Luna was an orphan that the Element Brothers found and raised. They never knew she was a Fox Demon. The Element Brothers taught Luna to be evil, but she really doesn?t want to be evil. Every time Luna threatens to quite, the Element Brothers tell her she?ll have no where to go or live. When Luna meets up with Yusuke and friends, she finally decides to fight against the Element Brothers. She also falls in love with Kurama.

Side: She was working for the Element Brothers, but joins up with Yusuke and Friends.

Alright, here are some pointers. If you are going to be a Guardian of the Element you have to have two forms. A Human Form and a Beast Form (please give beast form in bio or somewhere in your post). You also have to wait for Team Urameshi to get to your area (night/moon, day/sun, fire, water, earth, lightning/thunder, and wind) before you can join up with them and you have to stay with them so that you can defeat the Element Brother of day/sun. Oh yeah, if your an Element Brother, you have to stay in your element and be the finally boss. Feel free to tell me what you're doing for both the Element Brothers and Guardians of the Element. I think I have covered everything. I?m sorry if I sounded too demanding. I hope you enjoy this.[/color]
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Name:Yusuke Urameshi
Age:15<14 on the series>
Description: he is tall with silk black hair and always wears a green uniform
Special Ability: (spirit gun
Bio:He was a killed trying to save a kid and after serveal ordeals he was brought back as a spirit and he was joined by demons and his friend Kuwabra.
Side: team Urameshi
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hey! I think i'm gunna like this one!

Name: Kurama
Age: uh...well, 16 human years...
Description: He's the tall, redhead intellectual. he is extreamly smart, with great knowledge of fighting and just about eveything else. If he's not Youko, he's usualy quite the gentleman
Special Ability: RoseWhip
Bio: Kurama is a fox youkai thief that was caught. He was shot, and wounded, so he dicided in a drastic moment that he would take the form of a child in the human world. He was "reborn" as Shuuichi Minamino. But, he prefers to be called Kurama.
Side: Orriginal
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[COLOR=darkblue]Age:Unknown (looks about 15)[/COLOR]

[COLOR=purple]Hair color:Black with purple at the ends.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=indigo]Eye Color:Black[/COLOR]

Race:One half human one half fire demon


Clothes:Shinto priestess clothes white shirt baggy green pants.

Fighting moves:Phoneix of Sakai flame, Spirt Fans (she hates doing it), Firestorm.

Weapons:Steel fans

History:A trained rookie Reikai Tanei. Selens mission is to "rescue" the Reikai Tanei from the Element Brothers. She grew up in a very holy place called Sakai. The place where Hanyos had called "home". However someone attacked the peaceful village and had killed all the people except Selen. So far her searching for the killer of her people had broght her to the Reikai Tanei office, this is her first mission.

Personality:A lot like Hiei`s. When she first meets the Reikai Tanei she REALLY could not stand Hiei and Kuwabaka I mean Kuwabara. She does`nt want to admit she likes Hiei.

Thanx for FINALLY giving a YYH RPG,

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Description: Flaming red hair,black leather pants,red tank top,red eyes,flame wristbands.
Demon Form:A red phoienix
Special Ability: Fireball,Fireblast,Black Fire,Pure Fire
Weapon: Flame Sword
Bio:She is the Guardian of Fire.She has a bad temper and when she gets really mad flames come up from the ground.Very competive and dosen't like to lose.When she dose she kisses the person and it lives a invisable mark that only she can see.Can be passinote but that happens rarely.Very antisocial and dose not like to talk much to people.
Side: Team Urameshi

Hope thats okay.
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[color=purple]Hi JoyKaiba here. You all did good, but Duofan11 you have to be a Element Brother, a Guardian of the Element, or one of orginal characters. I'm sorry, but you can't make up a character. I'm going to start this soon. It's going to be under my brother's screen name because my screen name got disabled. ^_^; I still need people to join though.[/color]
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Duofan11, questions like that should be addressed via PMs. :p

[B]Name:[/B] Likid

[B]Age:[/B] Indeterminate.

[B]Description:[/B] Tall and covered with soft tan fur. Likid has a somewhat wiry build and a rather pointed squirrel-like head. Jagged red lightning-bolt designs zig-zag across his body.

[B]Special Ability:[/B] Has power over Lightning and Thunder.

[B]Weapon:[/B] Not applicable, I guess.

[B]Bio:[/B] His age and background are a mystery, tied only to the legends and stories of the Element Brothers. What is certain about him is that while he is not be the strongest or the cleverest of the Brothers, he has rather unique abilities that set him apart from the others. These abilities are yet to be known. (ACK! I don't know what else to put! >.>)

[B]Side:[/B] Element Brother
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[color=purple]This RPg has begun, but it's still open. I really need people to be the guardians and brothers. BTW, if you want to be a brother, I'll bend the rules and you can be a girl. Male dominance for the name Element Brothers though. One more thing addressing Duofan11, if you want to be the guardian of night/moon, you're going to have to change your old bio ok.[/color]
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[color=navy]I figure you needed major help on this!

Name: Ray

Age: Unknown

Description: Ray looks human, but he's really the Element Brother of Day/Sun. He has spikey yellow hair and golden eyes. He wears a vest with a sun on it, white pants with flames on it, and withe shoes.

Special Ability: He controls the Sun/Day. He can make the Sun raise to unbelieveable temptures.

Bio: Ray is the head of everything. He the one who planned everythinh. He's the leader in other words. His powers oppsoses Luna's. He never really liked Luna, but it was his twin brother, Flare, that made him bring her abored. None of the other Element Brothers will not stand up to him. They're afraid of what he could do. Major case of sunburn.

Side: Main Element Brother. Brother of Sun/Day[/color]

[color=darkred]Here's Flare

Name: Flare

Age: Unknown

Description: Flare looks like Ray except his hair and eyes are red. His outfit is almost the same as Ray's except all white is black and the sun is a fireball.

Special Ability: He has control over fire. He can easily melt a bolder.

Bio: Flare is second in command. He behind his twin brother, Ray. He was the one who convinced Ray to let Luna join. He never knew she would betray them. Flare is another one the other brothers won't stand up to. He has short temper. Even his own twin gets on his last nerve. He kinda of likes Luna even though she did betray them.

Side: He's the brother of Fire.[/color]
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I'm back!!!!!! I knew my sister would get her screen name back sometime or other. She'll be posting as JoyKaiba for now on. ^_^ I'm going to try to rember my old character.

Name: Kirk Knight

Age: Unknown

Description: Kirk looks kind of like Ray and Flare except his hair is black and his eyes are voilet. His out fit looks like Flare's except it's all black.

Demon Form: He's a black dragon with shiny sliver star like patterns on him.

Special Ability: He has some control over the Moon/Night. He has a dark flame in his Demon form.

Weapon: A pole with a blade on the end. The blade is surrounded by darkness.

Bio: Kirk was a happy little spirit until the Element Brothers captured him. They forced him to look over Darkness Island. Him and Luna made friends since she had nothing to do with his capture. He wants to help Team Urameshi. He also convinces them that Luna wants to help them.

Side: Team Urameshi

[color=green]I'll do an Element Brother too!

Name: Terren

Age: unknown

Description: Terren has long green hair with bits on brown through it, green eyes, and elf ears. He wears a green t-shirt, green, black, and brown camouflaged pants, and brown boots.

Special Ability: He controls the Earth. He could make a huge earthquake if he wanted.

Bio: Terran is the Element Brother of Earth and the most peaceful one. He would rather cause peace then pain. He does have an evil side though. He hates being betrayed, so he's exstremly angry at Luna. He hates it when someone abuse nature too. That is something that can't go unpunished.

Side: He's the Element Brother of Earth.[/color]
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