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Galaxy War


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The Oni have attacked the Umi. The Vixens have allied with the Umi and the Dragonets have allied with the Oni.
Oni- they are cruel and evil. They will do everything In there power and kill anyone to get what they want.They are based in the Onikai system.

Umi-they are just and good. They fight to defend peace and prosperity.Based In the Tajami system

Vixens-they are subtle but effective, while not completely pure from evil they prefer being good over being bad Based in the

Dragonets-a power house of money, they controlmost crime through the Dejra galaxy.They are based In the Hikamara system
there are four main biological groups(and robots)

Humans- not the strongets of creatures but their main strength and weakness is powerfull emotions. can have bionic inhancements

Aliens- if you are an alien you can describe him/her can have bionic inhancements

Robots-they dont have emotion and do what they are deigned to do efficiantly.Can be upgraded.

Demons-often time similar to humans but theier emotions aren't as powerful and they may have special powers. can have bionic inhancements

there is hyper space tronsportation
plasma, conventional, laser weopons, and gravity cannons can be hand held(not neccasarily in one hand)
warp cannos are to big and powerful to be used by hand.

Sign up
Rank: (Leader, general, recruit, etc. I may have to alter this)
Description: (pics are fine)
Weopons: (up to two guns and a close range weopon)
Equipment: (be creative)
Mode of transportation (optional): (what space ship do you ride/command

Ill wait or some people for sign up before I post my sign up

ranks Leader and General of Umi are reserved
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Hi i am co writer

sign up;
race' human
Rank; general
personaitly: He is a serious but carefree general of the umi and will die for his men.He has grammar problems and doesn't talk right.
Weapon:two dersert eagles and saber sword
equipment: ropes, building supplies, and iron rods
bio: was born in razzaria of the Tajami universe, where the oni killed his father so he seek revenge. And from then on he became general

descripation: tall with black hair and silver armor with battle scars all overs. One eye red and the other cover by a pacth. He is a african american male.

transptiation: a space ship called bullet, it is blue ship big enough the fit a whole army
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Name:Teo Farn'el
Description:Tall, has messed up short brwon hair, deep brown eyes, moderate tan, wears white battle armor with a small sheild genrator and is covered in scratches, burns and other battle scars
Personality:Very mature for his age, a brilliant strategist. Is cool headed during all situations but can be warm and freindly to those close to him.
Weopons:An assault rifle, a silenced Five-Seven, a prototype plasma sword
Equipment:binoculors, implanted comm. system,
Bio: Was born In Tajami system were he lived like a king. He joined an influential school until he realised that the current government of the system was corrupted so he lead a rebbelion and started the Umi faction. The Umi liberated the Tajami system and now rule it with a peaceful hand.
Mode of transportation (optional):The Umi flagship "Hand of God"
the biggest ship in the fleet. Has a prototype hyperdrive codenamed the "angelic wing". A prototype sheild generator is used on this ship.500 laser turrets, 300 plasma turrets, 200 conventional cannons, 100 gravity cannons, and 50 warp cannons cover this ships hull.
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Ok heres some more background story for you, The Oni use to be a weak clan only scavenger but after a boost of power that made them invicble. so they went around galaxies conquering all
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[color=purple]I'll try this!

Name: Amber Starlight

Age: 15

Race: Demon

Faction: Umi

Rank: I hope I can be a General

Description: Amber has shoulder length black hair with sliver strands going through it, one green eye, and one blue eye. She usually wears black armor that has a female touch to it. She also kind of tall for her age.

Personality: Amber is usually on the cheerful side, but don't get her mad. That might be a death wish

Weopons: A golden .4 colt long barrel (Trigun reference), a small laser gun, and a short sword

Equipment: She has a watch that's a communication radio, a grappling hook, and a map that can give directions to any location

Bio: Amber was born in the Tajami System. Her parents were mercifully slaughtered by Oni. She seeks revenge, but she second guesses herself sometimes. She maybe a Demon, but she only has unusal speed and strength.

Mode of transportation: The Dark Strike: One of the fastest ships in Umi force. It's has nice arsenal of weapons too.

OOC: I hope this is ok. :sweat:[/color]
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Now, I've done a fair share of RPG's that had Gigantic Galatic Wars of Gargantous Proportions. I'd like to join this one, but I'll let it ride for a little bit.

And I'm also wondering, do the battles take place in space fleets? Or, as it looks, do they land on the planets and do the dirty work there? I really like the way there is a lot of room for writing, so... Lemme know. Dudes.
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[font=gothic][color=indigo]Well, it seems you've all got the basic idea of rpging right, but I recommend re-reading the sticky thread at the top of the page anyway.

Basically people, the storyline needs quite a bit more substance to it, as do the sign ups. Also, the random posts such as "We need a lot of people for this rpg" are basically spam. Finally, in the case of Jimbob, matters like that are best handled via PMs.[/font][/color]
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