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-Angelic Revalution-

Neo NnM

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[color=red]This is much different then the other rps I've done in the past since its the first one I didn't base off a cartoon or video game,but its based off a manga I'm planing on making...So I hope it does very well.

The year is 3075,the world has become peaceful and has become one nation called Angelic.In these time a card game called Angelic Guardians rains popular with every one around,but little known to all those who play the monsters are real.In a sistering dimension on a planet called Demonil the monsters exist and fight as a mirror to that of those moves made in the card game.A evil demon wizard called Cantir gets word of this and tells his king Relid about how the humans of another dimension can control the creatures with the cards.

King Relid comes up with a plan to attack the sistering dimension during the Angelic Guardians tournament thats held every weekend.Relid gathers his army telling them that they will attack first sending the top card players into their dimension so that they will killed by the monsters wial they would take on identical looks of the players ,and control the monsters from Angelic's safe dimension.The king would take the top players place in the world as his generals would take the place of the ranking players below the highest ranker.
Unknown to the king and his minions the cards of Angelic that got sent with the card players can also summon and control the monsters of Demonil even if they are on the planet.With the cards in and with the Angelic Crest need to summon the "Guardians" of each of the Angel Elements.To get back to their own world and defeat King Relid they must defeat each of the Demon Warlords[linked to those who have taken the form of the players] that have control over the Shadow Monsters(the monsters that rival the angel elements) of each card player sent into the world of Demonil.


-Angel Elements-













1)Follow OB's rules!

2)Don't sign up if you don't plan on posting,to many rps die because of this!

3 )If you plan on leaving for awial ,please pm me so I don't think you abandoned the RP!

4)No Godmodding or controlling other people's characters without permission!

5 ) If you're going to change anything in the major plotline, you must consult with me first!


-Sign Up Form-







*(this will be the element of the monsters you can summon and control)

You can be siblings with others that sign up,but you must ask them if its ok first. [/color]

Name:Ace "Nitro" Genisis



Bio:Grand champion of Angelic Guardians,and a returning champ for 2 months in the city tournament.He holds his dragons dear to him and always has a "Ace" up his sleeve when ever he needs it.He wasn't the closest to his parents, and usually went down to a river when he wanted to do something like rebuilding his deck of cards.He's not liked by many for his way of acting and not talking to others very much,and it also makes it worse that he became champ making the ones that already hated him make him hate him more.

Appearance:Ace has a his Crest of Dragons on a chain and on his head so it sits ontop of his forehead,dusty brown hair(basically a grayish brown),Dark green emerald eyes,Wears a black and red jacket with a black shirt with a red dragon siliot on it,navy pants,and black and gray shoes.

Personality: Ace is kind to others ,but also very quiet making very room for getting to know him.he cares about his friends even if they don't speak to each other.He usually smiles when something good happens or is about to.He can get very fearsome when he is challenged leaving him a scary one to fight agents.


I shall judge who is accepted into this RPG.
If I can't decide I may ask you for a Sample of another post from another RPG.

If you have any questions(or want to know more about each element), please PM me! I'll be happy to help.
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[color=navy][b]Name:[/b] Kari Sanai
[b]Age:[/b] 16
[b]Element:[/b] Wolf
[b]Bio:[/b] Kari is one of Ace's closest friends. She would always play against him in Angelic Guardians. Sometimes she would win, but Ace won most of the time. They would often sit together by the river and re-build their deck of cards. Ace's deck was full of Dragons and Kari's were full of wolves and other animals. When Ace became the grand Champion of the game, Kari was jealous at first but soon decided to be happy for her friend. The fact that he was the champ pushed her to become better than before and she wanted to beat him more than before as time after time she was defeated in the tournaments.
[b]Appearance:[/b] Kari has shoulder length, chocolate brown hair and vibrant emerald eyes that are usually covered by a pair of silver, reflective, custom made pair of sunglasses. Kari wears a black leather jacket with a picture of a snarling wolf on the back. It's opened in the front to show a white t-shirt inside and black cargo pants with blue and white shoes. She has her Crest of Wolves on a necklace/chain around her neck.
[b]Personality:[/b] Kari is kind, caring and considerate. She's someone you can come to talk to easily without caring if she'll judge you or not. She loves to help people and she'll do anything to help her friends when they're in trouble, danger or if they just need a shoulder to lean on. Kari loves to make friends with people and is always willing to give people a chance to become her friend. One of her favourite quotes is the classic, "Never judge a Book by it's Cover." Kari is also strong minded. She never gives up and hates to admit to defeat, she goes by a Second quote too, "Quitters never Win and Winners never Quit." But besides that, she's very serious when it comes to Angelic Guardian matches.

How is it? Want any changes?

Buh Bye!^_^[/color]
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[size=1]-Sign Up Form-

Name: Kormal Lin

Age: 17

Element: Air(Duh)

Bio: Let me think on this one please. I'll get it done when I have though about it.

Appearance: [url=http://ayokano.250free.com/getBACKERS.jpg] Here[/url] Wears the Crest of Air, which is a pair of one white wing and one black wing, around his neck.

Personality:Kormal is quite around others, and he doesn't like others around him. He seems to keep away from a group, and only thinks he can help himself. He doesn't bother with making friends, and tries he best not to bound with any one because of his past. Kormal doesn't think as highly of himself as he dd before because of his lost, and sometimes thinks he is worst player of the topped ranked.[/size]
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