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Duel Monsters: Quest for Exodia


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In the mystical land of Konami, there exist five kingdoms.

*The Kingdom of Man, ruled by the undefeated General Freed

*The Demon Realm, ruled by the ruthlessly efficient Lord Hades

*The Realm of the Angels, ruled by the benevolant King Shinto and his queen, Saint Joan

*The Machine District, ruled by the Machine King and his cybernetic advisor, Jinzo

*The Realm of Spell Casters, ruled by the wise Cosmo Queen

For decades, the five kingdoms have lived in peace, all bound by the Pact of the Forbidden One. The ancient god Exodia was a force so powerful that tht his very existance threatened to destroy Konami. He allowed himself to be transported to a different plane by being bound into the Seal of Exodia.

So that the Seal could never be opened again, the five kingdoms each hold a seperate piece of the Seal. With this balance of power, the kingdoms have lived in harmony.

However, the evil rogue wizard Relinquished has decided to open the Seal and attempt to control the boundless energies of Exodia. To this end, he has hired the ruthless mercanary, the Demon Soldier, to steal each piece of the Seal.

The Demon Soldier has succeeded in stealing the piece of the Seal owned by the Demon Realm. Alarmed, the five kingdoms have decided to form a scout party to retrieve the piece and locate Relinquished. They have each set forth one warrior to form a party of five, led by the warrior from the Kingdom of Man.

As the land of Konami decends into chaos, the quest begins...

So, here's the skinny: choose your favorite duel monster card, (that has an attack of 2400 or less; no Godding), decide which Kingdom it belongs to, and join the fun.

The first five people to sign up join the scout party; however, there are many other factions availible.

*Don Zaloog and his Dark Scorpion bandits

*the Vampire Lord and his undead minions

*The Terrorking/Genocide King, leader of the chess demons, who wish to take control of the Demon Realm from Hades

*The Legendary Fisherman, master of the Suijin Sea

*The Gravekeepers, a band of desert nomads

*Pretty much anything you can think of; I'm open to a ton of ideas here. ^__^

So, here's the form:

Anything else we should know:

I'll be playing the rulers of the Kingdoms and RElinquished's forces, but other than that, go nuts. Please keep controling of other people's chars to a minimum, and try to be diverse in your characters; we don't want a team of five where everyone's exactly the same.
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Oh, I'm tempted to take the Gravekeepers, but I think I'll just stick with this guy:

[B]Name:[/B] Dream Clown

[B]Kingdom:[/B] The Kingdom of Man

[B]Skills:[/B] When he successfully blocks or deflects an attack, he can unleash a powerful spark of magical energy. (I was kind of trying to play off of his effect)

[B]Personality:[/B] Fairly light-hearted and goofy. Mockery is great fun to him, as is a good fight. He is a Warrior, after all.

[B]Anything else we should know:[/B] He's very acrobatic and attacks with explosive juggling balls.
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[color=teal]This sounds fun!

Name: Flame Swordsman AKA Joey (remember "Evil Spirit of the Ring" episode :D) Goes by Flame Swordsman most of the time

Kingdom: The Kingdom of Man

Skills: He has his sword with can burst into flames

Personality: He has an even personality. He?s kind of stupid, hotheaded, and nice.

Anything else we should know: He's a strong and skilled fighter. His kind outlook turns viscous in the heat of battle. He?s not so stupid when he?s fighting. Just in case he loses his sword, he'll use his bare fist.[/color]

[color=purple]Since I'm allowed..........

Name: Dark Magician Girl

Kingdom: The Realm of Spell Casters

Skillls: She has a form of the Dark Magic attack and her staff

Personality: She usually happy-go-lucky, but she'll go off the deep end if you insult her or her friends

Anythin else we should know: She's a strong fighter despite her girly outlook. She doesn't play around and the heat of battle. She's a smart fighter and not afraid to break a nail by using her fist. She really good friends with the Flame Swordsman.[/color]

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Ben, your char is approved. I forgot to say, but you can have multiple chars. So, if you want to be a Gravekeeper as well, that's cool. ^__^

JKaiba, he can be Joey, but he goes by "Flame Swordsman"< because I do'nt want to blur the realities. Other than that, good to go. ^__^
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w00t! I'm signing up.

Name: Dark Witch
Kingdom: Spellcasters
Skills: Flight
Personality: Mysterious; She loves flying but hates getting along with others.
Anything else we should know: Attacks with a scythe

And, we can have two right? This next one is in the Legion of the Undead under the control of Vampire Lord...

Name: Shadow Ghoul
Kingdom: Legion of the Undead
Skills: Becomes more powerful by feeding on the souls of dead victims.
Personality: Cut throat and ruthless; He enjoys torturing his victims before killing them.
Anything else we should know: He attacks with his claws and tends to hide in the shadows.
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[color=red]What the heck, I'll join!

Name: Sword Stalker

Kingdom: The Demon Realm

Skills: His sword

Personality: He has a firey attitude. His temper brakes easily. Try not to get him mad.

Anything else we should know: The Sword Stalker will use his fists if he really needs to. He's very aggressive in battle. He has a close bond with the Flame Sowrdsman even though they're from different kingdoms.

OOC:Ok, I changed it. :D[/color]
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I'm afraid that dragons aren't playable characters at this point in the game.

The reasoning was simple: dragons are incredibly powerful creatures, and I didn't want any one character to be so much more powerful that the rest. One of my requests was that the characters have card attacks less that 2400, as well.

Later in the game, I will open up dragons as characters; I've actually got appropriatly grand plans for them. When I do, I will reserve the BSD for you. ^__^

Until then, please submit another charrie.
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I'll take two related ones:

Name: Legendary Fisherman

Kingdom: None - he lives in the ocean off Konami

Skills: Rides a deadly shark, has power over small bits of ocean, has power over almost every sea creature, is an excellent spear-wielder

Personality: A bit wild, loving of the sea, grumpy to "land-huggers", very happy-go-lucky, tries to hide his past

Anything else: He's more powerful in the water, can hold his breath for two days, prefers it underwater, hunts for seafood to eat, sleeps in an underwater cave, he calls his shark Thrasher


Name: Amphibian Beast

Kingdom: Same

Skills: Super-fast, super-strong, has both lungs and gills, very sharp claws

Personality: Beastly to everyone except LF, loves the ocean, loyal to LF

Anything else: Is LF's best friend, does everything with him, is only one who knows LF's past
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[COLOR=#503F86]I have gained special permission from DeathBug about this, and I am very grateful that he still let me join, hehe ^_^ Thanks!

Name: Mystical Knight of Jackal
Kingdom: Kingdom of Man
Skills: Extremely well-skilled in armed/unarmed combat. He can manipulate light to some degree, but not very well.
Personality: He sees himself as one of the best warriors in the kingdom and relishes in showing off his fighting skills whenever he can. Despite this arrogance, he is fiercely loyal and has a strong sense of justice. He is wary to trust Demon and Dark types, but everyone else he is happy to protect, should he have to.
Anything else we should know: He belongs with the Gravekeepers as one of their heavy guards, but does not wholly believe in the power of the cult. Hence, he knows very minimal ancient magic.[/COLOR]
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  • 4 weeks later...
Since Deathbug granted Cid Highoffwind premission to join, and her computer is acting screwy and not letting her into the recruitment section, I get the honnors of posting her character's descriptions. ^^
Name: Harpie's Brother
Group: The Harpies
Skills: Flight
Personality: Harpie's Brother is a mysterious case who tends to help others in battle. His days mainly consist of mainly soaring above the clouds. He can also be kind of goofy.
Anything else we should know: His main weapon is the claw-type things that are attached to his arm.
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^^ I FIXED IT!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah, the Harpie's bro is like bandit described but the personality might differ just a little bit in the addition that he is a loner, but will help the company for their good cause.

Name: Amazoness Swordswoman
Group: Kingdom of Man (unless that needs to change)
Skills: Can fight really well and is very agile.
Personality: She's the very cold type and seems not to care for anyone though she is very loyal when someone earns her trust or if she becomes indebted.
Extra info: She starts out against the company and works near Shadow Ghouls 'domain'.

if anything needs to change, PM me.
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