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The Dragon Campeign


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High above the ground screams echoed and explosions rumbled in a mighty battle.The courtyard of the second winglie slave city was ablaze with chaos. Blood painted the walls as corpses did on the far beneath ground, in this battle for freedom.

A dragoon soared through the sky with his axe ready and cut down a winglie in two, when that same dragoon was stabbed by another winglie. A dragon passed through the sky, and launched a firy ball of light crashing into a guard tower along the courtyard wall. It slowly cracked and crumbled, before it too went down in a firy plummet.

Winglies on top of the castle shot rocks engulfed in flames out of a catipult, sending them screaming down into whatever gets in their way.

[color=darkred]The Dragon Campeign[/color]

A dragoon in green armor ran swiftly along the courtwall, hacking through archers and catipulters with his sword. "Ryden!" One of the dragoons cried, soaring along side of him. "We've occupied towers 3, 5, 7, and 9! I want you to guard tower three!" Ryden nodded and flipped off the side of the bridge, his mighty wings expanding. He took flight and soared into a position in front of a tower, where he planned to make his stand.
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Zieg flew the slave city. As he flew winglies came out of hidding places to fight him. One cam chrcging at him with his sowrd drawn. Zieg drew his own sword and blocked. The winglie flew up then dive bombed. Zieg put his sword back and fired a fire blast. the blast hit the winglie making him drop. Zieg turned around to see more winglies comeing.

"This battle never seems to end" zieg thought as he drew is sword again.

As he flew at them a wave of fire came down and hit the winglies. Zieg looked up to see a dragon fly by.

"Thanks for the help zera" zieg said as he started towards the towers.

Rhe dragon just roared as it flew off. As he flew towards the towers he saw a group of winglies coming to attack. As he started flying faster another dragoon came up to him.

"Sir zieg. The towers that we've occupied are about to be attacked. Some of the other dragoons are still out fighting so your needed to help gaurd the towers" the dragoon said.

"Is there any one else at the towers" zieg asked.

"Just ryden from my knowledge" the dragoon said.

"I'll help him. See if you can find the others" zieg said.

The dragoon nodded as he left. Zieg prepared him self and flew to the towers.
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[color=indigo][size=1][i]Kaiya soared above the chaotic city. Her bow glowing with electricity of her anger combined with all of the turmoil of the battle. A winglie shot a fire-blazed rock at her. Kaiya flapped her emmense wings gracefully, sweeping to the side in avoiding the rock. Her cold eyes locked on the group of winglies and she pulled back on her arrow. The arrowhead fizzed and crackled with charging electricity.

Kaiya took a plummeting dive towards the winglies. Her face illuminated with white light, her eyes twinkled in lust for her kill. She releases her arrow, a direct hit on the winglies. Kaiya quickly flapped fervently towards the sky. A blinding light and a deafening blast, the sky lit up with white light. Bolts of lightning shot out across the land. Slowly, the light faded and Kaiya spun around to admire her attack. Not a winglie left in that part of the city. A chesire smile curled in the corner of her lips.

[b]"Kaiya! You are needed to hold up force on tower 7! Hurry, we are begining to lose ground!"[/b] a dragoon flew past Kaiya.

[b]"On my way,"[/b] Kaiya nodded and turned to the direction of the winglie infested tower.

With a powerful thrust of her wings, Kaiya speed towards the tower.[/color][/i][/size]
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Ryden braced himself for a wave of winglies. "Hey." He turned to the sound of the voice. Zeig floated next to him.

"Oh, hi." Ryden said with a nod. "You must be Ryden." Zeig said, drawing his sword. "Yeah, and you are..."

"Zeig. I'm here to help protect this tower." Ryden grinned and drew his own sword. "Do you know our status here?" Zeig looked around. "Looks like we got everything we can afford to loose."
He didn't expect much better, but it wasn't too good to hear it anyways. The wave of winglies came in and tried to suuround them. "Let's go!" Ryden yelled, charging straight forward. He got to the first winglie and flew high over him before diving back in the middle of them.
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"Defend the tower!" Vincent heard someone yell as Winglies soon began to surround the area. Vincent simply smiled as his sword began to swirl with dark energy.

"ATTACK!" He heard both a dragoon and a winglie say. In seconds he charged at the winglies, the dark energy of his sword now surrounding him as he stabbed through one of the winglies, and watched as the dark energy dissipate his flesh.

He turned to see winglies nearby who witnessed his attack tremble and tried to keep their distance from him. Suddenly, the dark energy around him bursted into small orbs and hit the winglies around him. Vincent simply smiled as the winglies screamed in pain and fell to their death.

"HEY! You!" A dragoon yelled out to Vincent. He turned to face him.

"We need more help defending Tower 1! Get over there! We can take care of rest!" Vincent just nodded and took flight toward Tower 1.
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[COLOR=teal] [b]OOC:[/b] Sorry to move it along that fast. I just think that it would be better to develop the plot a little more before we start with all the big battles and hoo-ha.

?I will not stand by and let them take this city.? Talen?s gaze focused on the nervous captain at his side. The pair was standing deep in the middle of the city?s main fortress, safely locked away from the battle raging above. ?Take the rest of the unit and push through with a spearhead,? pausing he fixed the nervous subordinate with the cold glare of his eyes. ?Remember that your objective is to delay their forces and cause as much confusion as you possibly can.?

Talen turned from the center of the room and moved to a door resting along the back
wall, there he paused. ?Don?t linger any longer than you need, you and your men?s lives are no longer my concern.? With that he left his captain to his own devices and followed the passages leading deeper into the heart of the massive chunk of rock the city had been built upon.

The crash of the door went unheard of as the captain threw it open. The Winglie officer led the charge, his men crashing into a sea of Dragoon warrior on the rampart between towers 1 and 2. Several of the Dragoons yelled and fell back, towards the tower, their stand against the Winglie assault had faltered.

Dust filled the air in the wake of Talen?s footfalls, the passages had not been used in many years and the filth had been allowed to settle. He was almost there, a bare hundred feet from the chamber that housed the equipment used to keep the massive city aloft. Talen drew his sword and prepared to end the battle overhead.

The captain stood knee deep in a pile of Winglie bodies. The main face of the battle had moved back towards the courtyards in the center of the fortress, leaving Captain Phendril, with less then half a dozen soldiers, stranded on the rampart, alone with a terror he dare not face.

?I will not stand by and let my men die, scum.? He shouted to the Dragoon stopping their advance. ?We will fight to our last breath!? The captain raised his weapon and charged, his men only footfalls behind.

?So be it.? Vincent sighed and twirled his blades through his hand, building up momentum for the oncoming mob.

Talen slashed at the complex array of piping and wires in front of him, the energies of his blade sliced through the heavy iron as if it were butter to a heated knife. Everyone felt the stone behemoth begin to drop, most saw the massive plumes of steam erupt around the walls of towers 2 and 4. Dragoons and Winglies alike were thrown like rag dolls as the city plummeted.

?We haven?t lost a city yet and I?ll be damned if I ever let that happen.? Talen muttered to himself as he sprinted from the chamber.

The ground shuddered and Vincent bent low to keep his balance, the bodies of the Winglies that had attacked him lay in a heap on the cracking rampart. Spreading his wings the Dragoon took to the air, joining several more of his comrades in the space that the Sky fortress had once claimed.

A dark shape fell from the inverted apex of the behemoth as it fell into ruin, the figure rolled away and spread it?s wings moments before it hit the ground. No one-saw Talen slink away in the dust surrounding the final resting place of the Fortress? ruin.

The Dragoon army began to regroup, this was their first victory in a long time and most were aghast as the realization that they had just brought down a Sky fortress set in?[/COLOR]
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OOC: Sorry to post so late. But at my dads house aol seems to think I am banned. I hate aol... Oh, and by the way Im going to start where Sic started and end where skedy was in the middle of his/her (sorry I dont know) post. Reason being is I want a decent introduction.

IC: "Defend the tower!" Aoshi roared, pointing at the tower behind him as the winglies began to smother the area. A winglie came running toward him. Aoshi swiftly aimed his hand toward him and froze his limbs so he could not move. He then smirked even though some of his comrades around him began to fall to the winglies, but some prospered. Aoshi made a blade with the ice on his fist. He cocked back his arm and swung towards the winglies abdomen and watched the organs and blood gush out of the winglies body. Aoshi looked over to see a dragoon that just scewered (sp?) another winglie. He yelled at him "Hey! You!" The dragoon looked back at him. "We need more help defending Tower 1! Get over there! We can take care of rest!" He nodded and headed towards the tower.

Aoshi looked back towards the vast amount of units in the winglie army draw nearer to the middle of towers one and two...
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[color=indigo][i][size=1][b]"The Sky Tower!"[/b] rang voices from every which way.

Kaiya turns from pulling her bow out of a winglie body. Her face twisted with a delightful smile. She watched the tower callapse and high-kicked the whimpering winglie in the face. Kaiya took to the sky and soared majestically towards the rubble and the gathering dragoons.

[b]"Victory!"[/b] a small figured dragoon shouted in joy.

[b]"Shut it, fool. Tis mere accomplishment. We still have a city to defend, so get back to fighting,"[/b] Kaiya spoke harsh, her eyes cold.

[b]"Yes ma'am,''[/b] the dragoons scattered.

Kaiya smiled and looked to her side to see a lurking figure making a silent retreat. She smirked and started to walk towards the silhouette. The dust fogged the area, thick as molasses. Kaiya drew upon an arrow and shot it into the fog. The light from the arrow parted the thick sheet of dust.

[b]"Who are you?''[/b] Kaiya drew another arrow and aimed.

The figure gave an empty face, Kaiya returned with a face of stone and eyes that twinkled death. Her arrow crackled and sparked with charging electricity. Her eyes pierced through the settling dust.[/i][/size][/color]

[b]Sorry for the briefness, but couldn't think of much...[/b]
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Zieg flew into a group of winglies and started slashing at them. For every winglie he slashed at three more came at him. As he faught more winglies came to fight them and try to bring them down.

"This battle never seems to end" zieg said as he cut another winglie down.

"Ya, I know. Why do you think they keep coming" ryden asked as he defended from an attack.

"They could be trying to stall for some one to finish a misssion" zieg said as he flew after some winglies who had made it to the tower.

He sent a wave of fire and the winglies fell.

"If they're stalling then shouldn't we finish this faster" ryden asked.

"We might as well even this up then" zieg said as he took out a whistle,

He blew it and the ring went through out the city. A couple of seconds later zera flew into the battle. He started flamming any winglies in its path. Most of the winglies either continued to fight or they ran from the dragon.
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[COLOR=teal] Talen dropped gracefully to the ground, the massive bulk of the Skyfortress shattering the earth behind him. Winglies and Dragoons alike fell to the ground all around, most dead but several started to pull themselves weakly off the ground. Smirking Talen drew his sword and began towards the city, relieving Dragoon?s of their heads as he went.

It wasn?t long before Talen had crossed through the rubble of the once massive Skyfortress, on foot in the hopes of avoiding detection, and was on his way through the now broken Dragoon battle line.

?Who are you?? A stern voice called through the settling dust, still unable to see clearly Talen turned towards the sound of the voice, careful to keep his face free of expression.

The crackling of electricity filled the air and the dust parted, revealing a tall and proud Dragoon warrior, her bow was drawn and level with Talen?s head. Hearing the twang of the string Talen threw one leg into the air, crossing his body it pulled the rest of the Ex-Dragoon?s bulk around in a massive flip, Talen spread his wings and listened to the no doubt powerful arrow crackle past.

With a smirk and a mighty flap of his wings Talen closed the gap between him and his assailant, still daunted by the appearance of the rouge Dragoon and surprised by his speed Kaiya was unable to stop Talen disarming her of the bow she relied on, the hard wood of its shaft clattering unseen in the dust.

Deciding he could afford to have a little fun Talen threw a fist at the young woman, holding his sword back behind his body, safely out of her reach. Kaiya raised an arm and blocked his assault, Showing that she had much higher reflexes than those that she had just shown.

Talen smirked and whirled into attack, throwing fist after fist at the defenseless warriors. Unable to land a hit he began to grow frustrated and leveled his sword at Kaiya, increasing the speed of his of his attacks beyond that which she suspected he could go. Still having little luck wounding the young warrior before him Talen resorted to using his feet as well as his sword.

The pair could hardly be seen from a distance as the flitted frantically through the plumes of dust littering the air, for several more minutes they continued their combat, whirling around one another at impossible speeds, neither able to land a hit on the other.

Finally Talen drew the first blood. Tripping Kaiya to the ground he twirled in the air, drawing his blade across Kaiya?s right arm. Smirking he stopped the insane dance and leveled the tip of his blade with her throat.

?You fought well,? Talen sneered at her. ?But not well enough.? He sent the dark energies he had learned to master long ago into his blade and prepared to deal the young warriors her final blow?[/COLOR]
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...But Talen's blade suddenly stopped on another sword, stopping right atop of Kaiya's throat, dark energy swirling around the intruder's blade. Talen was suddenly pushed back by the Dragoon, as the dark energy from his sword faded. Vincent stood in front of Kaiya, readying his blade. He simply smiled at Talen.

"How dishonorable, attacking someone who is unarmed, but I guess you could expect that from a Winglie."

Vincent seemed to hit a nerve when he said that and Talen suddenly attacked with full force toward Vincent, the dark energy returning to him. Both blades clashed as the dark energies surrounded them.

They remained there for a few seconds, trying to push the other back, but then they both pulled away, and again charged at each other again and again, moving at incredibly quick speeds, their blades seeming to sound like thunder as they clashed against each other.

The dark energy around them continously grew larger and larger, breaking up the ground under them as the kept going higher and higher. Then they suddenly stopped, a small distance away from each other as they stared at each other. They both smiled, enjoying the battle between them.

Then they both began to charge up for another attack, the dark energy now completely focused into their swords, and without hesitation rushed toward each other, their blades clashed together once again, the dark energy now scattered, and both Vincent and Talen remained still, their eyes not leaving the other, struggling to push the other away...
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Ryden was horrified by the sight of the fallen skycity. "D-Dammit!!" Zeig kept his eyes on his dragon, as it shot through winglies one after another. "We were supposed to take the city. Why do you not like it crashed?" Ryden drew a breath, and tried to calm himself. "The slaves. They're....dead." Zeig did a double take. "Dead? What happened?" That was Ryden's snapping point. "Wake up, you moron!! They were inside the city! Now they're dead! All of them!! All of this fighting is pointless now!"

Ryden started swinging his blade around, and Zeig put his up just in case. "Ryden, calm down!"
"THIS IS ALL SO STUPID!!" He took off towards the ruined city, killing the winglies in his path. A large group tried to block him off, and surround him. They all tackled him and tried to hold him down, so many of them that Ryden was completely covered. Suddenly there was a slight wind, which errupted and knocked them all away. "Don't do that."
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[COLOR=teal] Kaiya scrambled along the ground and retrieved her bow, standing she cocked an arrow and took aim. The air crackled as the electrically charged arrow flew towards the combatants, to no avail. The arrow exploded as it hit the wall of dark energy swirling through the air.

Talen pushed hard against Vincent?s blade, no matter how hard he pushed there was just no way that he could beat the Dragoon, yet at the same time Vincent was facing a similar problem. Deciding that this was going nowhere Talen pulled away from Vincent with unmatchable speed, not expecting his opponent to flee Vincent fell forward loosing sight of his opponent.

Quickly the young warrior caught himself on his wings. Quickly he began to turn his head, twirling through the air at speed in search of what possibly was the greatest warrior he has ever faced.

Vincent was dimly aware of the harsh sounds of the battle as he felt the impact, he knew that time wasn?t moving as slow as it seemed as he began to fall, yet this did nothing to halt the phenomenon. Vincent was twirled through the air; his back was being hurled towards the ground with incredible speed.

His mistake became apparent to the young warrior as the ground screamed towards him. Talen had grabbed Vincent from behind and was now flying as hard as he could towards the ground, using Vincent?s own bulk against him. Vincent struggled against Talen?s grip; still unable to free himself the Dragoon warrior closed his eyes and prepared for the impact.

The hairs on the back the two men?s necks twitched as the air writhed with electricity. Talen heard the clink of the arrow on his arm milliseconds before it exploded, throwing him away from the ground and into a chunk of the Skyfortress? rubble, Vincent?s hapless body in tow.

Kaiya lowered her bow shakily and moved towards Vincent, he was lying at the base of a large chunk of rubble. Weakly he pulled himself up from the ground and looked at the young woman.

?T-thankyou.? He stammered, still suffering from shock at the speed at which the events had just taken place. ?He?s dead right??

?I wouldn?t be so sure.? Kaiya looked doubtfully at the mound of rubble the general had disappeared into. ?Especially if he is who I think he?? Kaiya stopped dead as the rubble exploded into the air, disturbing the freshly settled dust and hiding the area from view again.

The dust seemed to fall for an eternity, slowly dropping to reveal Talen?s foreboding bulk. Smirking he looked to his armour before raising his weapon, the arrow had left little more than a dint in the master crafted suit.

Blood oozed along Talen?s stern brow as Kaiya levelled her bow and Vincent raised his sword. The string loosened and Vincent sprung forwards but Talen was already gone, drawing the combat back high into the air. Kaiya took flight, followed closely by Vincent?[/COLOR]
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[color=indigo][i][size=1]Kaiya flapped violently, keeping up was of no problem, she was excited. This warrior spawned great curiousity to Kaiya. Her bow in one hand, flattened against her side. Talen stopped abruptly and spun around, soaring towards the two dragoons. This sudden motion caught Vincent and Kaiya slightly off guard.

Talen raised his blade, as did Vincent. Kaiya halted her ascent and raised her bow, aiming straight at Talen. He swung his blade, thwarking the bow. But Kaiya's clutch rejected its descent to the ground, it simply threw Kaiya's aim off. He raised the blade and charged forth, blocked by the bow.

Kaiya gave Talen a quick wink. He pushed harder, but a crackled and a spark from his blade grinding against the bow's alloy (the middle is alloy to draw upon electricity). He blinked and Kaiya smiled, a bolt of lightning pounded on Talen's body, his armor lit up with waves of searing electricity. He screamed and took to the air.

[b]"Nice one, Kaiya,"[/b] Vincent smiled.

Kaiya nodded and looked up at Talen. Vincent took to the air after him. In Talen's current condition, Vincent may stand a chance. The electricity running throughout Talen's body and armor would render him weakened for only a short time. Vincent made his attack. Kaiya readied her bow.[/color][/size][/i]
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Vincent quickly flew toward Talen, who was still ready to fight even with the electricity surging through him. Vincent felt another one of Kaiya's arrows fly past him and watched as it sparkled with electricity toward Talen, but he quickly deflected it with his blade, and that left him open, giving Vincent enough time to attack him.

He quickly channeled dark energy into his blade and attempted to stab through Talen's armor, but it only shattered a large fragment of his breastplate, but now he had a weak spot. Vincent tried again to stab Talen but he quickly hit it away with his own sword and kicked Vincent away from him.

Talen prepared to attack again despite the electricity still around him. As for Kaiya she was now aiming for the open area of Talen's armor as Talen charged toward Vincent.
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[COLOR=teal] Talen stopped his ascent and looked back down at the pair, still surprised by the abilities Kaiya?s bow possessed. His muscles aching as electrical currents moved through his armour Talen closed his wings and began a free fall back towards his opponents, Vincent was moving too fast to stop in time and Kaiya was still too far below the pair to catch up.

As the black bulk of Vincent?s armour rushed passed Talen sneered and extended his hand and caressed Vincent?s black chest plate with his gauntlet. The young warrior writhed with pain and began to fall to the ground as Talen the currents rolling around his armour. Talen turned his attention back towards Kaiya, who released another arrow upon receiving his stern gaze.

Sneering Talen continued his plummet, leaving the writhing Vincent high in the air above him. Kaiya loosed another arrow into the air, missing the oncoming bulk of Talen by little more than a foot, and began to fall backwards trying desperately to avoid the onslaught of the Winglie Dragoon.

Talen flared his wing and drew his sword, stopping a mere handful of feet in front of Kaiya. This time he lashed out at the young woman?s arms, avoiding the alloy centre of the bow, Kaiya rolled desperately away from the furious blade strokes, she was not used to close combat and was having difficulty avoiding the general?s attacks.

Vincent pulled his still twitching body around to find Talen, he was several dozen feet below, darting across the sky as he chased after Kaiya, the Dragoon warrior was too busy dodging Talen?s blows to be able to niche another arrow. Vincent urged his wings to move and made his way cautiously back towards his comrade.

?You can?t win.? Talen sneered across his blade. ?You do not have the speed or the skill to win this combat.? Kaiya glared at Talen as he attempted to whittle away at he r confidence.

Talen?s attacks doubled their pace, striking with more and more accuracy as the electricity dissipated from his armour. Kaiya began frantically falling away from the unbelievable speed the traitor warrior possessed. Talen sneered and paused for the briefest of seconds, Kaiya caught sight of movement over Talen?s shoulder. She was horrified to see a maniacal grin break upon his face, he knew Vincent was coming and she had no time to warn him.

Vincent hurtled through the air towards Talen, ignoring the effects he was still suffering from the electricity. Attempting to use Talen?s own trickery against him Vincent made sure Kaiya could see him coming, the last thing he wanted to do was cripple a comrade.

Talen raised his blade inline with his chest, holding it there as some crude stake on which he would slay his foe. Raising one foot he rolled back on his wings and booted Kaiya heavily in the chest, she well backwards surprised and winded the bow fell from he grasp. Like a child in a pull, Talen sprung away from Kaiya and towards Vincent, the young man?s eyes went wide as he realized what was happening, there was nothing he could do, he had far too much momentum to stop and Talen had positioned himself such away Vincent had no hope of hitting him with a blade.

Kaiya fell backwards, trying desperately to regain her balance, she was forced to watch the events play out before her, unable to turn fast enough to avoid them. Talen cut through the air faster than she had seen any of her arrows move, and Vincent hurtled forwards helplessly. Kaiya knew she would always remember the obscene grin Talen worn on his face as the massive blade slid through Vincent?s still writhing abdomen, blood filled the air around the warriors and Talen pivoted on his blade, bringing his legs up to Vincent?s chest he rolled them around so that Vincent?s back was once again facing the ground. There he pushed the young warrior?s crippled body off his sword, allowing him to fall freely to the ground below. Talen turned his gaze to Kaiya, shattering what little confidence she still had.

?You can either stay and fight me,? the general sneered to the warrior. ?Unarmed. Or you can go and save your friend.? Dismay splashed across Kaiya?s face as she tossed the decision in he mind. ?Don?t worry,? Talen continued to sneer. ?I missed his organs, all you?ll need to do is stop the bleeding if you wish to save him.? Pausing he looked down at the shattered form of Vincent, lying oddly atop a pile of rubble. ?Though it is beyond my why you would.?

Without another word Talen turned and flew away at great speed, he had wasted enough time on Dragoons for one day and was eager to return to his own fortress, his city.

Kaiya rushed to the ground; quickly she collected her bow and moved to Vincent?s side, finding that Talen?s words had been true. The blade had pierced little more than the flesh of the young warrior and he would live if she could stop the bleeding?

[b] OOC:[/b] Reading back over this post I'd just like to apologize for it. I've come to realize that it is awfully unfair towards both Annie's and Sic's characters, in future I will try to avoid doing such posts, in the mean time please tell me if you think that I'm doing anything similar. Thanks.[/COLOR]
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Ryden sat at the edge of a pile of rubble. Before him was a once burried room, full of crushed slaves. "I was right...they're all...dead." He remembered something from far away. [i]"Not all Winglies are bad, Ryden."

"Don't try to defend them, of all things."

"Well, I'm not bad, but I'm a winglie."[/i]

"If she saw this, I wonder, how would she try to defend them again?" Ryden said to himself. He could hear a winglie sneaking up behind him. "Who did this?" Ryden asked the winglie, starteling him a bit. "Uh, er, I don't know." He said nervously. "You know, don't you? You don't want to tell me, because your glad he did it."

"of course I'm glad! The less a'you humans, the better. Ryden stood up and turned to him, his eyes ablaze. "You dare say that?!" He started walking towards the winglie. The winglie started stepping back, and tripped over rubble. Ryden picked him up by the collar of his armor. "You think this is just a war statistic?! I'll kill you now!" The winglie was terriffied, until he gazed up to see somebody flying above toawards the inner city. "HEY!!! HELP!!!" He started waving his arms, and the person high above stopped. "You fool!" Ryden tossed him among the slave's bodies. "That is a dragoon! Are you that ready to die?!" The dragoon landed behind Ryden. "Gather the troops and start moving out, there's nothing here for us now." The Dragoon didn't respond for a moment. "You're the commanding officer?"

"No, but he's dead. So is the second, third, and fourth. I may as well be it." There was no response, except for a blade sliding out of it's sheath. Then a whistle of the blade soaring through the air. Ryden barely git his own sword up in time to block the blow. The dragoon grinned. "You are mistaken, if you think I am on your side." Ryden growled. "Traitor!!"

"Bingo." Talen turned and tried to slash at him from the other side, but Ryden cartwheeled over his blade. "I'll have your head on a pike!!" Talen grinned again. "Another one of you? I just got done with another pair."

"What are you talking about?" Ryden asked, barely missing with a stabbing shot.
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"STOP!" Aoshi yelled to Ryden while he was dodging Talens attacks. Ryden looked back at Aoshi, "Who are you! Whoever you are, run!" Talen chuckled under his breath and said, "Good idea. You should listen to him." Talen kept trying to stab Ryden with his blade.

The blade went towards his right shoulder, Ryden evaded the attack and gripped the sword with his hand and glared into Talens eyes. Aoshi stood and started to walk towards the two opposing dragoons. Talen was suprised and tryed to extract the sword from Rydens grasp but he could not. Rydens hand was bleeding, but he finnally pushed Talen back.

"Wow, I must say you are strong." He then made a strange grin, "But not strong enough. Oh look, I guess he did not listen to you." Ryden looked confused and looked over to his right shoulder. He felt a strange chill in the air and saw Aoshi. "What are you doing here?" Ryden said, "I told you to run." Aoshi looked up to him and smiled. Then looked back at Talen who was standing still, with his strange grin.

"Let me try something." Aoshi said, but Ryden still looked confused. Aoshi blew into the air and a tornado was formed. Talen still held his ground though, same with Aoshi and Ryden. Aoshi was staring icily into Talens eyes, but Talen was not shake by this and kept watching Aoshi and waiting for his next move. Aoshi formed ice in his palm, and crushed it. He brought it up to his mouth and blew it into the tornado. The small amount of ice kept going into the tornado. It seemed that it was more ice than Aoshi crushed. The tornado sucked in the ice, and the shards were spinning around at great speeds. Ryden was suprised by Aoshi's power. Talen was not shaken, but gazed into the beautifal display that was the tornado...
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[COLOR=teal] [b]OOC: Sigh?[/b]

Talen gazed briefly into the tornado, light shimmering in an almost fantastic display around the ice it held, before shifting his attentions back to Ryden. The proud warrior stood his ground, the broad blade of Talen?s sword clenched in his oozing hand. Smirking in amusement Talen twisted the blade, slightly, aggravating the gash along Ryden?s hand. The warrior?s face hardened and he continued to hide the pain.

?Last chance, flee now and I will spare your lives.? Talen glared at them in turn, his stern gaze shattering their confidence. The Winglie on the ground began scrambling away, knowing that none were exempt from the general?s words. ?So be it.? Talen finished, receiving nothing more than silence.

Talen let the blade slip from his grasp and ducked under his own weapon, still holding the weight of the massive blade in one had Ryden tried to bring his blade up to counter the movement but was too slow. Talen sprung from the ground, slamming into Ryden?s chest, and reached back around for the now free falling blade. Following the motion through with his mighty wings Talen pushed Ryden high into the air, the he allowed him to fall loose, the warrior caught himself on his wings.

Now well above the reach of the ice filled tornado the pair readied their weapons and prepared for battle, leaving the tiny form of Aoshi far below. Not wanting to be dismissed the budding young warrior flared his wings and powered as hard as he could towards Talen, drawing his weapon as he did. Seeing what was going to happen Ryden rushed forward, frantically trying to make a difference.

As the gap closed between his and his rivals, one from below, the other the front, Talen sneered and rolled back on his wings, waiting for the young one below to clse the gap, to seal his doom.

Aoshi sped towards the general, unaware of the skill the treacherous dragoon possessed. Talen let his wings go limp and began a free fall towards the ground, closing his wings around himself he increased his speed and readied his blade.

The innocent face of the young dragons flew closer, Talen twirled his blade and slide at along the man?s underbelly, surprised to find that he had been foolish enough to travel so close to the war and not secure a set of armor.

Continuing his fall Talen caught the barest of glimpse Aoshi?s face, it still had not registered the pain that he was bound to fell. Talen stopped his fall, holding himself several dozen feet below the point he had passed Aoshi. Careful to avoid the mass of blood falling to the ground, followed closely by the limp form of Aoshi, again Talen?s accuracy had been off and he had done little more than remove a considerable chunk of the young warrior?s side, no organs had been penetrated.

Talen whirled around and drew his blade up to block the oncoming rush of Ryden, the dragoon?s ferocity had more than tripled as he witnessed the innocent man?s defeat. Smirking all the more Talen continued to dart through the sky, easily blocking Ryden?s attacks, dodging those that he could not.

?You may be strong,? Talen growled over the crossing blades, ?but you are too slow, as your comrades were before you.? Ryden glared back with all the hatred in the world, knowing that there was no way he could keep pace with the frantic movements of Talen. Strangely he never returned an attack, despite being one of the most formidable foes Ryden had yet faced Talen had not once returned a blow. Continuing to flitter around the sky Talen refused to attack the dragoon, sneering as he watched the confusion flicker quickly across his face before it was hidden before.

?I will let you go and help him.? Talen rolled over the blades and let himself drop behind Ryden. ?He will bleed to death if you do not go.? Talen waited for his words to sink in. ?I give my word that I will allow you to leave, I have far more important things to do than chase after you.?

Ryden paused considering the general?s proposition?[/COLOR]
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This seems oddly familliar, like de'ja'vu

Ryden looked back at the general, his face filled with quiet rage. His eye seemed to burn with fury, and in that moment, Talen realized that he should have killed this dragoon while he had the chance. What the concequences of his late realization would be, he did not know.

Ryden had that same feeling. He wish'd he could turn back time, and show this traitor the depths of his technique. "If I were you, I'd pray we don't meet again." Ryden was slightly glad that Talen was leaving, he still needed to find he who sunk the city. Talen took off to seek his true buisness of returning to the city.

Ryden slowly walked over to the wounded dragoon. He was still concious, but very weak. "Can you stand?"

"I can try." The dragoon sat up, wincing horribly from the terrible gash. "Good. You did okay back there."


"Your technique wasn't ment for three. You were handicapped by my presence, as I was by yours."

"Strange logic. Allies aid in battle, not crush it."

"Sorry, just rambelings. I prefer one on one, so I suspect others to do the same." Ryden outstreched a hand, and pulled Aoshi up. "We should head to the thrid tower, or, what's left of it. There was a Dragoon medical there before the crash."
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"Right." As the two were walking back Aoshi looked at Ryden. Ryden also looked back at him. "Yes?" Ryden asked quizzically, Aoshi stopped limping and said, "I wish I was more use to the army. Back at home I was a legend. And-" "Did you underestimate your enemy?" Aoshi looked down and answered, "Yes... Yes I indeed did."

Ryden shook his head and kept walking, and started to flap his wings toward the third tower. He looked back at Aoshi giving him the signal to follow. Once Aoshi caught up Ryden said, "In battle, every man should do his all." Aoshi nodded as they got closer to the tower...
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[COLOR=teal][SIZE=1]OOC: Toooo much to read....finally I can post.

Zo flew over the battle and towards the fallen skycity, worry contracted her brow as the rubble grew closer, until finally she reached the edge of the city, hurrying she ran through the city in search of survivors, finding none she dispaired and fell to her knees. Silently, inside she mourned over the bodies of the dead, human and winglie alike. Her mind reverted to a conversation long ago it seemed, but now it was clear in her mind.

[I]"Not all Winglies are bad, Ryden."

"Don't try to defend them, of all things."

"Well, I'm not bad, but I'm a winglie."[/I]

She grimaced, she could never again defend her people, the winglies, after seeing such waste and destruction caused by their own selfishness and greed. Then again she wondered why she even bothered defending them, what did she owe them, the bodies of her dead parents? No, she didn't even owe them that. She would have been there longer if not for a voice yelling, STOP, from within the city. Gathering herself up she ran until she spotted two dragoons fighting another dragoon. The one that was fighting against the odds, was actually doing quite well. He was wearing a large and flowing teal cape, with black armour, and a black breastplate with beautiful teal designs. His face showed clearly that he had confidence in what he was doing and his emerald green eyes showed annoyance. But what captured Zo's attention was his wings, which earlier had been a dull scarlet color had now changed to a vibrant blood red while he was battleing.

The two dragoons fighting him were not doing as one might expect of two against one, but they were doing fine. One was short and of muscular build, with sky blue eyes, and was wearing a white coat that was embroidered with sky blue flames flaring up from the bottom. His black hair gleamed in the sun as his body suddenly fell from the sky, and his blood flowed in streams as he landed on the ground. Zo sighed, a sigh of relief the wound was not fatal. Her eyes flicked back up to the other dragoon speeding towards the other in fierce determination and feriocity. His green wings were but a blur, so much was his speed. Zo saw the jetting shoulders of an emerald green breastplate and ancient runes on his oversized gauntlets and his steel boots, and gasped. She'd recgonize them anywhere, that was Ryden!

Funning faster than she had thought possible she reached them as they quit fighting, the one with the teal cape was letting Ryden go help the one that had fallen. Now they were walking, towards a tower, and talking. Zo slowed down and decided to get her breath before barging upon their conversation. after it had ended, still Zo waited until her face had lost it's pink tinge from all that running, then noiselessly she pulled into step behind them.

"Hello, Ryden. Long time no see."

It was almost more than she could stand to see Ryden and the other dragoon jump at the sound of her voice...[/COLOR]
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[color=indigo][i][size=1]Kaiya knelt down beside Vincent. She scooped him into her arms. Looking around, Kaiya could not find a dragoon in sight, nor anything to use to plug the wound. Vincent's body was starting to go into shock, shaking, paling, body temperature dropped. He looked up to Kaiya, his eyes pleading.

[b]"Ka-"[/b] Vincent started.

[b]"Hush, you fool. You are going to be fine,"[/b] Kaiy nodded and lay Vincent down gently.

She stood slowly and took her bow. Reaching behind her back, she drew an arrow and niched it neatly. Kaiya drew back, the twang of the bow and the arrow pointed at Vincent made his eyes widen. Kaiya then moved her bow towards the sky, pulling back harder. She released the arrow, soaring with a streak of electricity. Kaiya stood watching, Vincent looked on confused. The arrow fell and lodged itself in the ground yards away.

[b]"What..was that..for?"[/b] Vincent looked to Kaiya.

Her lips curled lightly. Suddenly, a crackle and sizzle filled the air. Vincent quickly looked back at the arrow that sparked. A resounding clap followed by a blinding bolt of lightning striking the arrow. Vincent shielded his eyes as the wave of light washed over the land. A low hum and occasional crackles, the light slowly faded. Kaiya looked down at Vincent who was looking over his body.

[b]"Lightning's Warmth, it returns some of your health and energy. Not enough to heal you, but enough to get you to a physician. Now, let's go before you bleed to death,"[/b] Kaiya looped her bow over her shoulder and helped Vincent to his feet.

[b]"I..don't think I can fly, Kaiya.."[/b] Vincent winced.

[b]"I'm stronger than you males like to think, thank you very much,"[/b] Kaiya replied curtly and lifted Vincent into the air.

Although slow, Kaiya and Vincent flew steadily in the air. The smell of burning flesh, the sound of metal clashing, looking over the ruined city to see winglies still trying to ward off the dragoons. Kaiya sighed and continued to fly to a safer city.

[b]"Kaiya..who was that? He is a winglie right?"[/b] Vincent attempted to fly, but all that was produced was mere stretching.

[b]"Winglie now, yes. He is. His name is Talen, he used to be a dragoon a long time ago,"[/b] Kaiya's voice seemed distant.

[b]"I had a feeling. His movements and attacks were unmistakebly of dragoon roots. Gods he is an amazing fighter,"[/b] Vincent's voice hinted excitement, yet slight jealousy.

Kaiya couldn't blame him, she knew how brilliant of fighter Talen is. She too was slightly jealous.

[b]"Do you know him, Kaiya?"[/b] Vincent looked into Kaiya's transitic face.

[b]"Yes,"[/b] Kaiya whispered.

[b]"How? Or, am I going to far with this?"[/b]

[b]"Because, he and I fought many battles together. He was the one who helped me to control my power and master my fighting skills........."[/b] Kaiya's voice trailed off into the wind.

[b]"You loved him? Do you still love him? "[/b] Vincent cranked his neck to look into Kaiya's vace.

[b]"Of course I do, he's my brother, Vincent,"[/b] Kaiya's eyes flared in anger of old memories,[b] "I tried so hard to forget about him and I finally did. And to see him again, everything that I forced into my head just came crumbling down."

"But, you told me a year ago that you were the only child. I'm confused,"[/b] Vincent grumbled.

[b]"Once we get you to a physician and your wounds are tended to, I will explain,"[/b] Kaiya nodded at Vincent and continued to flap her wings.[/color][/i][/size]
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Ryden turned, thinking at first that he had imagined the voice. Zo stood there, her eyes glistening like the leaves of autumn, as they always had. "Zo! I thought you were dead when they found me! Lord it's good to see you." Zo nodded happily. Aoshi was still cautious, however. "You know this winglie?"

"She's not a winglie, or, yes she is but not a bad winglie, but a-" He couldn't seem to speak properly. "I'm Zo, a winglie on the dragoon's side." Zo explained. Aoshi nodded. "Well met." Zo nodded as well, and turned back to Ryden. "If only we could have seen each other again on unsoiled grounds." She said, speaking of the blood that had been spilt. "Indeed. A red sun rises tomorrow. Zo, the city. The slaves, they're..." Ryden trailed off, but Zo knew what he was going to say.

"I know it was intentional to crash it, but who's intention I do not know. Aoshi was very badly injured, by a traitorous dragoon."
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OOC: Yes I know, I'M LATE, I'M LATE, I'M LATE!!! I'm sorry very sorry Squall, I have been extremely busy and I know that I have not been posting. So you know what things are gonna change right here right now.. and I'm gonna post...RIGHT NOW!!!


"Serena, Serena...." the voice trails off every slighty as the young lady rushes away from those who are calling her. Tears flood her eyes, she can barely see what's in front of her, but she doestn care. She has to get away and get away fast. She has to go and stop her family's suffering.

"Serena.....Don't do it not this way...." The voice is lost in the wind moving every so quickly past her head.

She didn't know to whom she was running, but the rumbling in the distance gave her some clue.

[I] Are you sure that's where you want to go[/I]

His voice came through calmly, a voice that have gone from scared to cute and fritndly on to very deep and calm. He was someone she could always trust, one whom she had watched grow quickly and become more wise than she could have ever imagined.

"Yes, I'm sure," She laid her head on his back and began to cry softly. His body was warm from the sun, but still held a coolness to it. He moved into the direction of the war and kept her eyes close hoping her leaving was the best thing for her to do. She didn't wish to stay behind and do nothing she had to go.

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