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Kats and Dogz


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This is an idea I got after reading the excellent "Les Neuf Vies d'Edward" (Edward's nine lives) by quebecer author Chrystine Brouillet.

In this RPG, people play cats and dogs, family pets and the like. Cats have the possibility to have lived up to 5 lives (though they can hardly remember the first).

What makes this interesting is: your masters doesn't necessarily understand you. (Actually, they'll probably interpret what you try to make them understand so it goes the way they want it, human can be so stupid...) They don't see things the same way you do (Cats and Dogs have extremely kin sense of smell, and often judge people on that base). They act strangely (cook meat?).

So here I'm just looking how the ground lies, getting feelings and suggestion for roleplay. Thanks.

[i][size=1]This is NOT anyhting movie-like, except maybe a bit 101 Dalmatians (without the cooperation thing XD), so forget the Aristocats, the Cats & Dogs movie, and most animated movies.[/size][/i]
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Lol... It's pretty hard to explain if you haven't read the novel, actually.

The main idea is that cats are just as much intelligent, but the psychology of the species are completely different, leading to quite a lot of misunderstanding.
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I've said it: it is an [B]exploration[/B] post. I'm not actualy *starting* a RPG

I just want opinions, ideas and suggestions.

I've actualy never seen a RPG that much "alien", and I'm not even sure I could make it work (both times I attempted to start a RPG I had trouble with the story and the players).

But apparently, this was either the wrong forum (much more probable) and wrong title :rolleyes:
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