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I have a few theories about the .hack things. Here they are:

1.Maha turns into Mia in the .hack games, then Mia turns into a Phase.

and that's all I've got so far. Does anybody else have any theories about the .hack line?

OH! I thought of something else!

2.Mr. Tokuoka from .hack//Liminality is Bear in .hack//sign.
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[color=navy]Yeah, I have a few theories.

1. Mimiru, from the show, is Blackrose, in the games.

2. Orca, from the games, is Bear, from the show.

3. Elk, from the games, is not Tsukasa, from the show, despite what you think.

Well, that's all I got. I'll add more when I think of more.[/color]
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[QUOTE]1.Maha turns into Mia in the .hack games, then Mia turns into a Phase.[/QUOTE]

Warning: Game spoilers ahead---- [spoiler]Yes, Mia is in fact Maha. She will become Maha again in Quarentine and fight you as one of the Phases.[/spoiler]

[QUOTE]1. Mimiru, from the show, is Blackrose, in the games.[/QUOTE]

No, she is not. Mimiru does not have any siblings (IIRC), whereas Blackrose has a brother. And Blackrose joined shortly after Kite did.

[QUOTE]2. Orca, from the games, is Bear, from the show.[/QUOTE]

Wrong again. Orca (Yasuhiko) is really a teenager, and Bear is in his 40's (I think it was 47).
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I think I have found the three fragments of the legendary land that Silver Knight speaks of in the Twilight Eye.(spoliers ahead?)

The first must be the castle of the broken man. The second is Morganna's territory where the sky is a giant wave pulse. The third I am not sure of, it may very well be the field with the church in the empty lake.

On that note, I also think that the Epitaph of Twilight is not a prophecy, but a history. It speaks of a lake boiling, and on the show they mention that the field may have originally held a lake. Also it mentions a battle at the base of a rainbow and when the Twilight Eye opens a rainbow appears overhead. As for the tree that falls, well I'm also unsure about that. It mabe the tree with the skeleton imbeded in it, or it could simply be another Image on the field that simply goes unnoticed by the general populace.

Also I think that the interpretation of light and dark in the text does not refer to good vs. evil, but something else. I think light represents the forces of good that work in the limits of the system and that dark represents hackers that also work for good. This would make sense since Helba is a powerful, but good, hacker which would make her a suitable queen for the hackers.

Quick shout and thanks to Azurewolf for providing the text of the Epitaph online. You rock!
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by kenshinsbabe [/i]

2.Mr. Takenishi form .hack//Liminality is Bear in .hack//sign. [/B][/QUOTE]

'Fraid not.

Mr. Tokuoka is not Bear, despite all appearances. Mr. Tokuoka said he was 34 years old, but Bear said he was 47. Also remember that .hack//limitinality takes place only short time after .hack//sign.
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My theories are Tsukasa and Subaru had to suffer the worst punishment. Tsukasa still can't log out and Subaru's memory was very jumbled up. Think about it, They wake up in Net Slum with very little recount of their adventures. Tsukasa even tells you he can't log out. Subaru only remembers about the Crimson Knights. My theory is that Morganna suffering her worst defeat gave them much false hope and played out reality for a while. Or next time they logged into the game she trapped them. It fits doesn't it, Bear is also worried about Tsukasa when you first talk with him in Quarantine...but it's up for grabs though.
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