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Trial by Inferno (violence, mild swearing)


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Twilight crawled across the sky with practiced provado and forboding aura. The farthest eastern city looked like something out of a bad dream, with crumbeling buildings and streets full of bums and crooks. It was worse to think that this was humanity's last hope. The pathetic town with busted cars and dirt roads was the closest thing to civilization humanity had. I sat at a counter, drinking an odd liquor from a piece of tin bent like a cup. Of course one of the first industries recreated by the humans was alcahol, good old alcahol.

The lands were barren like a never ending wasteland a land with no light or hope at all.
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Ace was waiting on the roof waiting for his brother. As he waited waited he looked into at the crumbling buildings with shock. Because just a minute ago eveything was fine. But as the buildings crumbling, he knew something was wrong. Then he jumped off the rooof landing on the ground. Now he was on a misson to stop this new evil.
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"I must find warriors..."
A strange man in a white cloak suddenly noticed the other man who had just jumped from a roof. He drew out his cutlass from its sheeth, only to realise that this fellow was not a demon. He then sighed and put his sword away, examining the human in front of him.
"You there! Are you a good fighter?"
He himself didnt quite know why he was saying this, he could sence a persons strength by just looking at them. This was indeed a tough man.
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Ace just looked at the strage man. "yes, i am a good fighter,''said Ace. Then man came close to him and stuck his hand out and Ace shook it. They were now allies in this dark time of reckoning. The man seem troubled around Ace. He must feel his stregth, now ace is is wandering if he can trust him.
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(hey, try to put some more length into your posts, okay? I don't want to get in trouble by the mods.)

John stood up from the counter, tossing the tin cup to the side. He thought of returning to his broken down car to sleep for the night, but he decided against it. There was no point in sleeping, no point in waking up. He walked slowly down the street, shaking off the bums and hookers as they came. A horribly disfigured lady walked proudly down the street wearing a large "can not die a virgin" sign. John thought silently of blowing her away to end her misery.

He turned a corner and into an alleyway, that was probably occupied by wanna-be crime families. "HEY YOOOOO!" He turned to a drunken bum who called out. "Don't look at me!!!" He shaped his fingers like guns. "BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM!! hAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!" the man yurned and left, cackeling to himself. John sighed and left out of the other side of the alley, only to get shoved back in. A tall man in black clothes pushed him against the wall. "Okay, punk! Gimme ya money and gun!"

John was in a bad mood as it was. He punched the guy across the face, and again in the gut. The mugger stumbled into another, and they both started fighting with eachother.
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"AAAAAAAAAAAAH" Jake moaned and gasped with every weak and quavering step. [I]Why me?[/I] Jake fell to the ground. [I]David...Jay...Ronny[/I] Jake recollected the past month or so, the last raid he and his group went on...and would ever go on. [I]Why were they executed first? Why, God, Why!?[/I] Tears swelled in Jake's hardened eyes, and repeated his thought in words.
"Why, God, Why?" Jake whispered. Then he drew his Demon blade that he had stolen, [I]what a beautiful blade![/I] He grinned, [I]Now I'll stand a chance against those monsters.[/I]
Jake now thought about what he had done, was it really stealing? Considering the price he paid, his three great comrads, was this really stealing? If anything the demons came out ahead...
Jake continued to walk through the plains, looking over his shoulder here and there to make sure no demons followed him.
He moaned and stumbled toward the great eastern city.
"There-there it is!" Jake mumbled. "I've never seen dirt streets and run-down buildings so beautiful in my life!" Jake's stumble truned to a run.
"Home!" He gasped as he step through the gate into the city. He smiled, and fainted face first into the dirt street.
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While walking with the strange man, Ace saw John punch the man in the stomach. And Ace ran to him, " What the hell was wrong that man?'' John just looked at Ace, with anger and he started to laugh demonlicly. Ace ran before he did something crazy to him. Now Ace was trying to get the name of the strange man, but he was busy staring at John. He mumbled something to himself walked toward him. While he was doing that someone with a rock hit Ace in the head , and he was draged away from John and the strange man.
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"So, what's your name anywa---"
He looked over to see ace being carried away.
"Ah, shit."
The white-cloaked man ran towards the person carrying him away, and noticed that it was a woman.
"Who the hell..." He sighed and immediatly clocked the lady in the face, sending her into a trash can.
Then he leaned down to ace to help him up.
"Try to be more carful. My name is Solar. Just Solar. What is yours?"
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"The name is Ace, Ace Wallace, thanks for the help", said Ace. Solar seem to be amazed Ace was not knocked, but was kind of amazed. He helped Ace up, they were friends now and tried to talk to John. But he was not there anymore and now they were in the middle of nowhere. Then they saw a man walk into the city gates looking happy. They then walked toward the man but the city was so damn hell like. Everyone praying their lives but why are they like this. Why?
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Solar flinched. This man has some odd quality, he thought scilently. I must take this to note and see my superiors... i have to pin point why we met... does his destiny really intertwin with the redemtion of mankind?
Solar sighed once more. I must find more warriors to form the rest of this unit, or my father will have my head...
Solar then suddenly noticed the man smiling and falling face down in the dirt. He slaped his head.
"Damn, please father, not him to! Why these ones? Why cant i have Nitros or Hellcro or some of those, huh? WHY DOES ULTRA GET THEM!?"
He realised that he was shouting, and blushed.
"uh, never mind what i just said..."
Solar ran over to the man in the street and helped him up.
"You! Wake up, tell me your name!"
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Jake lie in darkness, he was still unconscious. He suspected it was from a combination of his wounds, his lack of food and water, and exhaustion that he was there.
"What's your name?"
"Who are you??
"What's wrong?"
"Wake up!"
Voices swirled in his head, as if a dream, but in reality it was all that could get through his wall of sleep.
?Is he all right Doctor??
?Open his mouth wide.?
?Oo?what a gash!?
Jake opened his eyes, the light made him squint. He was still a little dizzy.
"Where am I?" Jake whispered, hoping someone was there.
"My house, and for a man who's been unconscious for the last 24 hours, you sure eat a lot!" The man looked down at him, carrying away 4 empty plates.
"Wh-what?" Jake winced as he sat up.
"Oo! Be careful! Your ribs aren't completely healed." He put the dishes in a makeshift sink. To be honest it looked like the whole house was makeshift; but then again, judging by the man's weapons, he probably wasn't home all that often. "I had a Doctor take a look at you." Jake snapped back to reality, and then thanked him courteously.
"Where are my weapons?" Jake looked around.
"Right here." The man pulled them out from under his bed.
"Thanks..." Jake then realized he knew nothing about this man. "Who are you?" Then he realized his impolite approach, "I mean, what's your name? Why all the weapons? Are you a demon hunter, too." He hoped he was, because he'd need an ally!
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(are you talking about me?)
"I am Solar II, and yes, i am a demon hunter. You yourself seem to be one also..." gesters at weapons.
"But don't worry about that now. You need to rest, gain back your strength, so we can set out in the morning. Oh, and by the way, i'm drafting you, so don't argue."
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OOC: I left it up to whoever in the group wanted to "find me." So yes, I guess I am

IC: "Oh, and by the way, i'm drafting you, so don't argue."
Not that Jake could if he wanted to...he was feeling like royal crap.
"Ok..." is all he could muster up. He laid back down and stared at the ceiling... "I'm Jake."
"Nice to meet you, now if you don't mind, I have some errands I need to take care of. Good bye." He walked out after strapping on his weapons, and slammed the door.
"Uh...bye." Jake said, a little too late, but he didn't care. "I need a drink." Jake was still feeling depressed, and he could find the strength to walk again. So he strapped up his shortsword and his 9mm, wrote a note saying "Hey, I'll be at the bar. See ya when I get back." Then he stormed out the front door and off to the bar.
He looked up at the sign and then back at the bar itself. It was pretty run down, but if it had alcohol, he didn't care.
He heard some fighting down the alley, so he stumbled in there.
"Hello?" He walked in "Anyone in there?"
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John sat in the alleyway, watching the fight. "Hello? Anyone there?" A man walked into the alley, cautiosly looking around for any attackers. John raised a hand and signalled him over. "What's going on?" Jake asked, as the two combatants went at it. "Fight broke out. Pissed drunk and no bullshit bartender."

John looked at Jake. "Why all the weaponry?"

"Demon hunter." He said. John laughed. "Right."

"You don't belive me?"

"Look. After the crack appeared, the whole hero thing became a chliche. There aren't any real ones anymore, just wanna-be's who think they can handle more."

"I'm no fake."

"Right. I'll keep that in mind."
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"Pff...All right." Jake said nothing as he watched the fight... [I]Who is this moron?[/I] Jake thought angrily.
"The name's Jake...in case you cared." He extended a hand.
"John." The man responded coldly, not even accepting the hand.
"All right..." Jake muttered under his breath as he dropped his hand to the side. He returned to watching the fight, the drunk got finished off and the other one turned and left.
Jake turned to leave, but first he turned and said something to John.
"I never said I was a hero...I'm a demon hunter." Jake turned and walked away.
"Same in my book." John retorted.
"I'm no hero, I'm a selfish bastard looking for revenge. You wouldn't understand how it feels; being helpless and bounded to watch your friends be tortured and burned alive right before your eyes. And even more, you wouldn't understand the pleasure I got...when I slaughtered the beast that did it!" Jake clenched his fist that was in his pocket. "Nah...You wouldn't get it! You're just a drunk!" Jake continued walking. "I'll be in the bar if you change your mind..."
[I]Unlikely...[/I] Jake thought as he opened the door to the bar and took a seat.
"Give me something hard..." A tear swelled in his eye, [I]I don't care if I die doing it...I will kill them all. I promise...my friends![/I]
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John thought about what Jake had said. It was true, he never did see his friends burned alive, or maybe he was too drunk to notice what he was watching.

[i]The story was straight from a nightmare, like an old Freddy flick that's played over and over again until all you could do is scream. Good old alchahol wasn't rebuilt for drunk's pleasure, it was necessity. All anybody could do, to keep from being destroyed, was dround themselves in alchahol. The bar was anything but welcoming, but it was the only place I was expected in a long while. My last shots had put me in a crazy mood, so I headed to the bar, playing it Bogart.

Jake was true to his word, his mug was slumped over the bar watching the bartender pour his hour of happiness. He turned when I walked in, neither excitement or suprise to see me.[/i] "You change your mind?"

"Sorry pal. You never said what my choice was in the first place."
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ok, I'm finnaly here!

[color=darkred]The bar was unaturaly quiet, but Ari liked it that way, it was a sign that things would be safe for a while. After several agonizing months of travel and no living sign of her brother she found herself in this piss-hole of a bar. It wasn't only the numbing effect of the alchahol but it was a generaly safe place to rest and collect well needed cat naps. She yawned from her corner where she had been croutching for a good hour, she could already feel the pricking effects of her legs "falling asleep", but she didn't mind, any little pain that's gained makes you stronger...

Right now the Bar held herself and two other men, both looking as if they had as many troubles as her, but who didn't nowadays? She stood, ruffling choppy black locks out of her eyes and streatching her tingling legs, making her way slowly over to the bar. She sat at the end, and motioned for her usual.[/color]

Well that could have been longer but I'm being rushed.
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"The choice was there, you have to read between the lines I guess."
"I gotcha, but what are you gonna do?" He couldn't figure out what Jake was planning.
"I've been watching this planet go to hell for too long." Jake took a good look at his half empty glass. "I'm gonna do something drastic, whether it's just me alone, or if I have a million-men army."
"Is this the alcohol talking?" John looked into his eyes to see if they were as glazed as he thought they would be.
"This is my first glass, if that helps any." Jake fiddle with the glass, as if debateing to plunge in and let it all go away.
"Are you thinking about doing..." John stopped. "You're nutts!" John stood up. "You're a damn crackpot!"
"Yea..." Jake took a sip. "I know. But I'm a determined crackpot."
"You're talkin suicide."
"I'm talking go in, kill as many as we can, drag their carcasses back and show the world they're not invincible."
"What if they are?"
"They're not. I've killed one with my bare hands out of fury." Jake took a long drink. "Bullets and steel have just as much of an effect on them as they do you and me."
"You are nutts..."
"You can come with me, and make up for your mistake on the day they popped out, or you can walk away right now."
"How do you know about that?"
"I was one of the people who drug you away." Jake put some money on the counter, then turned to walk out. "Think about it, that's all I ask."
He walked out toward the house he had been at earlier. He needed to rest.
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John looked after Jake as he left, and then sighed, rapping his knuckles for another desk, signaling the bartender. He took a good look around; it wasn't the place it usually was.

[i]Jake's leaving got me thinking. Meeting somebody who knew me by the dead drunk side of my face wasn't something I was crazy about. Less, if he did help drag me out of that hellhole, I wasn't too crazy to meet someone who I owed a favor to. The bar was drenched in gloom with only a senile bartender and a dagger-heeled gal for company.

The bartender came to me after pouring for the lady, who seemed eager to leave to happy land. I couldn?t blame her. ?What?ll it be, mac?? The bartender glared at me through serpent?s eyes, and over a gut big enough for two. ?What?dya got??

?Light blue, mid white, and a hard red.? It wasn?t the best labeling for drinks, but it was probably the best in town. ?Red white and blue? You?re not getting patriotic on me, are ya??

?It?s all the coloring we got that won?t kill somebody.? That probably ment coloring from engine grease and sour milk. ?But hey, I can make yours yellow.? He let out a hoarse laugh, unaware that nobody was laughing with him. ?Just gimme the usual.?

?Usual? Do I know you?? I pulled out my barretta and let him stare down the chamber. ?Y-yep. I think I remember you.?[/i]
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It was quiet...too quiet.
"Damn I wish something would happen..." Jake turned to look at the clock. 8pm and he was debating sleep!
Not that it mattered, it was the time of year where it never got dark; it was quite depressing actually.
He could hear people outside once in a great while, he wondered if his host was home, he'd take any company now!
"The same depressing schedule day in and day out." Jake walked outside again. He knew of a calm place to be, in fact he used to call it home.
Jake walked up onto a pile of rocks just outside the city, he stood at the entrance of the cave.
"Good to be home...or something." Jake sighed and walked in, a moment later he was outside with a bottle of beer, not the crap they have now-a-days, the old fashioned kind.
He and his boys had found it on a raid into the old city of St. Paul. Seems they never got a chance to clean out their bottles. So they decided to do it for them.
"Depressing isn't it." Jake said to the person who walked up to the rock. Then lifted his 9mm and pointed it in their direction without looking. "What do you want?"
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"Just Give the man his Drink Lou" Ari spoke looking up from her now empty glass, "and you can top mine off while you're at it."
She stood carrying her glass in one hand, lance in the other, stopping at the front of the bar to take a seat near John who only gave her a Melancholy glare.

"I don't have any money for what you want to sell" He spoke with a little more than digust in his voice, Ari only smiled cheekily.

"I'm no whore, just your friendly neighborhood deamon-killer" She nodded to her lance propped against the bar.

"Then what do you want?"

Lou slid them both their drinks mummbling something vulgar about his customers as he attempted to clean glasses with what looked like a Rag that was used to clean up blood. John knocked back his drink waiting for Ari to answer him while she stared at the filmy surface of hers.

"I've never seen you around here before, traveling abroad?"

"You could say that." he half turned to look at her on that fine edge of being officialy drunk, whatever Lou put in his "usual" was definitely taking its effect.

I'll let you take it from here Squall
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[i]What I guess was a fem-fatal was turning out to be something different, like a candy-sweet coating over what I guessed as a douse of rat-poison.

She was right though, I wasn't the type to go walking around the city admiring the sites. I stayed to my car, the only home I had since the brick house and trimmed garden on a sweet summer's day, but that was another life, one left behind a good while back.

"Sounds interesting." She said suddenly, like she was reading my thoughts. I didn't realize how much I said out loud, but her expression said I had left out the rat-poison. There was no pont in anymore secrets, everyone's story was the same, an endless cliche. I told her about being drunk on New Years, about the people who had dragged me a distance before getting hacked down, and staring at me with accusing eyes. And then about waking up an eigth of a world apart from where I thought I was, and then wandering into town.

"Sounds rough."
"No." I said, downing another drink that tasted like engine grease. "That'sss the beauty of the drunk er...drink. No pain includud." I was starting to slur, but by her gaze, she was probably worse off. The more I drank the more I trusted her. The more I drank, the nicer Lou became. Ari hiccuped and inhaled another drink. "Ain't that the truth."

"So what about you?" I asked, brushing off the instinctive danger warning that seemed to saturate the lady. "Everybody's got their own personal hell, where'd you find yours?[/i]
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Ari sat up from the Bar a moment, trying to shake off the Hazy blur that was her past, Lou knew how to serve 'em that's for sure.

"well, the real name's Arianna, and I used to live in a city, as happy as a fraking girl could be. I took care of my little brother well, because our parents are dead, long story, anyways--"

She paused to think for a moment, ignoring that small thatch of pain she had when mantioning any of her family, she figured she wasn't drunk enough yet.

"Anyways" she started again, "My little brother was out with his friends that night, so I had NBC's new years special, a bottle of jack danniels and myself to bring in the new year with."

She knocked back another shot, this part was always the most painfull, but the least memorable, She supposed that all the brain cell killing she did afterwards contributed to that.

"I don't remember much about the Crack opening up, I don't remeber killing six people in fear, but sure enough when I came around to it, I had enough blood and gore on myself and this baby" She nodded to her lance, "to proove otherwise."

John nodded in what seemed to be sympathy, that or he was just struggling to stay awake.

"I never found my brother, and ever since I came back to reality, I've been looking for him. There's a part of me that knows he's dead, but there's a part of me that stil has hope, the only bit of human left in me..."

Ari caught herself before she had another breakdown, it wasn't really that pleasant to watch on the outside, so she downed another glass and donned a smile.

"And that my friend is my hell" [/color]
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I guess everyone who's in this is at the bar...I'll have to cover

"What do you want?" Jake cocked his 9mm...nothing. [I]Aw man...what's goin on?[/I] Jake thought as he slumped down beside the rock. "I must be losing it..." Jake whispered as he returned his gun back to his pocket across his bulky chest.
[I]How am I gonna do this?[/I] Jake thought, [I]That John dude thought I was crazy, and the other people haven't returned to their house in a good day! I think they deserted, or just went crazy and found their own way out...[/I]
Jake shuttered. [I]Suicide.[/I] He sat and thought about how long he had debated that exact thing.
[I]It's been too long since I've cut up that demon, I'm itching for more![/I] He then thought, about it. [I]What if what I'm doing is suicide?[/I] He never really considered what if no one went with him...
"Damn..." Jake muttered "I'd be dead in an instant." He stood up, and walked back into the cave, looking over his stash of weapons. "But is death really all that bad, as long as I take some with me?" Jake took a final swig that emptied the bottle. "I'll do it!"
Jake turn and ran back to the bar so he could whip up his special sobering juice. [I]I'll take one last try to get someone to come with me. If they don't...I'll die...easiest way out![/I]
Jake burst into the bar and asked for the ingredients, as he started mixing he noticed John and another lady sitting there, they were staring at him...
"So John...are you willing to die? Or am I going down solo? Either way I'm leaving." John just stared at him.
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He stared, and then looked back to Ari. "I'm not good with decisions right now." Jake shoved him a cup. "Try this then." He pushed a cup into his face. "...that looks like piss." Jake shook his head. "No, it's a special mix. You'll feel better." He took a swig, and spat it right back out. "I never said it tasted good." John held himself from throwing up. "I think I'll take my chances drunk." He said, rapping the table for another drink. "I gotta drink, so i can forget..."

"Forget what?"

"The horrendus bar tab I've racked up." Ari let out a drunken snorting laugh, but Jake wasn't amused. "Are you in or out?"
"Why not. there's not much here for me."
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