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Mobile Suit Gundam Revival

Guest MrSonic

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Guest MrSonic
The year is After Colony 245. The Earth Sphear has lived in peace for almost half a century. The soldiers of the past have been forgotten. The Preventers, started by the late Relena Peacecraft, are now gone. In their place are the Guardians. The Guardians are a group of people who's sole perpouse is to prevent war, at any cost. They use fighter jets to enforce justice. It has been decades since the last mobile suits were seen. But all that's about to change.

More information will be given, this post will be edited. Here are the requirements for signing up:

Home: Earth, Colonies, Luna
Affiliation: Preventers, Citizen, Other

Here are the requirements for your fighter jets. The stats must add up to 9:

[spoiler]You will be assigned mobile suits later.[/spoiler]
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Name:Shonra Juno
Home: Colonies
Description:Shoulder lenth brown hair,grery eyes,tan skin,6'3, nice body,wears skin thight leather pants or baggy black pants,thight red tee-shirt with a wolf on it,red gloves(no fingers) with a wolf imprinted on them
Bio:Born and never knew her father.Her mother protected her but she fell ill and her father appeared to care for her when her mother died her father moved the colonies and explanded that he had gone there after she was born because he was asamed of having a girl.Once at the colnies he toke her to the engerneering department and told her to learn to be the best dang engneer posible.She later learned of secert plans to rebuild the mobile gundums.Even though she knew she told no one.She worked hard and became the best engneer at the colnies.After that her father started to warm up to her.She's also a pretty desent piolet the best female piolet at least.

Fighter Jet
Are we suppose to name our fighter jet if so mines called Sykhawk.
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Name: Ryden Haku
Age: 15
Home: Colonies
Affiliation: Preventers ( I thought you said they were gone...)
Description: [url]http://absoluteanime.com/kikaider/saburo.jpg[/url]
Black leather jacket with a white shirt under neath. Black jeans, and black shoes.

Bio: Ryden was an old fashion nomad, for as long as he could remember. His parents were like hovering ghosts, always there but never seen. It seemed that the Haku name was once something memorable, as he found out time and time again, usually after being caught stowing away.

He colonie-hopped at every chance he got, becoming quite good at stowing away in different ships that were headed his direction. However, he still needed income, so became a merc at 14, having learned quite well how to protect himself from years of travel.(not to mention pilot from hijacking ships) Buisness was horrible, nobody wanted a 14 year-old gun, but he still got the blood thirsty filthy horrible reputation all mercs had, though he wasn't exactly sure how he got it.

Finally, luck came his way as he got a job from the Preventers, who must've mistook him with someone else, because they hired him for a multi-tasked full-time job, but it didn't matter, Ryden was glad to get out of the merc buisness, even though his reputation stuck like glue.

Here are the requirements for your fighter jets. The stats must add up to 9:
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Guest MrSonic
A new force is rising. ZERO, a top secret military organization on Luna. Their mission is to create the perfect weapon and concor Earth and the colonies. Little is known about ZERO. They use genetic technology to enhance their soldiers.
Wow! I thought this RPG was dead! Thanks for responding to it! You were right Squall, I did say the Preventers were gone. I ment to put Guardians. My bad. I'm signing up for a character now.

Name: Project Alpha
Age: Unknown, but looks around 17
Home: Luna
Affiliation: ZERO (you can sign up with ZERO now)
Description: Tall, red haired, and muscualar.
Bio: A soldier who has been under ZERO's training since the day he was born. He has trained under the enhanced gravity system. He has little personality and no family.

Fighter: GX Jet
Speed: 3
Power: 3
Control: 3
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