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It's a Shippo wallpaper!


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I made these awhile ago for a website called Inuyasha World. Inu fans, does it sound famililar? ^^
This was made back about a month ago when I actually had my PaintShop (:bawl: ).
Well, they're saved as .jpg, somthin' new for me, but I wanted to save some hardrive space. ^^;

[url=http://www.inuyashaworld.com/wallpaper_show.cfm?imgnum=32&dim=wp2]Here it is! Or, at leat, the 800x600 version. ^^;[/url]

What are those words? Eh, I'm not really sure myself. *rotten tomatoes get thrown at her*
Hey hey, just kidding! ^^; They're lyrics from the Shippo song, which actually isn't the Shippo song, but is, so, uh...*gets confused*
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[size=1][color=chocolate]It's a nice wallpaper Katana.
I like the background you made for it; nice combination of colors to match with Shippo himself.
The problem I have with is that the all the pics are a little fuzzy looking. The top left one is the best pic out of them all though.
I have heard that wallpapers are hard to make, so don't take my comments too seriously. Just making points.

The wallpaper overall is very good. Nice![/size][/color]
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It's fuzzy because I saved it as .jpg. If I had saved it as .png, like I usually do, it would've turned out a lot more clear. ^^
Well, that wallpaper took me about two hours or so...getting the edges around Shippo perfectly clean took a loooooong time.
Thanks, I like the background too. ^^
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[color=navy]I think the wallpaper looks great.

The pictures are cute. A little fuzzy but cute all the same.

The background was cool. Really colorful and nice looking.

I liked the text that said "Shippo" it was really interesting.

Overall: The wallpaper was very well done![/color]
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