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Hot Hot Heat


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[size=1]Hot Hot Heat is a rock band if you didn't know that. They may not be well known, I think. I got their CD "Make up the Brakedown" for Christmas because my local rock station had played "Bandages" and "Talk to Me, Dance with Me" and I liked the fast beat of the songs and the lyrics of the songs and wanted to hear more.

My favorite songs on the CD are "Banages" and "Naked in the City Again", because of the lyrics and beat of the songs. "Banages" being about mistakes, I think, and "Naked in the City Again" because it relates to how some people need attition.

What I want to know is if anyone has heard Hot Hot Heat's songs, and if so, do you like them or not? Why do you like or do not like them, and what songs do you like or dislike and why?

- Ayokano-ness-[/size]
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