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Pets Gone Wild


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Hey you guys! Welcome to an RPG about pets!

[color=blue]In the villages of Freddion, Gyren, and Sorella, people lived happily with their pets. The residents of Freddion basically all had cats and dogs, birds, and the sort. The residents of Sorella lived near the ocean and had mostly aquatic pets. The residents of Gyren, however, had reptiles, mammals other than cats and dogs, and some even had bugs as pets! All three villages communicated well with each other and helped each other out.

However, one day, a solar eclipse came and fell upon all three villages. A demon appeared, probably the master of hell itself. A sinister glow came about him, and almost all the pets saw it. They all fainted.

However, when the pets woke up and the eclipse ended, they had become totally different and had special powers as well... Meanwhile, the three villages were all confused. A bunch of monsters sent by the demon has supposedly come and brainwashed all the people there, causing the villages to fight with one another. But hopefully, they will someday be at peace again and focus on the real enemies, the monsters...[/color]
Yeah, I know it's a pretty basic plot, but just bear with me... I haven't seen a pet or pet monster RPG in a long time except for Monster Rancher, Pokemon, and Digimon...

Anyways, the signup for this RPG is:

[b]Name:[/b] first and last; you may also have a nickname
[b]Age:[/b] 3-100 years
[b]Gender:[/u] male or female
[b]Hometown:[/b] Freddion, Gyren, or Sorella, depending on which kind of pet you have. (refer to first paragraph of the story)
[b]Personality:[/b] What's your personality like? What do you like/don't like?
[b]Appearance:[/b] What does your character look like? Or post a pic.
[b]Bio:[/b] your character's story. Be sure to include anything that happened before after the eclipse, including any changes made to you and/or your pet. Your pet could have had his/her name changed after the eclipse of you wanted! You must also include what your pet was like before the eclipse.

[b]Name:[/b] your pet can have any name
[b]Age:[/b] How old is your pet? Make sure it makes sense with the type of animal you have (for example, no 100-year-old cats please)
[b]Gender:[/b] male or female
[b]Species:[/b] Your pet can be any animal that exists on this planet (no dragons, chimeras, etc.)
[b]Personality:[/b] What's your pet's attitude like?
[b]Appearance:[/b] what your pet looks like, or post a pic. Your pet doesn't have to actually look like whatever animal it is; note that the pets were mutated by the demon.
[b]Element:[/b] Most pets were classified into elements (fire, water, ice, thunder, wind, earth, darkness, light, spirit), but this is optional.
[b]Abilities/Powers:[/b] The eclipse has given all pets who saw the demon special powers. What are they? Please, don't godmod in this area.

Well, here's an example of a signup, which will be my signup for this RPG:

[u]Name:[/u] Palu Yanao
[u]Age:[/u] 5
[u]Gender:[/u] Female
[u]Hometown:[/u] Freddion
[u]Personality:[/u] Palu is slightly shy and gets nervous around demons or animals that look demonlike (unfortunately, her pet fits that description!). However, she loves to play with her pet.
[u]Appearance:[/u] Palu is about 3'2" tall and has short, light brown hair in pigtails and hazel eyes. She wears a short pink and white dress with a purple bow, and she has a pink bow on her head and pale blue socks and white shoes.
[u]Bio:[/u] Before the eclipse came, Palu was extremely happy with her pet cat, Violet. Violet was a gray cat with violet eyes, which were unusual for a cat. She lived with her mother and twin brother, whose name was Harike. Harike also had a cat named Bubu, an orange cat with brown eyes. Palu and Harike had so much fun together with their pets until... that day, when the eclipse came and changed their pets forever... Bubu turned into a green electric cat named Electrica, and Viloet... well you'll see. However, then something tragic happened. Harike was kidnapped by one of the demon's henchmen and never seen again... Now it's up to Palu to save him!

[u]Name:[/u] Violet, but her name was chnaged to Hypnotica after the eclipse
[u]Age:[/u] 3 human years
[u]Gender:[/u] Female
[u]Species:[/u] Cat
[u]Personality:[/u] Quite sadly, Hypnotica's personality has greatly changed since the eclipse. (Before, she was shy and quiet.) She's now quite serious and not afraid of anything. She also likes to toy with people and animals and tease them for her won amusement. She likes to stare at people as if trying to hypnotize them.
[u]Appearance:[/u] Even though Hypnotica is technically a cat, the eclipse has caused her to stand on two legs and made her look slightly humanlike. Her fur is violet in color, and she has big, bright green eyes. She also wears human clothes: a short greenish shirt and baggy bluish pants. She also wears a dark purple and green hat and holds a pendulum.
[u]Element:[/u] could be Spirit
[u]Abilities/Special Powers:[/u] hypnotic powers (hence her name), telekinesis, and some dark and psychic energy blasts and waves[/color]

OK, now it's your turn. Have fun! (That's the only rule besides the basic rules of this forum.)

This is my 800th post! Yay!
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Guest HumaniodTyphoon
Name: Aden "Longshot" Christoper
Age: 20
[b]Hometown: Freddion
Personality: Mild-tempered toward humans and kindly toward all aminals. Likes: Anything with more than two legs Dislikes: Stupid People.
Appearance: Grey eyes, Blue hair
Bio: After the Eclipse his pet, Rika, became more a fighter than the ferret he once knew.

Name: Rika
Age: 7
Gender: female
Species: Ferret
Personality: Aggresive toward newbies.
Appearance: It looks similar to its original appearance; One grey one sapphire blue eye, Pink fur and wings from its back
Element: darkness
Abilities/Powers: Shadowforce (controls shadow shapes), Mental Spur (Forces opponent to surrender within four lines) Houdini Speech (Can escape from restraints), Enchanting Stare (Controls opponent or whoever)
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Guest HumaniodTyphoon
Well, hi there, Palu, I hope you enjoy our adventures together. Don't be afraid of Rika, she's very nice and scratches at the most unoprotune times... Hope this'll be fun.
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Name: Irvine Drake
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Hometown: Gyren
Appearance: Shoulderlength blonde hair, and sky blue eyes. Wears baggy jeans, a white shirt, and a brown, shinlength trench coat. He is a tall (6'1), skinny, and attractive man.
Personality:Irvine is a deep, poetic person who is really hard to get to shut up. He is a loner, skateboarding all over the streets day by day. He isn't stupid, and most people consider him to just be weird. He is never seen without his faithful spider monkey.
Bio:Irvine ran away from home when he was 15, because he wanted to try to avoid any responsibilty whatsoever. Since then, he's just been alone on the streets, pickpocketing people for money to make a living.

Name: Rose
Age:11 human years
Gender: Female
Species: Spider Monkey
Personality: Hyper at times, and loving to her owner, Irvine.
Appearance: Rose looks like any regular spider monkey. She is small enough to sit on Irvine's shoulder. She has black and white fur, and after the eclipse, she had glowing crimson eyes.
Element: Air
Powers: Telekinesis, super speed, and can produce and shoot blades/spikes from his fingertips.
I think that should do it!
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HumanoidTyphoon, if you're from Freddion, your pet must be a cat, dog, or bird. So I would suggest changing your hometown to Gyren. Remember:

Freddion: Cats, dogs, birds
Sorella: Aquatic animals
Gyren: Non-aquatic animals that are not cats, dogs, or birds

But other than that, both of you are in! I'll start this RPG as soon as we get a couple more joiners...
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