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Confused-Final Fantasy's


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Alright let me get this straight:

They're making a sequel to FFX and it will be the first sequel ever in FF history, followed by 2 sequels for FF7. They made the first FF online game which would be FF11, and FF12 is coming out. HOW DO THEY EXPECT US TO KEEP UP!!!!!! so confused. . . help!!!
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I don't get what there is to be confused about.

FF1, FF2 and FF3 were all on the Famicom. That was the name of the NES in Japan. FF2 and FF2 were never released in the US.

FF4, FF5 and FF6 were all released on the Super Famicom, aka the SNES. FF4 was renamed FF2 in the US. FF5 was skipped. FF6 was renamed FF3.

When FF7 was made for the Playstation, they decided to just go with the Japanese numbering system, rather than the US one.

Eventuall FF4, FF5 and FF6 were all released under their correct numbering on Playstation collections. FF2 was finally released on Origins on the Playstation.

Obvious 8 and 9 are on Playstation and X is on PS2.

As for your question, FFX-2 is the first and only sequel to be released so far.

The next thing being released that's related to FF7 is a movie. It's not a game and there isn't another one. So I'm not sure why you think there will be two sequels for that.

FFXI is online sure, FFXII isn't even due until late next year in Japan.

So I'm not sure why you'd be confused. The FF games have long releases between them anyway... so it's not hard to keep up, in my opinion. FFX-2 and FFXI were the only ones in close proximity, and that was only in the US.
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Don't forget the numerous off-main-series ff-games, such as FF Tactics (PSX), FF Tactics Advance (GBA), FF Crystal Chronicles (GC), and the ancient FF Mystic Quest and FF Legends -games.

It's really no wonder that a person that is just getting to know the series is confused (and I suspect that Semmy was being sarcastic, so it's not easy even for more experienced/informated ones).
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[color=indigo]Yeah, I'm with Semjaza; I don't see what there is to be confused about. I mean, you yourself pretty much just summed up all the recently released or soon to be released FF games spot-on, except for there only being one FFVII sequal and it being a movie.

As for not being able to keep up, it's not like all this came up at once. FFXI and FFXII were announced to be in the making since before FFX was released, I believe, which was a good while ago. FFX-2 was more recently announced, as was FFVII: Advent Children, but it's still not like it was all together. And like Semjaza said, FFX-2 and FFXI were the only ones to be released within a short time of one another. Also, FFXII and FFVIIAC aren't even going to be out until at least late 2004, so it's not like you have to worry about them for a while yet.

So yeah, I think everything's been explained pretty clearly.[/color]

[color=seagreen]*sees Sage's post* Um, I don't think he was being sarcastic... It really isn't [i]that[/i] hard to follow, if you just take a moment to think about it and run things through your mind. Just read through the list Semjaza posted--not that hard.

As for the offshoot games, they don't really have much to do with the main series, so I don't see why they'd matter. The only connection between any of the offshoot games and a main series game is FFTA and FFXII, both being set in the same world.[/color]
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