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RPG The Crazy Antics of Dragon Warrior and Syk3!

Dragon Warrior

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This shall be a sucky show-like RPG where Syk3 and I will take turns posting parts of it. Feel free to read ;_; I have no idea what the real plotline is.

[i]Dragon Warrior was working in his garage one day when Syk3 walks in eating a monkey's tail.[/i]

Syk3: What's that?

Dragon Warrior: I call it a time machine :)

Syk: Looks stupid :<

DW: JUst shows how much you know.

Syk: What's it do?

DW: Why, it takes you back in time!

Syk: You built a machine for time travel and yet you can't even clip your own finger nails?

DW: Meh. I've gotten use to them being this long. *chops off Syk's arm*

Syk: Giggle giggle!

DW: Let's go back in time to fulfill our life long dream of being Knights of an Oddly-Shaped Table!

Syk: I thought our dream was to be on a Talk Show with Mickey Rooney :<

DW: NO >: o

Syk: Okay! Okay! ;_;

[i]They both hop in a machine, it starts up, and they disappear through time![/i]
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[i]The time machine stops and the doors open up[/i]

Syk: O_O

DW: :< Merf.

T-Rex: >:D

Audience: *laughs*

Syk: W-we have audience? O_o;

DW: They're here to see my sexy body. :<

Syk: [size=1]Explains the lack of people..[/size]

DW: ..what? ;_;

Syk: NOTHING. *presses the up button on the [strike]elevator[/strike] time machine*

[i]Meanwhile, sitting at James' computer[/i]

James: Er.. o_O

[i]Meanwhile, back in the time machine[/i]

Syk: *sniff* ... *looks at DW*

DW: Uh..it was you. <.>


[i]Time machine doors open up[/i]
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[i]The door opens and they collapse in the Middle Ages.[/i]

Syk: How come we collapsed?

DW: It's so magical :<

Syk: What's that coming toward us?

DW: I want to touch plants ;_;

Syk: Is that a black knight with a mace?

DW: That cloud is shaped like Rod Stewart in an erotic pose.

Syk: I think he's coming to kill us!

DW: Oh... wait... now it looks like Goldie Hawn.

Syk: OMG! *ducks*

DW: *gets his head chopped off*

Syk: OMG! You okay, DW?

DW: I feel... a bit dead... but yeah. I'm good.

Syk: Stupid black Knight. Let's get you a doctor.

[b]Later, in a medieval village...[/b]

Syk: Why we didn't use a time machine to get to present times to save DW, I don't know...

Old Man: Wanna fight?

Syk: No. Shoo now. (sees a doctor) I say, sir! Can you help?

Doctor: Sure. What you need?

Syk: My friend seems to be decapitated.

Old Man: Wanna fight?

Syk: NO! Now go! (back to doctor) Can you sew back on his head?

Doctor: I can try.

Old Man: Why won't anyone fight?

Syk: FINE! I'll fight!

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[b]Syk castes Haste!

Syk defends!

Old Man attacks with Well Deserved Nad Kicking![/b]

Syk: [i][COLOR=deeppink]My nads![/COLOR][/i]

Little kid: Hey mister, your text turned pink.

Syk: [COLOR=deeppink]Go get help, kid![/color]

Little kid: Why did it turn pink?

Syk: [COLOR=deeppink]Because I'm not feeling very manly right now. :X Please, the doctor is right over there![/color]

Little kid: Why?

Syk: [COLOR=deeppink]Because a certain part that makes me a man has been crushed. Now--[/color]

Little kid: Why?

Syk: [COLOR=deeppink]Because that old man decided to attack me.[/color]

Little kid: Why?

Syk: [COLOR=deeppink]Because he's a stubborn old man and that's what old men do![/color]

Little kid: Why?

Syk: [COLOR=deeppink]:mad: Because they're always bothered by annoying kids!![/color]

Doctor: Did you just call my son annoying?!

Syk: ;_;

DW: This almost reminds me about that one time on Family Guy--

Little kid: What's Family Guy?

DW: :O NOOO!!!! ;_;
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DW: I'll teach you for not knowing what Family Guy is!

Little Kid: Huh?

[i]Dragon Warrior casts Kill Little Kid and kills the kid.[/i]


DW: I win :<

Doctor: You killed my son. Come with me.

[i]The doctor leads Syk and DW to a mysterious cave outside the town. Putting aside the fact that DW was decapitated, Syk had been kicked where it counts, and an old man is still in the village battling a broom, they enter.[/i]

Syk: What is this place?

Doctor: I dunno. (leaves)

DW: I smell farts. >: o

Audience: Ewww...

Syk: Oddly the entrance we just went through is closed off. We must find another way out.

DW: Aye, aye!

[i]And so they were off...[/i]

[b]Meanwhile, at James' computer...[/b]

James: Why do you keep coming back to me? >: O
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